How Online Jobs Help Filipinos Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic shocks the world by a storm of fear and scare. It affects business leaders, parents, and students who struggle to perform their daily tasks. As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes like wildfire, these concerned individuals, particularly professionals, have to confront the spread of the virus and its ramifications.

In the Philippines, young professionals struggle to survive emotionally and financially. They cannot find jobs that pay $8 a day, not an hour. If jobs are available across different private and public organizations, many have to compete with one another due to the bloated number of unemployed individuals.

Fortunately, many international companies are willing to help Filipino professionals. A famous website called Online Jobs – Philippines posts jobs daily to hire Filipino experts and specialists in their specific domain. These online jobs come from various types for Filipino professionals to choose from there. Aside from that, other websites, such as Remote Tasks and other online writing services, offer various services. As the market for academic and content writing plus technical services grows, young Filipinos can earn money to support their family members and loved ones.

As well, online writing companies and other companies that offer graphic design and program development sprout like mushrooms on the World Wide Web. These online writing groups help researchers and writers to stay connected to sustain their work. Instead of sitting down and waiting for miracles to happen, these Filipinos can beat the COVID-19 crisis.

Moreover, young Filipinos need to boost their graphic and web design skills, as well as their writing skills to find jobs online. The pay is good as you receive more than the private and public companies here in the country. Though you do not have benefits like those people who work from 9-5 jobs, you can earn more than they gain. You do not get the hassle of traveling and paying for your jeepney fare. If government leaders no longer care for young professionals, Filipinos need to find means and ways to survive.

Furthermore, the Internet is a blessing. It allows Filipinos to get jobs online without the hassle of getting stringent interviews for biased interviewers. In other words, the Internet gives them an avenue to search for jobs across the globe. With the power of the Internet, Filipinos can survive despite the pressing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the end, Filipinos can get several jobs online. They do not need to fall in line for job interviews. They do not need to experience the bureaucracies in job hunting and interviewing by biased interviewers. As long as these people know their writing and computer skills, they are good to go to work online. Many online researchers and writers now take the same path as the others, and many want to be part of the freelance world to get jobs as fast as they can. And yes, they may not have the healthcare and insurance benefits as others brag about; however, they all have the reasons to consider. In this sense, young Filipinos need to find jobs online and enjoy working from the comfort of the home.

3 Useful Things to Do After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has strangled us for months. We just wanted to go outside, but the government compelled us to follow the stern stay-at-home policy. Due to several restriction policies, such as social distancing or one meter apart, stay at home, and other COVID-19 jargon, we learned to adjust to our regimens. Then, we had so much in our minds. We thought about many things on the side. We have been thinking about how we could recuperate from extreme losses – jobs and other resources. The stimulus packages that the government leaders should give have gone out of contexts of the discussions among politicians. They might have gone out of nowhere. This government action seemed to fail. As a result, many would suffer.

Over three months or so, most Filipinos failed to find their means and ways to stay active and alive at the present debacles. Many lost their hopes and even wondered how everything changed from normal to new normal. That is to say, COVID-19 has shattered our lives – even our small dreams. We struggled so much in life that surviving from the COVID-19 pandemic would mean a lot to us. Of course, we suffered much enough that smothered most of the economic, political, and social activities. We lost the courage to shop, to participate in the political actions, and to socialize. The fact is, we have been confronting the inevitable mayhem worldwide that we nearly lost ourselves. Some people killed themselves out of depression and poverty. Others wished to try to kill themselves due to restlessness. As government leaders lost their battles to fight the coronavirus, we failed to fight our battles, too, to survive.

Now, we have been thinking of possible solutions to respond to the crisis. We could not resolve it through dancing on TikTok. What? Why TikTok? It seemed funny though that some people wanted to escape from misery in life through Tiktok fever – that is, you have to make moves or steps using your phones and post them on Facebook. But then again, we had to resolve the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we did not know how to do it. We have only seen horrors of fears, losses, and all despite the economic decay. However, after the COVID-19, we could try to stand and do something better than our routine, should we say, the new normal. After the COVID-19, we could do the following:

Build a Small Business

We, Filipino people, could be entrepreneurs. We could cook something to sell in the community. With small financial capital, we could think of something beneficial and marketable to run our businesses. We only needed to focus on the food businesses to dominate the local markets. Additionally, we could target our customers from various offices and institutions and sell our food products to them. We could also do garage sales if we needed to earn. What is more, if we had fruits and vegetables in our community, we could sell them. In the end, we could provide services, such as academic support, tutorial, and more to customers to grow after the pandemic.

