Alibuag Dive Resort: A place to find solitude

Have you scouted the best destinations to hangout and venture after this crisis? If not yet, you can check out Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort. You can surely get the excitement and fun as you enjoy diving into the cold, refreshing turquoise water. As well, you can go fishing, go stretch your muscles on the playground and find fun at the pool table. As you get the chance to have some fun at Alibuag Dive Resort, you know why you do.

The Place

Alibuag Dive Resort has always been attracting tourists. Many tourists plan for their trips, take some time to prepare for their activities and budgets, and venture to the place. Well, for people who do not know, Alibuag Dive Resort positions itself at Barangay Mantangale Balingoan, Misamis Oriental, 9011 Balingoan, Philippines.

A taste of sunset at Alibuag Dive Resort…

The Perks

Doing beach activities and games is endless. Tourists can check this out on the beachfront in Balingoan. Also, this place called the Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort offers stable Wi-Fi connections and a stunning garden. Alibuag Dive Resort welcomes visitors to stay. It has a restaurant and an outdoor pool in which tourists can have free private parking. Oh, one more thing, the resort offers paid airport shuttle services.

Additionally, Alibuag Dive Resort offers outstanding private rooms with desks and bathrooms. Each private bathroom has a shower, plus free toiletries. Besides, the guest rooms at Alibuag Dive Resort are air-conditioned, plus a TV on the side.

Moreover, the accommodation at Alibuag Dive Resort is outstanding. It offers a continental or Asian breakfast. Finally, tourists must know that the adjoining airport from Alibuag Dive Resort is Camiguin Airport, which is 37 kilometers away.

A trip to Matangale Alibuag Dive Resort…

How To Get There

Going to Alibuag Dive Resort is easy. If you are outside Mindanao, you can choose Cagayan de Oro as our point of origin. From Cagayan de Oro, we can hire vans and taxis or ask Magnum Radio for the means of transportation going to Alibuag Dive Resort in Balingoan. Magnum Radio has taxis and vans for various rides. With that in mind, we can guarantee everyone that we have plenty of taxis in Cagayan de Oro. Oh, perhaps, you can take Public Utility Jeepneys if you are from any parts of Mindanao.

Extra Words

The resort accepts day tour guests. You just need to pay the Entrance Fee of P150 a person. It means that the use of the beach is part of the entrance fee. However, you, also, need to pay the pool fee is P250 a person.

To be sure, you need to ask the local tourism office. Perhaps, this office can give you the best and safest trip. Also, you can ask the locals for tour guides. You, as well, can check the website from Booking.Com and give credit to it for more details. Or perhaps, you can use Google Maps or a smartphone to check where to go through the use of GPS or something. At this point, enjoy traveling.

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