How Single Dads Succeed in Parenting

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It is unusual to read articles, heard news reports, and watch videos about single dads and their plights and skirmishes in their parenting situations. We only have moms and their heroic acts. Oftentimes, we consider these single moms as dads for their children due to their abilities to provide their basic needs and protection in times of fear and danger. As such, we only highlight single moms due to their relevance to child care and protection. Because we  only emphasize these moms and their struggles, we forget to mention and introduce single dads, too, in terms of their parenting and economic support.

Yet, we often wonder if we read and heard stories about single dads. We may never be aware of their hardships and their struggles as single moms do. If there may be a few stories out there to tell us how single dads endure their hardships for their children, we may be glad to celebrate and thank those single dads who work hard to be good fathers for their children.

Honestly, single fathers face several challenges, too. They, as well, confront the horrifying struggles whether or not they can manage their tasks well. They even want to make sure that they perform multiple tasks, such as doing the laundry, cooking food, sending their children to school and teaching them after school, working hard to pay for their basic needs and children’s tuition fees, and going to church on Sundays. For that reason, they exert much effort in performing their roles since their children will need their care and presence.

Moreover, some single dads choose to be better dads. They cherry-pick to live with their children, work hard to feed them, and give them their basic needs, as well as their wants. They never surrender their roles as givers and protectors to their children despite the absence of their wives. They become committed to play their roles as moms and dads.

In the end, single dads thrive in their parenting skills. Those who become hands-on in nurturing and teaching their children can succeed in their parenting styles. Single dads who work as freelancers can monitor their children and can raise their kids according to their desired parenting styles. Since freelancing jobs are home-based, single dads can provide children’s financial assistance and moral support, demonstrate paternal love, foster effective care, and promote welcoming family relationships. Besides, they dedicate themselves to find means and ways to survive every single day in finding jobs and performing parenting tasks. In this way, single fathers succeed in their parenting.

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