Farming and Gardening: Earning Money at Home

I bet we want to know this. We may probably think we can’t do something despite the outbreak. With low incomes, we can’t even afford to buy expensive food products anymore because we want to keep our money tight. We can’t lose our money by having unplanned shopping. We can’t even buy clothes and other stuffed materials because we know they don’t constitute our priorities. So, we stick to the plans. We sick to the basic needs that we care about according to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And times like this; we spend much money to buy those food products.

However, all products go up due to the chance and change of the situations – lack of supplies and deliveries due to travel restrictions. Somehow, we can’t think of any but probably re-define a new landscape and structure of our needs and priorities. And now, if we are looking for something to earn during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can. However, this topic may be off your radar – farming and gardening. And the exciting part is, we can even sell the products and earn money without going to the office for work. For that matter, we can do the following tricks.


So, we think about our vacant backyard. It seems spacious that we think we can plant more vegetables and fruit trees. So we study some stuff on how to make gardens or on how to plant fruits and vegetables that surely give us good produce after two to three months. We can plant more fruits and vegetables that don’t require long periods to harvest. We can probably choose to plant some of the following:

    • radishes with only 25 days to harvest
    • carrots for 50 days
    • salad leaves for 21 days
    • spinach 30 days
    • bush beans for 60 days, and more

We can also plant more tomatoes if we like. Tomatoes, which can be fruits and vegetables, are good for health. As well, we can plant some green-leafy vegetables and fruits and sell them when we have them. Of course, some people earn dollars for those products in the neighborhood.


When we have hectares or just some spacious lot, we can surely plant more root crops and vegetables that do not require half a year or even years to grow. We can farm more of these radishes, carrots, other green-leafy vegetables. The good thing is, we can sell them when we produce more of them in the community. We can promote our healthy and safe fruit and vegetable products without fertilizers. We just need to have attractive presentations when we sell them in the neighborhood.

Selling fruit juices and pickled products

We can tell we thrive in this arena. When others don’t think of farming and gardening, we have the advantage of harvesting our products. When we do, we have potential income streams that others don’t have during the pandemic. Of course, people like our neighbors will buy those fruit and vegetable products since those items are our priority. We need them because we eat. Now, if we have some of these products during harvest, we can do some tricks. We can make juices for the unsold fruits and sell them in the community. As well, we can make some pickled carrots, radishes, and more. We just preserve them a little bit for days and pack them. After that, we can sell them.

At this point, we can be productive during COVID-19. Farming and gardening are good muscle activities, too. Selling those food products is a plus. But wait, when we well, we also observe social distancing. We can’t escape from the critical eyes because some readers may question how we maintain social distancing. To be honest, we don’t ignore the government mandate to avoid crowds. We just provide fresh products and maintain social distancing. So, we don’t just go outside with people. We go outside because we plant more fruits and vegetables on the farms and at our backyards. The exciting part of this journey is that we beat the economic plunge brought about by the pandemic. We earn a lot of money when no one else can. Now, we don’t know when this problem ends. We still have time to do it. Just get your wheelbarrow, dibbers, garden trowel, fork hoe, garden knife, garden secateurs, heavy-duty hoes, and more to start today. Remember, we can make it, right?