Sophie Red Hotel: A get-away to last a lifetime

We’ve been pondering the marvels of our preconceived notions to be prejudicial at times. We can’t imagine that, for all those years of scouting for the best tourist sites to spend for our unsurpassed get-away, we’ve never sprawled on this one closer to home. We’ve missed this for sure.

We want to unwind for sure. We have enough reasons to do that. Of course, we know we need to escape from the bustles and hassles of the metropolis and the noise barrage of our rumormonger neighbors. However, we can’t afford to ignore some places that magically offer their allures all along. Our biases, perhaps, allow us to go to places and countries to enjoy without looking at the possibilities to consider some places in our neighborhood. Our prejudices even dictate us to cherry-pick the White Beach in the Maldives, the awe-inspiring Haleakala in Hawaii, the mesmerizing Ko Samui in Thailand, and many others to name them. Nonetheless, we’ve never been in a situation of thinking to go local and stay local. We’ve never done such a thing. It is because the deepest part of our brain – our unconscious self – convinces us to go out from our comfort zones and widen our horizons. This idea even gets real as we wish to escape from these social whims – the commotions and irritations again and again– once in a while.

Sophie Red View by the Sea

So, we’ve planned to depart from that ordinary, yet everyday commotion of life. We’ve been heading to something far and beyond. Yet, this time we feel something unwell. We don’t have enough money to spend for Bali Beach in Indonesia, Maui in Hawaii, and more. Our heads have been telling us to go somewhere else. Now, if we have time to close our eyes and consider the beauty around us, we can’t push ourselves to go far from those special tourist destinations.

But then again, we can’t go too far, not this time. We’ve been facing the challenges as COVID-19 does not want to settle down its horror and terror. We’ve been in constant pressure of losing ourselves from the pandemic. However, we can’t stay at home forever. Our guts tell us this. So, we need to enjoy the moment while we are having the time of our lives. For that reason, we need to spend out time with great activities to unwind somewhere out there.

Sophie Red Hotel and Onshore Restaurant is our impeccable and picture-perfect destination to choose this year. If we try to look around, we can’t just refuse to let go of its awe-striking scenery. I bet we all do. There’s no point in denying this magical, yet local backdrop that spellbinds us with the over-the-top palates and taste buds of mouth-watering foodstuff. Oh, we don’t need to forget the things that we love most – the azure pool waters, the cerulean beach waters, and the sapphire sky with the white streaks of clouds above the curving sky. That sounds poetic, right?

Ms. Irene Dayo at Sophie Red Hotel and Onshore Restaurant, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

What’s more, this exciting tourist destination, Sophie Red Hotel and Onshore Restaurant, has something to offer. It even gives us the best get-away that lasts a lifetime. It only needs us to look around. So, when we try to book our next adventure, we make sure we get to go to Sophie Red Hotel. We don’t need to ask where it is. It isn’t exciting if we know everything, right? Therefore, we just have to see the sights for ourselves.

Before we forget because we sometimes do, Sophie Red Hotel has been featured by Ms. Irene Dayo. Her website <> brings us more details and photos of the place. It means that this get-away destination has been there all along. We’re just left behind the schedules and trails of adventure. Now, we just need to take a few steps to get closer to the place. So, what are we waiting for?