Find Jobs in Both Brick-And-Mortar and Online Companies

Some people did not want to work with others. So, they chose to work online. Various companies abroad have been hiring Filipinos today. However, if we like the idea of teamwork, we can work with others. We could still find jobs  at the  brick-and-mortar institutions in the city despite the economic collapse. Many companies these days would still require workers to deliver their products and services. So, we could apply to the different jobs if we managed to be whomever we wanted to be. We could find hundreds of thousands of jobs here who needed jobs.

Prepare to Go Overseas

After the COVID-19, we still need to reconsider the plans to go abroad. The pay there would be twice as higher than the salary in the Philippines. We could, also, check various websites regarding hiring companies overseas. For example, we can check,,, and more. Once we had the Internet and a laptop to apply, we could begin finding jobs, get those jobs, and maintain to survive from the given jobs in the process.

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How to Make Money Online

From Kelleysthoughtsonthings

Making money online has been a constant pitch for bloggers and vloggers around the World Wide Web. You may have stumbled on hundreds of thousands of articles and videos online telling you the simple steps to make money online. You may ask now how many written articles online about this topic. Almost certainly, you have had enough.

But then again, a problem exists. Some of these articles are promotional strategies to convince you to do something without making any sense. These written articles only persuade you, for instance, to register and participate in the seminar, webinar, and training session to tell you to become an online magnate. Imagine that!

Some of these articles just string or wrangle. When you try to analyze the posts and register yourselves online, you may realize that these written articles are just a clickbait and nothing more. These written articles will try to destroy some ideas to tell you about the possibility of making money online.

Is making money online possible? The answer is yes. However, making money online takes effort and time to make those sales pitches realistic.

At this point, you may be wondering how business administrators and frontrunners thrive in their operations online. You may be asking how corporate moguls gain presence in public, struggle to beat the market, survive throughout, and succeed in the process.

You may be familiar with Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and the like who accomplish wonders in the market and who dominate on the World Wide Web. For many others who follow the same path of prominent people, others can see growth as they prosper in their process. For that reason, making money online has never been a failure.

Today, numerous professionals build their websites. From an autobiographic blog to an e-commerce one, these individuals work hard to earn money. They try almost everything like affiliate marketing, creating a digital product, and more. In other words, they spend their days and nights to find means and ways to earn money and make more.

However, making money online does not happen overnight. It takes effort and time to grow your website and then earn money. As well, site owners need sponsors and other means to survive in their operations. They ask fans to sign up for subscriptions where they earn through commissions on advertisements. Below are the ways to make money online – the real one.

    • Blogging. Blogging is writing. It also refers to a person who controls and runs a blog. As well, it allows a blogger to run a blog with an equipped web page and with some tools to make the procedure of writing, posting, linking, and sharing some pieces of web content online.
    • Freelance academic writing. It refers to the formal written work created and fashioned by an academic expert. Academic writers examine some pieces of literature, evaluates them, and make arguments and valid reasons for the topic
    • Freelance web content writing. It refers to the written content posted on a site to provide some relevant information for products and services. This piece of information originates in diverse forms such as advertising, marketing, newsletters, or speeches. Web content writers help many people know the products before purchasing them.
    • Selling items online. Selling products online are common activities and actions for bloggers to sell products online to make money. If visitors on the site click the products and buy them, bloggers earn money
    • Vlogging. Coming from the term vlog to mean a video blog or video log, vloggers create posts on video formats to talk on particular subjects to report or review some products or events.

Finally, bloggers and writers can convince you to read a bunch of these articles online on making money online. With your inquisitive minds, you keep on thinking and try to determine the authenticity of those articles. You may be reading some random thoughts about those articles that simply waste your time. To make money, you need to improve your blogging, vlogging, and writing skills to become academic writers, video creators, or web content writers to promote products and sites.

