3 Things I Did When I Visited Misamis Oriental

Finding meaningful activities on a beach, cold spring, or stream could be fun. We could do a lot of things aside from those countless activities beach parties and binge drinking in Misamis Oriental. Some people might not agree with us; however, we would surely feel we would enjoy doing things out of the ordinary. This season when the heat of the sun truly burnt our skin, we just lost track of time doing important things.

As well, three things I surely did when I visited Misamis Oriental. And I chose the beach, cold spring, or stream to enjoy myself as I took the plunge to quench and refresh my feeling. As COVID-19 hit me pretty bad, I could still have the grasp to spell magic and turn those things to be mystic by collecting pebbles, taking selfies, and unwinding – how about you?

Collect pebbles for our aquariums

Collecting pebbles on a beach, cold spring, or stream for our aquariums would be exciting. Some people might not have the idea of doing this; however, others would do it otherwise. And then, we could choose similar colors and sizes to fill our glass aquariums. The fish would love to swim in the water. Instead of buying these stones for our aquariums, we could collect some of them and take them home.

A collection of pebbles or shingles for aquarium refill.

Take instagrammable photos for recollection

I never thought that finding the best spot for pictorials could be beneficial. For example, drowning our feet in the knee-deep water, standing beside the solitary tree by the beach, and walking on the pebbles and shingles while taking selfies would be an impressive moment to capture the best angle for a photoshoot. Doing so gave us a bewildering moment.  

A group of men and women taking selfies (A photo from freepik).

Unwind to reduce stress and worries

Perhaps, we needed to forget all the stress and worries in life. As COVID-19 truly produced tension and terror among us, we remained barred from doing progressive things. We could never do productive things due to stern quarantine protocols and restrictions. As we kept on waiting to when this pandemic would end, we lost track of time. However, we could do something worthwhile as long as the government allowed us to travel. Well, we could go to the beach, mountain hill, or stream. Just as we had such an opportunity to it, grabbing it would be the best option to make.

Unwinding ourselves by looking at the beach scenery (A photo from freepik).

Visiting our chosen location has been fun. We could do numerous things we rarely did. We would say we had enough for those beach parties and binge drinking. We would say we had to relax and unwind. Well, a few people might beg to disagree with us. For them, those beach activities would be fun. However, collecting pebbles, taking instagrammable photos, and relaxing would be remarkable. Here in Misamis Oriental, we could do a lot of things. As the sun burnt our skin, we needed to quench our feelings by the refreshing beach or stream.


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