Laswitan Lagoon: Surigao Del Sur’s Hawaii

The Philippines, by far, is a country paradise. It is a majestic paradise and splendor fenced by bounteous bodies of water. This country surprises everyone with its ecological and geographical diversity, and its special feature is even more magical in itself that no other countries and territories bear semblances. As well, the Philippines attracts foreign tourists. None can argue with us that the Philippines is one of the most-visited places in the world. Aside from the beauty of the country and its magnificence, it also gives some awe-inspiring destinations with stunning views and exceptional geological constructions and developments. In other words, the Philippines receives all the blessings and graces of nature and wonder. Misamis Oriental Journal readers wish to visit some places safe and sound or happy and pleasurable, such as Malibu, Hawaii, and we name it. Now, when we decide to have our weekend trips going somewhere, why don’t we consider the Philippines? Why don’t we try Laswitan falls and lagoon in Surigao de Sur?

Laswitan Lagoon is located at Barangay Madreliño, Cortes, Surigao Del Sur. If we are from Surigao City, we take the southbound bus to Tandag City and stop in the crossing of Cortes. The trip takes only 4 hours. Next, we ride the motorcycles locally known as “habal-habal” from Cortes crossing to Laswitan. We only take 25-30 minutes. Well, if you are from Tandag City, we take the northbound bus to Surigao City and stop in the crossing of Cortes. Perhaps, we can take the public utility vehicles called jeepney with Cortes signboard. We expect to have one (1) hour estimated travel arrival (ETA). Then, we ride the habal-habal from Cortes town proper to Laswitan to take 15 minutes.

However, if we are from remote locations in the country and around the globe, we can take Philippines Airlines or Cebu Pacific flights to Surigao City. If we have the options to make, we can take the daily flights to Davao or Butuan from Manila and ride buses to Tandag City. From Tandag City, we can hire a private van to Laswitan to take 7 – 8 hours. That one takes a long-hour drive or a long journey to the superb Hawaii.

As well, we can visit the place probably in the months of November through February. These months give us the best view of the splashing water locally termed “laswit” since the waves during these months are high. In fact, one of our friends Bhoy Rusiana Turtogo was there, too.

Did we mention that Laswitan is like Hawaii? No, we did not. We forget to say that. However, Laswitan Lagoon is like one of the beaches in Hawaii, right? However, we do not get confused about it. This scenic lagoon is at Barangay Madreliño, Cortes, Surigao Del Sur. We can contact the management of Laswitan Lagoon through this mobile phone dial at 0935 146 5683 if we want to explore the place. They would be happy to serve us.

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