5 Ways to Earn Dollars with your Websites

Most people today have a hard time searching for jobs. Recession or without a recession, some of them are left hanging in the balance. They lose the courage to wait for long queues throughout the application process. To imagine, you may give up easily knowing 1,000 applicants for five available positions plus the tedious interviews and the tough preliminary analogy, math, and verbal examinations. What is going on, guys? Please think about this – Job applicants struggle to land on brick-and-mortar institutions, take odd jobs as dining service crews at some fast-food chains and restaurants, or fall in line on audition camps for X-Factors, Got Talents, Idols, and many more. I say, why not just divert your attention to online jobs? Besides, online jobs these days are expanding and growing that some of you never imagine. But, just wait a minute. You need to be decisive. And when you do, please try to consider these five (5) ways to earn money through your websites.

Email Marketing

One of the best ways to earn dollars online is through email marketing. All you have to do is to build an email list and contact companies to visit your website. For example, you can send emails to companies and groups of individuals to visit your sites where you sell products and services. It even gives you two-way benefits and processes to earn money. Firstly, you can generate traffic to your website for every visit to your clients and customers. Secondly, you can earn money if your clients and customers purchase products and buy services. Additionally, email marketing allows you to earn dollars in different ways. You can do some email promotions to deliver free reports to monetize because of the affiliate links. Indeed, email marketing drives traffic back to your website and then construct long-term connections with your readers.

Promote Products and Services as Affiliates

Most bloggers make use of affiliate links to earn dollars or commissions from the systems. For example, bloggers post the affiliate links to their emails, websites, and any social media sites where clients and customers click and make purchases. Somehow, they write articles and embed affiliate links so that readers can visit the links. Perhaps, websites that offer affiliate programs come from various online stores, such as NewChic.com, eBay, Amazon, and the like, as well as other online companies, such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Sellfy, 3dcart, Site123, and many others. For that reason, you can earn dollars if you manage to sell and promote these affiliate links.

Make and Peddle Your Traditional Products and Digital Products

Most bloggers spend much time creating their digital products, such as eBooks. Clients and customers online are looking for digital products like eBooks to read while spending time to unwind. Some people love to order some ready-to-wear (RTW) products, health and wellness products, and many more. They post photos of these products online and deliver them on a cash-on-delivery (COD) basis. Besides, this way to earn money makes you feel comfortable earning dollars probably up to $1,000.00 a day or even more.

Do Product Reviews

Somehow, bloggers manage to earn dollars through making product reviews. For example, they use cosmetic products and make reviews. Some companies send their products to bloggers to make reviews. Bloggers then use these products and make testimonials about the products. For instance, male bloggers wear the underwear products sent by undies companies. These male models wear these briefs with brands and make videos of how physically fit these models are. Moreover, female bloggers can earn dollars by endorsing company products.

Sell Advertising Space

The common idea that bloggers earn money online is through Google advertising. Bloggers will write articles with specific ads from Google AdSense. Of course, they have to register first from Google AdSense so that they can connect to Google and earn bigger and larger revenues. Most bloggers earn more than $3,000.00 a month only for just one article. As you can see, many bloggers can earn bigger incomes due to these ads from Google. It means that you can write articles and sell advertising space from your websites.

Now, after reading this, what do you think? Are you going to find jobs in the city and spend your time 9-5 hours a day in a boring and repetitive lifestyle? I do not know. You better decide!

Photo Source: Alamy Stock