Sophie Red Hotel: A get-away to last a lifetime

Are you looking for one of the best tourist spots in Misamis Oriental? Sophie Red Hotel in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental gives you another site to celebrate life. You can’t possibly imagine how you fail to consider this place on your bucket list. After all these years of scouting for the best tourist sites, you do not need to miss this opportunity – this perfect get-away to be closer to home. You can’t miss this one for sure.

You know you can unwind this time. You have enough reasons to do it here at Sophie Red. Of course, you have to escape the noise pollution from the metropolis and the noise barrage of your rumormonger neighbors. However, you can’t afford to ignore those places that magically offer their allures all along.

Your biases, perhaps, allow you to go to places and countries without looking at the possibilities for the best places near you. Your prejudices even dictate you to choose the White Beach in the Maldives, the awe-inspiring Haleakala in Hawaii, the mesmerizing Ko Samui in Thailand, and many others to name them. Nonetheless, you’ve never been in a situation of thinking to go local and stay local. You’ve never done such a thing. It is because the deepest part of your brain – your unconscious self – convinces you to go out of your comfort zones and widen your horizons. This idea even gets real as you wish to escape from these whims – the commotions again and again– once in a while.

Sophie Red View by the Sea

So, you’ve planned to depart from that ordinary, yet everyday commotion of life. You’ve been heading to something far and beyond. Yet, this time you feel something unwell. You don’t have enough money to spend on Bali Beach in Indonesia, Maui in Hawaii, and more. Your heads have been telling you to go somewhere else. Now, if you have time to close your eyes and consider the beauty around you, you can’t push yourselves to go far from those special tourist destinations.

But then again, you can’t go too far, not this time. You’ve been facing challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic refuses to subside as it continues to share its horror and terror. You’ve been under the constant pressure of losing yourselves from the pandemic. However, you can’t stay at home forever. Your guts tell you this. So, you need to enjoy the moment while you are having the time of your life. For that reason, you need to spend your time with great activities to unwind out there.

Sophie Red Hotel and Onshore Restaurant is your impeccable and picture-perfect spot to choose this year. If you try to look around, you can’t just refuse to let go of its awe-striking scenery. I bet you do. There’s no point in denying this magical, yet local backdrop that spellbinds you with the over-the-top palates and taste buds of mouth-watering foodstuff. Oh, you don’t need to forget the things that you love most – the azure pool waters, the cerulean beach waters, and the sapphire sky with the white streaks of clouds above the curving sky. That sounds poetic, right?

Ms. Irene Dayo at Sophie Red Hotel and Onshore Restaurant, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

What’s more, this exciting tourist destination, Sophie Red Hotel, has something to offer. It even gives you the best get-away that lasts a lifetime. It only needs you to look around. So, when you try to book your next adventure, you make sure you get to go to Sophie Red Hotel. You don’t need to ask where it is. It isn’t exciting if you know everything, right? Therefore, you just have to see the site for yourself.

Before you forget because you sometimes do, Sophie Red Hotel has been featured by Ms. Irene Dayo. Her website <> brings you more details and photos of the place. It means that this get-away destination has been there all along. You’re just left behind the schedules and trails of adventure. Now, you just need to take a few steps to get closer to the place. So, what are you waiting for?

Moalboal Beach Resort: A tourist site to admire

If you’re looking for an escapade just to remove your stress, you’ll most likely think of spending your days in white sand, dive in cerulean waters, and sunbathe in a warm breath of the sun while looking at the indigo sky. You’ll have to take your swimming gear with you. And, you’ll probably head to the north, getting lost in once in a lifetime adventure. You can’t just think locally, for you’ve been there, quite close or even surrounded by your neighborhood all year long. And yes, you are unaware of the hidden party venues and resorts to appreciate somewhere.

Well, you’ll think it’s not a problem. However, you don’t have any idea of where to go. You don’t have to book your destination yet. You just take a ferry somewhere and get drawn in the spirit of adventure. Don’t worry. It isn’t an adventure if you’re familiar with the place or if you’ve been there before. I tell you this. However, you can’t just cherry-pick the most familiar spots in the country. You know what I mean… So, you have to set all your things to go on an excursion. You have to forget those expensive beaches and resorts and think about something economical, yet exciting to sojourn.

Additionally, you don’t have to choose your favorite destination. You have to try something new, something refreshing. As long as you can go for a walk in white sand, dive in cerulean water under a sapphire sky, and stare at the panoramic of view of a vast open sea in the middle of the day, you’re just right there, near your destination. You don’t have to think of Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa in Palawan, Boracay in Aklan, Samal Island in Davao, and Siargao in Surigao. That’s another discussion for this story. Can’t you think of Cebu? If you just do, then you’re probably thinking of Moaboal Beach.

