5 Reasons Why Foreign Employers Hire Filipinos

Most foreign employers who start their outsourcing businesses will always consider their costs and labor forces. Some of them have to build buildings, rent offices, hire employees, spend money on commercial advertising, and the like. American employers, for example, will spend much money on paying American employees. Considering an $8 an hour or $211.36 in a day for an average American population, American employers can save money if they choose to outsource their jobs to the employees in the developing countries. So, they find their employees across the borders, set criteria and qualification requirements, and other recruitment processes.

And, many foreign employers hire skilled Filipino professionals. They can hire a number of these Filipinos who possess great skills. For example, they can hire web developers who develop and design their websites. They can hire freelance web content writers who can fill plenty of articles on their sites. They can also hire many Filipinos who can be appointment setters, market development associates for a real estate, social media/SEO managers, motion graphics designer for lyric videos, a full-time copywriter for fitness centers, viral YouTube video editor, talented premiere or FCPX editor, WordPress website designer and developer, video editor expert, and many others. These foreign employers usually go to this website to hire more Filipino experts who can build their teams.

The question now concentrates on why foreign employers hire Filipino employees online. There may be some reasons; however, a few of them are the most common:

Effective Communication Skills

Filipinos can speak and write English. They can communicate and even comprehend the English language. Despite the number of languages in the country, Filipinos learn to master the English language. Filipinos learn English because they use the language in the Philippine media and classrooms. Some may be fluent in both spoken and written language; others may be intermediate and advanced. Foreign employers can easily give instructions regarding their ways to perform the tasks.

Attitudes toward Work

Filipinos are happy people. They always laugh and smile at things. They have positive dispositions in life despite the difficulties. In other words, they always see the positive light behind those struggles. When it comes to jobs, they are very optimistic. They become motivated to perform the tasks and complete them. When employers ask them to go over the tasks again, they will always revise them until they finish them. They are dedicated to complete the tasks being assigned to them.

Low Compensation Package

Filipino employees only receive the minimum wage. Depending on the regions where they minimum wages differ, Filipinos feel fine as long as the pay is on time. Foreign employers take advantage of this instance. However, foreign employers do not pay the minimum wages for these Filipino employees. They just pay them above the minimum wages. For Filipino employers, they only pay professionals with entry-level jobs from ₱10,000.00 to ₱15,000.00. Foreign employers, on the other hand, will offer salaries from ₱20,000.00 to ₱35,000.00. Since the jobs are done at home, Filipino employees can earn more than the jobs in the city and the country in general. Therefore, foreign employers hire these skilled Filipinos.

Sense of Direction and Focus

Foreign employees choose to hire Filipino employees because of their sense of direction and focus. When employers give them those instructions and deadlines, they manage to complete the tasks. They get the instructions right away since they understand the instructions in English.

Welcoming and Responsive

Filipino employees are welcoming and responsive. They always offer their employers with great aura and smile. They always say “yes” and agree on things to make things easier to do. When they have questions, they always ask and manage to fulfill their tasks. These positive characters and personalities of Filipinos make them the top-skilled and top-performing professionals in the world.

Mastering Your Craft to Succeed

Most students now try to imagine how to succeed in life. Before graduation, they think and feel afraid of not landing on their decent jobs. So, they join in various activities and training programs to improve their skills. Many of these students choose to study their specific programs, such as business, engineering, humanities, management, mathematics, science, and technology, and they finish these course pathways for years. After learning these course programs, they struggle to find their specific jobs that suit their professional career paths. What a terrible scenario!

After graduation, some of the young professionals who can hardly find their desired jobs strive to do blogging, vlogging, and entrepreneurial methods. Somehow, some of these activities do not end up happily ever after. At some point, they spend much time for job hunting; however, they may lose the courage to search for available jobs in the classified ads or company websites. These young professionals can land on other jobs outside their specific fields of discipline if they are fortunate enough to find one. Because of this situation, many of these young professionals get frustrated. They think that they burn their midnight candles without landing on decent and respectable jobs. In the end, they lose their courage to pursue the career of their dreams.

