PRRD: As a husband, father, and leader

Who could have guessed that a town mayor from Davao, Mindanao, became the 16th President of the Philippines? None could have thought about that. However, beating the odds, this town major turned into the president of the country. He managed to win the crucial and stern battles during the political campaign. Labeled as “this and that,” “so and so,” and “such and such” from countless adversaries, President Duterte remained firm to administer and work with the three government jurisdictions – executive, judiciary, and legislative bodies. Despite his political rants, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte upheld three important things – his characters as a loving husband, a caring father, and a highly regarded leader.

A Loving Husband

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte possessed a great character. Many people might not know about the president and his emotional side; however, he showed care, concern, and love toward people in the country. As he became the PDP-Laban Chairperson, he aimed at accomplishing his political undertaking. Nonetheless, he valued his loved one Honeylet Avanceña. As a husband, he provided everything and took good care of his wife and children. He appeared to be the best person to speak about time management – supporting his family, fulfilling his political career, and leading the people. As a husband, President Duterte lived by example as a good and loving significant other.

A Caring Father

President R. R. Duterte portrayed as an exceptional and reputable father. As a father, he equally treated his children and raised them properly. He became a role model. His children, in fact, followed his footsteps to become leaders and to lead the people. His firm decision and his strong personality allowed him to discipline his children that inspired them to become one. Furthermore, most of his children have held offices from various districts and regions. This position in life could prove that his fathership worked well.

A Highly Regarded Leader

President Duterte managed to handle the demanding challenges of his time. From the Marawi Siege to the COVID-19 pandemic, he fared to provide assistance and care for his people. His immediate actions to solve the problems made people feel safe and secure. There might be other people who risked his actions and decisions to delay his urgent assistance to people; however, he made clearer actions and decisions to penalize those who violated his mandates. Because of that, people respected him as a great leader in this generation.

Indeed, President R. R. Duterte prospered in innumerable challenges. He confronted the odds and beat them. Then, he learned to handle the difficulties in political and social life. As he beat all the challenges and problems, he remained firm and strong to receive reproach here and there whatever decisions he made.


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