Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, We Can Still Find Ways to Celebrate Christmas

What gifts do we give to our loved ones this Christmas? We may think of chocolate bars, pairs of garments, jeans, shoes, or smartphones. Some of us may give our friends bottles of ethyl alcohol, packs of face masks and face shields, or boxes of Vitamin C. Others choose to invite their friends and loved ones to go to the beach resorts to unwind. Whatever we decide, we still have to celebrate our Christmas holidays with a warm embrace.

One may ask when the Christmas holiday starts. Well, the Christmas season commences in the month of September and ends on New Year’s Day. This season of compassion, love, and mercy extends to the joy of giving gifts. Even if Christmas is every day, it seems different when we revel in it this Christmas season. Without the bonuses, incentives, and thirteenth-month pays, we can still enjoy these months of laughter and smile.


And yes, we know about the current COVID-19 situation. We all suffer pretty bad. Some of us lose our loved ones; some struggle to find means and ways to survive. Without good food to eat at the table, we need to make sure that we can have get-together parties at home with our loved ones while ensuring the social distancing protocols. Despite COVID-19, we can still enjoy ourselves eating hot vegetable soup.

Moreover, spending Christmas holidays does not require great food on the table. We need to forget those days when we can afford to buy 13 kinds of round fruits in a basket placed at the center of the table. We must forget those packs of hams, those bowls and plates of macaroni and fruit salad, just a piece of Pork Lechon, some bottles of expensive wine, and the like. We cannot afford to have them.

Without a doubt, spending this Christmas season with friends and loved ones remained very important. Without any food preparation, we can still welcome the year 2021. We can still wonder if some people are fine. As we feel their pain, we cannot help but wonder asking if they have some delicious meals on the table. How about the local government unit (LGU) officials and their constituents, the city counselors, the city and town mayors, the governors, the congressmen, the commissioners, the secretaries, the senators, and the country president, do they still suffer the struggles that we face these days? Do they still celebrate Christmas without those delicious cooked meals at the table? We just do not know. We just guess, for sure. Despite COVID-19, we can still celebrate Christmas though.


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