However, these young professionals do not need to find jobs to succeed. They can sell their expertise and services. As long as they master their crafts, they can use their skills to prosper. For example, young professionals can earn a living through advertising and selling their expertise. If they can communicate and talk to people, they can be masters of ceremonies, speakers, and hosts for the events. If they know graphic arts and web designs, they can blossom in the market. As well, if they know how to sing, they can perform on stage and various events. If they know how to walk and train dogs, they can earn high incomes by doing so. In other words, sell your expertise and services.

The possibility of success is endless. You only need to take a few steps a little bit further. Be a tutor, a singer, a personal gym trainer, a podcast speaker, a writer, a freelance web designer, and more. All you need to do is master your craft to become experts in the specific fields of discipline.

Certainly, mastering your craft gives you an advantage over others. Once you do, you succeed in life.

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Police to Require Travel Authority for all Travelers to Enter CDO Despite Mayor Moreno’s Statement

Misamis Oriental (June 10, 2020) – Mardy Hortillosa II, the spokesperson of the Police Regional Office (PRO), announced that police officers in Cagayan de Oro would continue to issue travel authority for those passengers or travelers who made an entry in the city.

Mardy Hortillosa II said that the government needed to regulate the movement of people or travelers without important activities. Hortillosa pointed out the relevance of travel authority.

“The city will not require any travel authority to all residents who wish to go to the city,” Mayor Oscar Moreno said, on Tuesday, June 9.

“I will advise Colonel Dampal to observe that,” Mayor Oscar Moreno added.

The Police Regional Office (PRO) emphasized that CDO Mayor Oscar Moreno remained cogent and praiseworthy to ease the burden experienced by the passengers and travelers. As well, the PRO mentioned that regulating the movement and activities of people without important activities in the City and Misamis Oriental would curb the spread of the coronavirus in line with IATF Resolution # 43 on paragraph A, sub-paragraph 4A, “the movement of all persons in areas placed under MGCQ shall be limited to accessing essential goods and services, for work in the offices or industries permitted to operate hereunder, and for other activities permitted.”

As publicized, the said travel authority provision prompted by the PRO-Northern Mindanao could curtail the spread of the virus. “Implementing the Travel Authority mandate could shrink the possible transmission of the virus,” Hortillosa said.

Hortillosa accentuated that the PRO-10 would respect the acumen and decision of the city mayor. However, the PRO-10 would stand guard and raise this concern to the regional IATF.

Finally, Hortillosa stated that the PRO-Northern Mindanao management would call on Mayor Oscar Moreno’s concerns to seek for further actions from the Regional IATF.

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How Single Dads Succeed in Parenting

Photo from flipboard.com

It is unusual to read articles, heard news reports, and watch videos about single dads and their plights and skirmishes in their parenting situations. We only have moms and their heroic acts. Oftentimes, we consider these single moms as dads for their children due to their abilities to provide their basic needs and protection in times of fear and danger. As such, we only highlight single moms due to their relevance to child care and protection. Because we  only emphasize these moms and their struggles, we forget to mention and introduce single dads, too, in terms of their parenting and economic support.

Yet, we often wonder if we read and heard stories about single dads. We may never be aware of their hardships and their struggles as single moms do. If there may be a few stories out there to tell us how single dads endure their hardships for their children, we may be glad to celebrate and thank those single dads who work hard to be good fathers for their children.

Honestly, single fathers face several challenges, too. They, as well, confront the horrifying struggles whether or not they can manage their tasks well. They even want to make sure that they perform multiple tasks, such as doing the laundry, cooking food, sending their children to school and teaching them after school, working hard to pay for their basic needs and children’s tuition fees, and going to church on Sundays. For that reason, they exert much effort in performing their roles since their children will need their care and presence.

Moreover, some single dads choose to be better dads. They cherry-pick to live with their children, work hard to feed them, and give them their basic needs, as well as their wants. They never surrender their roles as givers and protectors to their children despite the absence of their wives. They become committed to play their roles as moms and dads.

