Dakak Park & Beach Resort: A Dream to See

Planning to visit Dakak Park & Beach Resort is exciting. You can imagine yourself being engrossed in a sumptuous utopia courted and regaled with the reassuring hums and jingles of beach waves. You can even consider hearing the soft rhythm of the leaves of the trees hopping and pirouetting by the breeze. As you write down your plans, you know you are in the right place to stay at Dakak Park & Beach Resort.

Dakak Park & Beach Resort will, always, be motivating. If you try to reach us with ease with all medium access to the air, land, and sea. The beach resort lies in the countryside in the southern region of the Philippines, and it hosts plenty of quest and leisure accomplishments. Indeed, Dakak Park & Beach Resort will offer great class amenities and conveniences.

Well, the beach resort offers 13 varied restaurants to cherry-pick from it. Dakak Park & Beach Resort will surely satisfy your cravings and taste. It even promotes expansive and sequestered bedrooms and spaces with a dash of elegance. Of course, the beach resort enthralls you and me with the picturesque view eyeing and gawking at the immaculate white sand. You know that local and foreign tourists and visitors and even you can call it a paradise since the place holds some grand view with greeneries around the place.

Indeed, you can visit Dakak Park & Beach Resort in Taguilon, Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte. You will be fascinated by the marvel and miracle of the ocean and the site. You can invite local guests and foreign tourists, too. You can invite them and inform them of its geographical location that dodges away from the typhoon belt. Its site is picture-perfect to be called an idyllic travel destination among guests.

    • Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City, 7101 Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga, Philippines
    • +63 905 315 2600
    • +63 918 243 7745