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Start Your Freelance Jobs Now

Most Filipino graduates and other professionals today confront the challenges of finding jobs in brick-and-mortar institutions. It is heart-breaking to realize that hundreds of thousands of graduates every year cannot even land on their dream jobs. With 1,000 applicants for 10 available positions for example, these graduates and professionals are compelled to compete with one another to secure entry-level and executive positions. This situation seems pathetic to think that they study their graduate and post-graduate programs for four, five, or six years in colleges and universities only to land on fast-food chains, restaurants, and call center industries. I do not want to pin down call center jobs, but finishing undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies only to work as call center representatives and technical support agents can be quite odder than I imagine.

However, reality bites. Most of these graduates do not have the option to do and to reconsider. All available choices to secure decent jobs, perhaps, become tight that they have to blow the dust and bite their fingers to gain one. Besides, what do we serve on our plates at the tables if we become picky to obtain our dream jobs? Considering 105 million Filipinos today, those available jobs become the subjects of witch hunts. We are all job seekers who choose to vie for the remaining job resources so that we can feed our hungry stomachs. I do not want to exclude myself since I experience the same adversities, too. Though I land a certain job from years of searching; however, I immediately quit when I realize I no longer love it. The problem – workplace scenario! Yes, I finished my undergraduate and graduate studies, got some jobs, and decided to quit despite the stern screening in the job application process.

Consequently, I stumble on the Internet. I just learn that online jobs are available and growing. I instantly inform my friends and classmates who have parallel experiences and hardships in finding decent jobs as I am. To tell you this, I manage to apply to various jobs at some of the websites. My friends have jobs now. They land on the stable jobs since they register here:

Using a viable technology, freelancers can get jobs from different companies abroad. These companies allow them to perform the tasks in the comfort of their home. At, these graduates and professionals will no longer struggle to fall in line with long queues for job interviews. They only need to explore online job opportunities and earn a living at home. How exciting that is!

Now, to get your salaries, freelancers can get their incomes from their full-time or part-time jobs when they apply for any payment methods, such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Payoneer. When you register for Payoneer so that you will have your MasterCard, you need to register the link below as part of the referral program:

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Home-based jobs are for single dads, too.

Home-based jobs are not only for moms and single moms. There is no specific study that only mothers are pre-wired into home-based and online jobs. It can be quite odd to think that the Internet is only for women and moms alike. The truth is, men and fathers can, also, work online.

Why do some people choose home-based jobs? An obvious reason why most men prefer to work online and become home-based entrepreneurs and employees is the flexibility of time. Like single mothers, single fathers, too, have to take care of their sons and daughters. Hiring a nanny this time is not a good idea, not even the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Another reason why men choose home-based jobs these days is the avoidance of stressful bosses and workplace environments. As such, men and single dads decide to work home-based to take care of their children while earning thousands of dollars.

As well, the salaries for home-based jobs can range from $1,000 a week to $4,000 or up to $10,000 a month. Without paying anything for the commute, single dads can save money for their children’s education. Incomes for home-based writers, virtual assistants, and the like vary from months to months. In other words, salaries for home-based individuals may be lower or higher depending on how hardworking they are. Bloggers, for instance, may receive from $1,000 to $4,000 a month. Although not all home-based receive bigger than $4,000 a month, they can still earn high enough compared to what they receive working for their 9-5 job schemes.

This time, begin searching for online jobs or home-based jobs today. There have been plenty of online companies that offer good jobs. In the online writing industries, you can pick,,,,,,, and many others. Perhaps, you will be most interested in finding jobs at, Upwork, and LinkedIn. It is up to you. You only have to start doing it today. For single dads, this home-based job offers you a chance to work and earn money, as well as take care of their children and exhibit good parenting styles and techniques.

Finally, other single fathers register for some online companies today. They earn good money that helps them take care of their sons and daughters without their partners. If these single fathers make it, why not you? It does not make you less than a man if you choose to work online. You just cannot leave your kids at home with nannies because you choose to be hands-on, right?