In the end, single dads thrive in their parenting skills. Those who become hands-on in nurturing and teaching their children can succeed in their parenting styles. Single dads who work as freelancers can monitor their children and can raise their kids according to their desired parenting styles. Since freelancing jobs are home-based, single dads can provide children’s financial assistance and moral support, demonstrate paternal love, foster effective care, and promote welcoming family relationships. Besides, they dedicate themselves to find means and ways to survive every single day in finding jobs and performing parenting tasks. In this way, single fathers succeed in their parenting.

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How to Make Money Online

From Kelleysthoughtsonthings

Making money online has been a constant pitch for bloggers and vloggers around the World Wide Web. You may have stumbled on hundreds of thousands of articles and videos online telling you the simple steps to make money online. You may ask now how many written articles online about this topic. Almost certainly, you have had enough.

But then again, a problem exists. Some of these articles are promotional strategies to convince you to do something without making any sense. These written articles only persuade you, for instance, to register and participate in the seminar, webinar, and training session to tell you to become an online magnate. Imagine that!

Some of these articles just string or wrangle. When you try to analyze the posts and register yourselves online, you may realize that these written articles are just a clickbait and nothing more. These written articles will try to destroy some ideas to tell you about the possibility of making money online.

Is making money online possible? The answer is yes. However, making money online takes effort and time to make those sales pitches realistic.

At this point, you may be wondering how business administrators and frontrunners thrive in their operations online. You may be asking how corporate moguls gain presence in public, struggle to beat the market, survive throughout, and succeed in the process.

You may be familiar with Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and the like who accomplish wonders in the market and who dominate on the World Wide Web. For many others who follow the same path of prominent people, others can see growth as they prosper in their process. For that reason, making money online has never been a failure.

Today, numerous professionals build their websites. From an autobiographic blog to an e-commerce one, these individuals work hard to earn money. They try almost everything like affiliate marketing, creating a digital product, and more. In other words, they spend their days and nights to find means and ways to earn money and make more.

However, making money online does not happen overnight. It takes effort and time to grow your website and then earn money. As well, site owners need sponsors and other means to survive in their operations. They ask fans to sign up for subscriptions where they earn through commissions on advertisements. Below are the ways to make money online – the real one.

    • Blogging. Blogging is writing. It also refers to a person who controls and runs a blog. As well, it allows a blogger to run a blog with an equipped web page and with some tools to make the procedure of writing, posting, linking, and sharing some pieces of web content online.
    • Freelance academic writing. It refers to the formal written work created and fashioned by an academic expert. Academic writers examine some pieces of literature, evaluates them, and make arguments and valid reasons for the topic
    • Freelance web content writing. It refers to the written content posted on a site to provide some relevant information for products and services. This piece of information originates in diverse forms such as advertising, marketing, newsletters, or speeches. Web content writers help many people know the products before purchasing them.
    • Selling items online. Selling products online are common activities and actions for bloggers to sell products online to make money. If visitors on the site click the products and buy them, bloggers earn money
    • Vlogging. Coming from the term vlog to mean a video blog or video log, vloggers create posts on video formats to talk on particular subjects to report or review some products or events.

Finally, bloggers and writers can convince you to read a bunch of these articles online on making money online. With your inquisitive minds, you keep on thinking and try to determine the authenticity of those articles. You may be reading some random thoughts about those articles that simply waste your time. To make money, you need to improve your blogging, vlogging, and writing skills to become academic writers, video creators, or web content writers to promote products and sites.

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Hiring Your Web Content Writer

Hiring your web content writer these days requires screening tests. You may even ask for samples when you ask them to send their CVs or resumes. At first, you are scared that you mistakenly hire someone from the World Wide Web. So, you give your applicants new sets of tests to determine their potential skills and their behavior to finish the jobs and meet the deadlines.

