Running a Small Business

Are you looking for jobs in brick-and-mortar institutions or are you running your small businesses after graduation?

According to my friend, which name I will not mention, 90% of wealth in the world is in business and 10% is in employment.

I am not going to say that my friend is right. However, I can only presume that he is based on my observation. For example, in the parking area in malls and stores, those various fancy and sporty cars are not owned by office workers, teachers, and the like. Those fancy cars are owned by business individuals and professionals. That is, running a business is better than finding employments in the brick-and-mortar institutions.

Twenty years ago, my parents told me to study well and get jobs in various prestigious companies here and abroad. They got jealous by our neighbors whose daughters and sons landed on their dream jobs in Nestle Company, STEAG Corporation, Del Monte Philippines, and many others. Many of our neighbors’ daughters and sons got their cars and big houses. Of all those things I mentioned, we had not had ours.

So, I studied harder than I used to burn my midnight candles. I spent years in college and landed in a decent company. However, I only earned a minimum wage. I could not afford to buy medicines and other basic needs. All prices have gone up, but my salary could not cover the costs of all daily expenses. For me, I had to think and reevaluate my decisions because the next step in doing such actions would be crucial.

I stopped working. I just submitted my resignation letter and packed all my office things. I started as a freelance writer and built my niche. Five years after, I divested into another pathway. I built my small start-up business and asked a friend to create a website for me. For me, this decision could be a good start.

Leaving my job in the brick-and-mortar institution was a risky thing to do. However, I would say I was right. I could be the same person now if I did not try to do things outside of the ordinary. So, I ran a business.

    • Small book store for locals
    • Small sweet and pastry shops
    • Small laundry shops
    • Small academic writing services
    • Small coffee shops
    • Small document and photo printing services
    • Small editing firms
    • Small business with a mixture of the above in one store

Now, I am free from morning buzzes from my boss. I am free from humiliation and scrutiny from fellow workers. I am now at peace. Had I known that leaving my job has been beneficial, I would have decided and done it before. Now, I enjoy the moment. Yes, I exert much effort to survive the business, but all business owners do the same.

Finally, running my startup business is the best decision I make. My parents are happy about it. To all of you who live your life in hell every day because of the attitudes of your fellow workers and bosses, get yourself out that hellish shell and build and run your own business. Of course, there may be highs and lows along the way, but it is okay. You learn from every decision you make and you become even stronger. You will not feel embarrassed about anything because it is your own business that you are operating, not your demanding and worrying boss.

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