Luna Tres Villas: A definite nirvana in Siargao

Is escaping away from a toxic environment or getting away with constant pressure an answer to prevent or end stress? The answer may be positive. That is, at least, the best thing that we can do. And yes, great news comes around as Luna Tres Villas in Siargao brings us a new destination to spend the days and nights with serene and tranquility. It’s nice there – a hundred percent. Since this season of promos, Luna Tres Villas is now open to serve guests and visitors.

Luna Tres Villas welcomes guests and visitors. Its amenities, facilities, and services are available now. Those who take advantage of the promo can book their rooms through Airbnb with amazing discounts for the first three people to book each room.

Well, guests and visitors can find Luna Tres Villas in Siargao. The villas with poolside rooms give guests and holidaymakers a quite peaceful ambiance. Also, the villas near the beach are along Tourism Road. And yes, it is easy to discover Luna Tres Villas as it is at the nucleus or heart of General Luna in Siargao. Its guests, as well as vacationers, can conveniently go to the markets and shops as these sites are just a walk away. Additionally, the road going to the villas directly leads to the beach about a two-minute walk. One more thing, the poolside rooms have wi-fi, air-conditioned, and TV.

Moreover, guests and visitors check the following:


    • shared veranda
    • poolside
    • 1,999/night for 2 with free breakfast


    • with own veranda
    • poolside
    • 2,999/night for 2 with free breakfast


    • Includes own kitchen, dining area, sala and work area
    • On the Second Floor
    • With attic/mezzanine and terrace
    • 3,999/night with free breakfast

So, what are we waiting for? We don’t need to wait for another weekend to miss. We need to book and visit the place now via:

    • Airbnb
    • Phone Numbers to call and text 0917-530-5908 / 0915-603-9255


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