Now, you probably know various sites that give you professionals who lend their services. You sign up and start searching for professionals who can write content for your website. The thing is, you are reading this article about employers who seek for web content writer. Are you contacting the writer of this article? Of course, you do.

However, if you want different sites to choose professionals, you can visit elance.com, freelancer.com, onlinejobs.ph, and upwork.com. These are all legitimate websites in which you can access, browse, and contact your new content writer. Fortunately, you have all the choices to choose highly qualified writers.

On the contrary, if you want to go back to the author of this article and see his profile and his writing skills, you can finish reading this article and spot any difference. Most likely, you can hire him or contact your friends who have been looking for a web content writer. I do not want to send samples of my work. Upon reading this article, you know exactly that this writing serves as a sample.

And yes, this writing is a pitch. This is a new of searching for jobs or pitching content writing jobs in which a writer writes an article citing his writing skills. Or perhaps, you require your applicants to take grammar tests or sentence constructions. If this situation is the case, you may do so.

However, as a web content writer, I feel tired of sending samples where I fail to receive feedback from employers. Possibly, I did not get through the recruitment process, so I was left dangling in the balance. Prospective employers ask for samples, resumes, and portfolios for just 2 cents a word, and the process of hiring a web content writer is taxing and tedious.

Please drop the act. Some content writers do not waste time. Hire someone if you want to employ one. You do not have to ask a thousand applicants for only two available positions. You are very unreasonable about that! Or else, you end up writing your content.

For those who prefer to hire the author of this article, please visit his account profile and see for yourself.

As well, please visit this link here.

Being a Content Writer

Finding jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic seems very challenging. Due to a social distancing policy and a travel restriction imposed by the local and national governments, we cannot stroll around the city to search for jobs in some brick-and-mortar institutions. We remain at home without doing anything. As well, many companies and large-scale business organizations stop their operations due to coronavirus. As we struggle to find jobs to support our family members, we cannot ignore the fact that we do not have food to serve on the table. As such, we need to secure decent employment.

However, various jobs sprout online. Many companies nowadays decide to migrate their operations and practices. For example, companies will hire academic writers, customer service representatives, graphic designers, online tutors, virtual assistants, web developers, and many others. For that reason, many of these companies cherry-pick some online services and hire applicants to fill their jobs.

I land on a content writer position. I just love writing despite grammar and writing inaccuracies. As a content writer, I handle the creation of convincing and persuasive content online. I write any of the following, namely blog posts, products and service descriptions, social media contents, website copy, and white papers. I just have to tell you that content writing jobs are just fine. I just earn money and support my family by writing compelling content for the company websites.

As a Content Writer, I am accountable for giving the value of the company website by vigorously fetching customers and stakeholders and sustaining a consistent voice for the interrelated brand. For me, I do not know if I can teach again after COVID-19. I just feel that I love writing content for different company websites. I just love the idea of earning money from home. I will no longer feel the stress due to a constant commute. Therefore, being a content writer holds benefits.

Now, I write content for different company websites. I write different topics for different products and services. Since countless projects are available online, I can earn more money than I expect from other streams of income.

For me, the COVID-19 pandemic may be a blessing in disguise. I just realize it when I first received my first salary as a content writer. At the moment, I just enjoy my new job and earn money in the comfort of my home.

If you want to be a content writer, you better start clicking the link below, go directly to the job board, and earn money now.

Please check and register here.

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LGBTQ Short Stories to Read at Home

Reading is an adventure. It allows readers to travel back in time and to enjoy in a roller-coaster ride. Some authors know the tricks to charm us with their stories that we let us ride on the vehicle of their thoughts down to our memory lanes. It gives a sense of adventure to know more about people and their characters as the story unfolds.

However, we only read some stories that deal with relationships between men and women. We did not have stories that explore LGBTQ narratives because others did not want to read them.

This time, LGBTQ stories emerge. We humbly offer stories from the different writers who sent their stories to us. We proudly give you the preview of these stories and get some access to the different narratives from the creative minds of the writers. The writers of the story make use of English, Filipino, and the combination of these two languages.

