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Most Filipino graduates and other professionals today confront the challenges of finding jobs in brick-and-mortar institutions. It is heart-breaking to realize that hundreds of thousands of graduates every year cannot even land on their dream jobs. With 1,000 applicants for 10 available positions for example, these graduates and professionals are compelled to compete with one another to secure entry-level and executive positions. This situation seems pathetic to think that they study their graduate and post-graduate programs for four, five, or six years in colleges and universities only to land on fast-food chains, restaurants, and call center industries. I do not want to pin down call center jobs, but finishing undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies only to work as call center representatives and technical support agents can be quite odder than I imagine.

However, reality bites. Most of these graduates do not have the option to do and to reconsider. All available choices to secure decent jobs, perhaps, become tight that they have to blow the dust and bite their fingers to gain one. Besides, what do we serve on our plates at the tables if we become picky to obtain our dream jobs? Considering 105 million Filipinos today, those available jobs become the subjects of witch hunts. We are all job seekers who choose to vie for the remaining job resources so that we can feed our hungry stomachs. I do not want to exclude myself since I experience the same adversities, too. Though I land a certain job from years of searching; however, I immediately quit when I realize I no longer love it. The problem – workplace scenario! Yes, I finished my undergraduate and graduate studies, got some jobs, and decided to quit despite the stern screening in the job application process.

Consequently, I stumble on the Internet. I just learn that online jobs are available and growing. I instantly inform my friends and classmates who have parallel experiences and hardships in finding decent jobs as I am. To tell you this, I manage to apply to various jobs at some of the websites. My friends have jobs now. They land on the stable jobs since they register here:

Using a viable technology, freelancers can get jobs from different companies abroad. These companies allow them to perform the tasks in the comfort of their home. At, these graduates and professionals will no longer struggle to fall in line with long queues for job interviews. They only need to explore online job opportunities and earn a living at home. How exciting that is!

Now, to get your salaries, freelancers can get their incomes from their full-time or part-time jobs when they apply for any payment methods, such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Payoneer. When you register for Payoneer so that you will have your MasterCard, you need to register the link below as part of the referral program:

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