Balai Talisai, Misamis Oriental: An experience like no other

It’s the month of May. And, we can officially say it’s summer. As expected, we often get the beat of summer, such as boredom and frustration. After May, it’s June and it’s going to be another month of struggle. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit us pretty badly. However, if we aren’t doing anything, we lose. Why can’t we just escape from the monotony of life and the backdrop at home? Why not, Balai Talisai (Balay Talisay)? And why can’t we just get wet on the beach?  

Well, this topic seems exciting. We are talking about the beach and summer here. So, please don’t fret. And yes, we often get excited as we want to get wet on the beach. Who else doesn’t want to dive and swim under the refreshing turquoise water? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Is it turquoise or cerulean blue water? Whatever it is, it’s still blue.

So, what are we waiting for? We’re not talking anything since we’re getting some flakes on our scalps. We usually get some, don’t we? Of course, we’re just kidding. Anyway, we know about Balai Talisai White Beach Resort. Don’t you? If you don’t know, well, we tell you this. Balai Talisai is a White Beach Resort in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental.

Finally, I tell you this. Balai Talisai is a perfect place for you since its crystal clear water and its white sand beach draw your feet closer to your excitement. I know you do. One more thing, the management offers some rooms for an overnight stay with family members, friends, and someone special. And yes, you need a mobile phone number to call, right? Please check the mobile phone dials 09482195838 or 09095582002.

Before we end, we would highly appreciate and thank the work of Sir Casey Rayback Rivera Laurete for the creatively and deliciously captured photographs. 


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