Please subscribe. Get some access to the upcoming LGBTQ short stories. Or order your book now for only $ 2 (2 stories in 1 book). Please drop me a message at <[email protected]>.


By Cecilia U. Moonblood

“Hello, Ben.” Wika ni Tito Greg. Hindi ko makakalimutan ang boses na iyon. It seemed that Uncle Greg’s voice had already imprinted on my memory disc, which would be hard to forget. Ika nga nila, mahirap alisin o kalimutan ang mga bagay kapag ito ay matagal ng nakalibing or nakabaon sa ating malalim na kamalayan. It is hard to forget and ignore them from our memory banks dahil ang mga bagay na iyon totally drill down from the depths of our subconscious minds. Though this saying sounds redundant, such recollection lies deep within our unconscious state, at marahil ito ay bahagi na lamang ng ating buhay or ng isa sa ating kakaibang karanasan. Sabi nga nila na, we have to keep our dark secrets in our minds dahil bahagi na ito sa ating nakalipas. Sabi nga sa Ingles, it would be easy to leave those matters alone in the dark and to learn to move forward. Kung darating sa buhay ang lahat ng emotional and physical pressures, sabi pa nga nila, we could tell ourselves to let the time foresee what might happen kasi natatakot tayong banggitin ang mga nakatagong sekreto natin. We even kept them in our hidden minds, or we sometimes buried them in oblivion to forget. Kahit anong gagagwin natin to escape from such reality or no matter how hard we try to ignore those dark mysteries in our lives, kusang bumabalik ang mga sekretong ito like flashes of memories ng hindi natin namamalayan. Kusa rin itong darating sa ating ulirat na para bang pinaglalaruan lang tayo ng ating mga tadhana. Marahil ang mga ito ay isang tadhana dahil hindi natin kayang takasan. Ang mga sekretong ito ay nagpapatunay na tayo ay may pagkakamali, dahil minsan, tayo may marupok. We barely did not have any idea where to go and find some places safe and comforting para mawaglit lang natin kahit minsan ang mga bagay na hindi sana natin ginawa. Pero kahit ano pa man, darating tayo sa punto na sasabihin natin na “tama na” o “I give up” dahil hindi na natin ito kayang kalimutan, baliwalain, o takasan. Ito ay dahil tao tayo!

Tumango na lamang ako when Uncle Greg called my name. Hindi ko alam kung bakit kinausap niya ako dahil ilang taon na rin niya akong hindi kinausap. He knew that I did something wrong to him, and he did not even talk to me ever since. I could not believe why he spoke to me for the first time after the incident. At first, I thought he forgot everything many years ago, but I would be certain that he did not. May kaunting inis ang kanyang mga tingin. As I looked into his eyes, I could understand how he felt. Those brown and charismatic eyes relayed a message to shut me off forever. He did not want to talk to me ever. Perhaps, he is now forced to communicate with me pretending that nothing happened seven years ago. Nagawa ko ang isang bagay na para sa iba at sa karamihan ay isang taboo and immoral. Technically, I raped my uncle. Conversely, it would be ridiculous to imagine how a young boy sexually and orally raped his uncle. But I did. There would be no police officers who would take that as real. I was just thirteen, and hindi ko alam ang mga pinagagawa ko. Sa isip ko ngayon, I am twenty-one now, na ang mga bagay na iyon ay parang isang na lamang guni-guni. Pero bakit ba hindi ako makalimot. Friends from school told me to let go and move on, nevertheless, I could not move a muscle to ignore these episodes in life. I could not think of any way to escape this past kahit na sinubukan ko. I was still haunted by his presence. Now that he came back, I would see him in my house again, hindi ko alam ang pwedeng mangyayari – mag-imikan ba kami o hindi. Things may happen na para bang it exists the way it was. Sa isip ko, baka nakakalimutan na ng Tito. O hindi naman kaya ay iisipin na lamang niya na ang bagay na iyon as isang bangongot sa kanyang nakaraan. No one can tell. He may have reasons to tell or keep it as a secret. Pero nagawa niyang ilibing ang nakaraang iyon for eight years… To be continued.

