CASA ESCALA: A garden paradise

Are you looking for a place to spend with family members and friends? Look no further! Casa Elcasa, which is a garden paradise, gives you the best destination to celebrate your weekend fun. Situated in Gingoog City, Casa Escala features an astonishing garden.

At Casa Escala, you get to have spacious rooms. You get to enjoy your stay in the place day and night. These rooms come with an expansive patio with eye-catching views of the mountain. You can have great moments to imagine and enjoy life. At the guest house, you can see a fitted room with a balcony. This room is enough for you to daydream and widen your imagination as you see the panoramic views. Aside from that, you know that all rooms have bed linen in them. Therefore, the place itself is quite relaxing.

Your stay at Case Escala gives you happiness. Other guests from the different corners of the region can, also, visit this garden paradise. Like them, you can go to the place and stay there as long as you need to have time. Aside from that, you do not have to worry about distance. The nearest airport to reach Casa Escala is the Lumbia Airport. You need to spend 77 kilometers from Casa Escala to the airport.

So, if you are planning to visit Casa Escala, pack your things now and make your reservation in person.

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