Twin Hearts Resort: A tourist site to remember

Are you planning to celebrate an important occasion this year? If you are, you can check Twin Hearts Resort. This resort is just a mile away. You can surely visit if you like anytime. Now, if you are from Misamis Oriental, you know where Twin Hearts Resort is.

Please contact the management of Twin Hearts Resort now. It seems easy to visit the place and book there in advance. After that, you can come back to the site when you need it. See it to believe. Just dial 0906 669 4410 today.

So, what are waiting for? You know you need to enjoy yourselves and find time to de-stress your problems. You get the chance to unwind, right? Visit the tourist site now. 

Twin Hearts Resort: An unforgettable site to stay

Are you thinking of going away after New Year? For sure, you just feel bored of the things that happened around you in 2021 and you need to move on to the new highlights in 2022. Because of that, you manage to count the days, weeks, and months to come to celebrate the longest holidays in the Philippine context.

And you find a respite to slow down just a little bit. You can turn your days into remarkable ones if you try to do something worthwhile. For example, you will engage in various physical and sports activities to enjoy or you travel around to see old places that you missed during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you wait for the days to come – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, you just realize that you have more reasons to celebrate life.

However, you may be marveling at how other people live their lives outside your comfort zone. Are they still all right these days despite the pandemic? How do they survive these challenges – floods, natural disasters, and poverty? How do they make their ends meet? With all these questions, you cannot help but ask yourselves how those people struggle to stay alive.

So, you choose to travel and celebrate life. You need to find places to unwind. This decision is the least you can do during a pandemic. You just need to reflect on things that bother you most. You just need to relax and find strength amidst several billowing circumstances. You all have the options to consider now in terms of relaxation; however, you just need to search for relaxing and unforgettable places – beach resorts and cold springs. Like Twin Hearts Resort in Kimaya, Jasaan in Misamis Oriental, you undeniably find your site to let everything go.

Twin Hearts Resort expects guests this time. When the COVID-19 guidelines and policies are no longer stern, the resort management now accepts guests to enjoy the cerulean pool waters. Family members and friends take their time enjoying their hours of having fun in the water. After the pool activities, they have to go to their reserved gazebos.

You can tell your stories at Twin Hearts Resort, too. The excitement, the fun, and the memory that Twin Hearts Resort gives create a mental picture in your head. Soon, you will realize the value of time. You learn to appreciate the value of time to celebrate with family members and friends. In this life, you can only move forward. As you cannot turn back times, you can only reminisce those images from your mind. How amazing it is for you to hark back to the old times – the giggles and larks on your face as you shove the pool waters with your bare hands to create splashing effects against the faces of your family members and friends?

And then again, you only imagine those things. Nonetheless, you can still recreate those significant events in your lives. Going out somewhere for fun and excitement can be your priority this time. Why not visit Twin Hearts Resort today? With an entrance fee of ₱75.00, you can enjoy your pool water activities and wet picnics at Twin Hearts Resort. You can dial 0906-669-4410 for more information. You can even visit the management of the resort on its Facebook page.


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Twin Hearts Resort: A stirring sojourn to love

Do you want to create good memories with family members and friends? Do you want to take a few trips with them distantly? Well, traveling remotely is fun. However, the COVID-19 pandemic compels you to stay closer to home. You can’t even go somewhere. If that so, Twin Hearts Resort is good for you.

Its physical location

Twin Hearts Resort is at Onofre Drive, Kimaya, Jasaan in Misamis Oriental, Mindanao. Local tourists will reach the resort less than an hour from Cagayan de Oro. You can do that when you drive your car at an average speed. It’s next to Villanueva from Cagayan de Oro. Perhaps, you can take public utility jeepneys (PUJs) or public utility vehicles (PUVs) if you want to save gas. However, it will be advisable to go by private car to ensure good trips. Then, you can ask some people there to guide you and give you directions. It’s awesome, right?

Its amenities and conveniences

Twin Hearts Resort is a stirring sojourn to love. It even offers cottages and pools. The refreshing pool water early morning in the opening of the day gives you a good start. Also, you get to know the pools for kids and adults. However, these pools may have shifting instructions. Some pools are prohibited during night swimming to avoid accidents. In this pandemic, the resort may or may not offer night swimming services. So, you need to ask first. 

Riviere Pool Cabin (Promo Rate) Php 1,000 Inclusive:

    • Entrance fee
    • Breakfast for two
    • Fully air-conditioned room
    • Full-size double-bed room
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Check-in/check-out 12 noon

Riviere Function Hall Inclusive:

    • Cable TV
    • Fully air-conditioned room
    • Use audio-video system
    • “Videoke”
    • Whiteboard for seminars

Of course, some cottages are available at ₱150, ₱250, ₱350, ₱300, ₱600, ₱1600. You can select, which one is best for you. You make sure that you can do something. Just like other resorts, it has some areas where you can grill some fish or chicken and pork meats. In other words, this place is good for your family bonding or class reunion for that matter. You can enjoy yourself a lot when you give yourself a chance to celebrate life.

Its mobile phone dials to call

The management of Twin Hearts Resort has these mobile phone dials, such as 0936 489 9968 and 0906 669 4410. You can call these phone numbers for possible bookings and reservations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some pool services of all resorts may be unavailable. Therefore, it is wise to call the management through these mobile phone dials for confirmation in advance.

Indeed, sharing good memories with family members and friends at Twin Hearts Resort is absolutely fun. You know you are right when you are there. Therefore, the next time you set your location to go on an excursion, you must never forget Twin Hearts on your bucket list. 

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