China To Start Face Scanning for SIM Card Buyers

Would you like to get your face scanned when buying SIM cards? Do you think your rights were not violated? Why do you think your government scans your faces? And for what?

Months ago, the Chinese government required all mobile phone and SIM card buyers to get the faces scanned. The government commanded this new procedure when SIM card buyers get new ones for verification purposes. Cellular providers, for instance, have to require their clients to submit their ID and scan the faces to prevent future deceits and fraud activities. As well, cellular providers promise to help clients and customers to ward off hoaxers and impostors especially when reselling SIM cards to the illegitimate users. In this case, the Chinese government and cellular providers can protect the rights of citizens in cyberspace.

As well, some Chinese regulators decided to implement this policy based on numerous benefits. Chinese regulators administer this face recognition and extend it to the various domestic daily services, as well as modes of payments, community transport rides, hotel registration and reservation processes, and many others.

Moreover, the Chinese government, particularly the Ministry of Industry and Information of the People’s Republic of China, announced the change of the registration procedure in September 2019. This department did not stipulate, which companies would handle the face-scanning technologies and facilities for mobile operators. However, some people have ideas which of them play some important roles in registering and scanning the faces of the customers. Megvii, Yitu, or SenseTime Companies, for example, are available to execute the registration and face scanning processes, but they wait for further instructions.

What is more, many companies would send some text messages to the people or residents and make some rectifications in agreements. As expected, Megvii, Yitu, or SenseTime Companies can take charge of executing the registration and face scanning processes since these firms served as the world-leading AI technological providers of facial and voice recognition software in the country.

Indeed, the question remained available. Would you like to get your face scanned when buying SIM cards? For me, your answers would depend on your ideological and philosophical views. You all have the right to speak up your mind and your ability to declare your opinions. If you think your rights re not violated, then support the face scanning process. If not, you have the option to ask and question your government why face scanning is necessary.

Photo credit: Getty Images / Gizmodo