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By Poseidon A. Wintergarden

“Nakakaasar na talaga!”

That is what I thought about Rob. Sino ba ang magkakagusto sa mga ginagawa niya. He just barged in and struck a conversation with the group. Ewan ko, basta naasar lang talaga ako.

Para siyang preskong-presko na lagi nalang nagpapa-twitams. Ang ibig sabihin ng nagpapa-twitams ay nagpapa-cute. Pero teka lang. Totoo nga naman talaga na cute itong Rob. Hindi mo pwedeng ipagwalang-tabi na lang. Eh kaso, ako lang talaga siguro ang may ayaw sa kanya. Kasi naman, lahat ng tao sa grupo ay hangang-hanga sa kanya.

“Nice to meet you all,” bati niya sabay smile. Ako naman, nakatingin lang sa kabilang direksyon dahil ayaw ko siyang tingnan. Sometimes, I pretended to be someone else na parang hindi siya kilala.  That was my defense mechanism para ayaw masaktan. At saka, hindi naman ako nanakit ng tao. However, it was difficult. It was hard not to talk to him because he spent effort and time getting my attention. He always made some moves for people to talk to him.

“Hi. Ang tahimik mo naman.” Ang sabi niya. Nakabaling na ang tingin ko sa kanya.

“Yes, Rob! Ano ang ipaglilingkod ko sa iyo.” Iyon ang sakartiko kong sagot. Kahit papano, nakuha ko pa rin siyang kausapin. Kung sa bagay, wala naman talagang ginawa niya para magalit ako.

“Ang sungit mo naman. Nangungumusta lang.” Wika niya. Tinapik niya ang shoulder ko as a sign na aalis siya. Pagkatapos, pumunta na siya sa kasamahan namin para makipag-kwentuhan. Kwentuhang lalaki at tropa lang. Kung tutuusin, mabait na man talaga siya. Meron lang kasi akong insecurities sa buhay at sa mababang self-esteem ko. Takot kasi akong ma-reject sa friendship kasi talagang ayaw ng iba sa akin. Ewan ko nga ba kung bakit picky ako….

To be continued.

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Jack on the Rocks and Armand de Brignac Champagne

By Andrew L. Mountainhigh

I hated him.

Hindi ko maikubli ang inis at galit sa kanya.

He just left and shut himself up for years. He said he would come back after his work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, he did not say goodbye to me. He did not have a chance to talk to me or vice versa.

For me, he could be the nicest person I had ever met. He was charming. His smile has always been magnetic. My friends and I would laugh and smile at him every time he made jokes. Months after, he suddenly disappeared in silence. He just vanished when I started to like him…

To be continued.

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Barkley, the Dog

By Achilles N. Dawsonsummer

Hindi ko alam kung bakit nagtitilihan ang mga kababaihan sa daan malapit sa bahay ni Donya Cecilia. Kahit mga dalagita ay nagkandarapa din ng pagsulyapsulyap doon sa isang bahay. Lalo na iyong mga single mothers at ang mga malalanding matatanda din.

Para kasing may artista na dumating galing Maynila. Pero parang kakaiba. Sabi kasi sa mga nakasalubong ko, may bagong dating daw sa paupahang bahay ni Donya Cecilia. Nahihiya man akong lumapit, pero gusto ko na ring makibalita. Nagmamasid lang ako at nakikikuha ng balita.

Mula sa veranda doon sa isang rental apartment ni Donya Cecilia, nakaupo ang isang lalaki. Nakatingin siya mga tao na dumadaan doon. Hawak-hawak niya ang kanyang alagang aso. Minsan may nakapagsabi na nakatingin lang siya minsan sa kawalan. O kaya naman ay kumaway lang siya para ipakita ang pagtugon na nakita niya ang taong kumaway sa kanya as a sign of respect…

To be continued.

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