Digyo and Kalanggaman: Two islands to explore

Looking for matchless tourist charms these days seems enticing. You cannot get rid of the cerulean-blue and turquoise-blue beach and pool waters in your mind because you are into them. You just think of the beach activities going on, as well as camping by the beach. Who else doesn’t like that? So, you know how to build fires in the sand at night time and you then chat with your friends while holding bottles of beer in your hands. As you love to see the stars during nighttime while watching those night-birds fly, you get lost in time as you begin to unwind and recall those good moments down to your memory lane. If you think about that, then you probably are romantic.

Maybe, you want to go to Kalanggaman Island in Polompon, Leyte. It sounds overwhelming to check the place and the thrill. Kalanggaman Island is a well-known destination in Leyte. You can call it the most stunning island in the entire Philippines if you like. Because of its expanded powdery white sandbars on both ends of the island, you see wonders on an island. The cool and unblemished waters on Kalanggaman Island makes it very welcoming to go reeling and diving. Well, you cannot find any private resorts or any accommodations on the island. However, you can go camping. Now, the next time to visit a paradise, you need to consider Kalanggaman Island as a weekend getaway. Most people visit here just to enjoy the beautiful beach, stunning sandbar, and amazing views.

Or, perhaps, you want to check Digyo Island in Cuatro Islas, Inopacan, Leyte. It can be an interesting destination for holidaymakers and tourists. You can be one of the visitors who visit the tourist spots in Leyte. You notice that this island is called “Cuatro Islas.” It is because you can find other islands in the area, namely Mahaba, Apid, and Himokilan Islands. You can get mesmerized by the long sandbar on Digyo Island. You also get fascinated by the crystal clear waters which can be picture-perfect for swimming. However, there are cottages available on the island. Well, are you hungry? You can order some kinds of seafood on the menu.

Well, searching for a must-see stop in the country is easy. Various websites, such as Big Seven Travel, Out Of Town Blog, and Tourist Spots Finder offer some exciting tourist locations for reasonably priced adventures. You only need to Google it and register or sign-up for something.

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