Are you still looking for sites to visit? Look no further. Visit Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub at Route 955, Civoleg, Lunotan, Gingoog City. You take less than two hours if you’re from Cagayan de Oro.

Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub is a new location to tour with family members and friends. You may not notice this site; however, this tourist destination has classy accommodations. You can take a look at the picture to see my point of reference. The room accommodations are quite superb considering the hilltop scenes.

Well, you can impossibly get lost when you get there. Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub is between Claveria-Gingoog boundaries. According to the famous vlogger KATAWA CDO DOODZKIE, the garden hub is after the Da Groove. Aside from that, its location is along the main road. If you travel on the road now, you know where it is because it is in-between Mt. Balatukan and Mt. Sumagaya.

Please Note:

We fully GIVE credits and thanks to the OWNER of the following PHOTOS – KATAWA CDO DOODZKIE.

Of course, you need to check their entrance fees WITH POOL rates:


    • 50.00 PESOS for ADULTS + 100.00 PESOS with POOL
    • 30.00 PESOS for CHILDREN + 70.00 PESOS with POOL


    • 100.00 PESOS for ADULTS + 200.00 PESOS with POOL
    • 70.00 PESOS for CHILDREN + 150.00 PESOS with POOL


At Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub, you know you can’t ask for more. The hotels, the pools, the views, and more are available. You can check in at the hotel at 2:00 PM and check out at NOON on the following day.

    • 2,200.00 PESOS for SINGLE BED for two persons (Matrimonial) with free breakfast
    • 2,200.00 PESOS for DOUBLE/SINGLE BED for two persons with free breakfast
    • 6,000.00 PESOS for CONTAINER VAN TYPE ROOM for six persons with free breakfast.
    • Please note that the management of Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub requires its guest to pay for corkage fees. Anyway, the corkage fees are just minimal.

Moreover, Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub has amenities:

    • Garden
    • Swimming Pool
    • Giant Swing
    • Hanging Bridge
    • Bonfire (250.00 PESOS)
    • Cottages (700.00 PESOS)
    • View Deck
    • Function Hall
    • Mini-Bar/Coffee Shop
    • Wi-Fi Access

At Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub, you can do a lot of things. You can rent the following inflatables for one hour:

    • Airplane (100.00 PESOS)
    • Shell (50.00 PESOS)
    • Blue Tub (150 PESOS)
    • Circle Float (250 PESOS)

Do you know how to get there? From CAGAYAN DE ORO to VILLANUEVA, stop at MINUTE BURGER in VILLANUEVA. When you stop at MINUTE BURGER, you can see an intersection. Bear right. It is on the right side of the road going up to CLAVERIA. Drive straight ahead to pass through BARANGAY MAT-I to reach SITIO CIVOLEG, LUNOTAN in GINGOOG near DA GROOVE after the bridge down to see the signage HILLTOP GARDEN HUB on the left side.

Furthermore, the road is fully cemented. However, you have to make sure to have your cars checked before traveling because you are traveling hilltop. As well, you have to bring with you your jackets because the temperature drops especially during 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now by dialing the numbers 0936-878-7353.

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