Halseyle Hill: A stunning site in Sugbongcogon

Misamis Oriental holds interesting sites to visit for local and guests and tourists. You can even validate this fact yourself if you try to have your tours. Halseyle Hill, for instance, even gives you the Tiningalan View Deck that brightens your day. As Halseyle Hill gives an exciting venue, it catches your attention, too.

Halseyle Hill at Sitio Tiningalan, Poblacion Sugbongcogon displays a towering location. It even attracts local and international guests to spend time with family members and friends in the place. Aside from that, this venue gives you a sense of comfort and peace of mind as you unwind. As Halseyle Hill promises amazing vibes among tourists, it lets them feel the splendid moods of wonder.

As well, you can pay ₱50.00 for an entrance fee. You can take some pictures of yourselves and the panoramic views. The place has a nice view that offers you even an overlooking position fronting Camiguin Island with a side view of Sugbongcogon and Kinoguitan. In the end, the venue itself gives you some instagrammable posts that leave your jaws to drop.

To visit the place, please contact the management. You know you have to try. Besides, you know the numbers to call, right?

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