Exciting cerulean-indigo water and white sand at Moalboal Beach

Moreover, you’re surely speculating what place on earth you can find the promising Moalboal Beach. You don’t have to be upset. You can find Moalboal Beach in Cebu. At this point, you may be thinking about what exhilarating things you do at Moalboal Beach. I tell you this. You can do a lot of exciting and engaging activities in the sun. I can promise you that the food and the location are apt for all your planned adventure. Well, are you alone or are you with your family friends? If you do, the place is perfect for you.

Finally, if you’re somewhere on this planet and wish to go Moalboal Beach, have your smartphones with you and ask Mr. Google, as well as its map to drive you where you want to go. Oh, this is an adventure, right? So, buy electronic loads for your phones and clean your cameras to use. After this COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll surely get your chance to unwind before getting started and plunging into the biosphere of jobs in the workplace. Oh, you’re not ready yet? Don’t be scared. Plan your retreat now. In the end, you can’t get any trouble, for the financial plan is rationally priced.

Amaya View: An Overlooking Tourist Destination in Cagayan de Oro

You may not have heard of this sumptuousness site to get lost in space and time. The status quo of the pandemic even keeps you tied up in the four corners of your room where you tend to forget to appreciate the metropolis’ enchanted attraction. However, I bet you’ve known this one from your friends. Since its opening, this fascinating tourist destination has been right here all along. You and I have to open our eyes to look for the beauty in it (It sounds like the speech of Miss Universe Catriona Gray). Despite the odds of the situation this time, it still is nice to get soaked and wet in the azure infinity pool above the indigo sky. Welcome to Amaya View at Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City. There, you wouldn’t get lost if you could only take your acquaintances and friends with you. Together, you can savor the succulent food and hors d’oeuvres within the beauty of Cagayan de Oro.

Azure Infinity Pool at Amaya View, Indahag, Cagayan de Oro city

Amaya View offers a lot of enjoyment. You may not like to dive in the cerulean oceans under the sapphire sky; however, you cannot refuse to dive in the azure infinity pool at Amaya. Minding you, it seems funny to think that we, sometimes, pay no attention to this artificial paradise. We only love to know that our acquaintances, friends, relatives, and other social circles plunge themselves in the cold cobalt pool waters.

Now, you know where it is. Amaya View is in our neighborhood. It is located at the highest peak of the City of Golden Friendship. You only need to prepare ₱50.00 or something for your entrance fee to wander around the resort.

Don’t just fret. Here’s what you need to know. Please stick to the schedules.

Swimming Pool Hours & Rates (Please note that prices may change.)

Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) from 8 AM to 10 PM

    • Adult – ₱350
    • Kids (4ft and below) – ₱200

Weekends & Holidays (Fri-Sat) 6 AM to 12 MN

    • Adult – PHP 400
    • Kids (4ft and below) – PHP 300
    • (A discount for Senior Citizens applies.)

Locker Rental – PHP 50

Hey! There is one more thing you need to know. At the moment, Amaya View does not offer room accommodations for now. Please ask the management of Amaya about it because the resort has the best customer service. However, you don’t have to worry about those rooms to stay in for the night. You can go directly to the neighboring hotels, inns, and transient rooms around the city. I tell you this. Rooms per night for inns, hotels, suites, and lodging houses in Cagayan de Oro are cheaper than what you think. Yes, I am right. I have been to Bohol, Cebu, Davao, and Manila, and the rates for their hotels and other transient suites are quite expensive.

Breathtaking scenery at Amaya View

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit Amaya View now. I’ll do it one more time. Amaya View is located at Barangay Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City. Oh, my bad! You may ask how to get to Amaya View. Well, here is what you need to do:

    • Take a taxi from Cagayan de Oro proper to Amaya View. Please mention Indahag as you state your address. Taxi drivers usually tell they don’t know the place after minutes of driving and wandering around the city.
    • Choose a metered taxi. It only rates you up to 300 pesos from 20 to 30 minutes to the resort paradise.
    • Again, please visit Amaya View on its website. But please, don’t forget to mention us and our website <>.

Camiguin Island: A tourist destination to love

You are probably the new tourists in the province if you don’t know what and where Camiguin is. You, maybe, frown thinking where it is and which part of the Philippines it resides. Well, if you keep on coming back to Camiguin, you surely have background knowledge of where and what the province is telling to you. Well, Camiguin is an island province in the Philippines. Tourists from different walks of life come to the place because of its famous white beaches and sands. Located in the Bohol Sea and about 10 kilometers off the northern shoreline of Mindanao, this island symbolizes greatness and splendor in isolation. Technically, this island is geographically part of Region X, the Northern Mindanao, and formerly a part of Misamis Oriental province. However, Camiguin is now a province. Some tourists know it in terms of population and land area as the second-smallest province in the country after Batanes. And yes, you surely love to visit it once in a while.

Ruin of the Old Church, Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin

What to see in Camiguin Island

My friends usually visit Camiguin for escapades. They surely don’t want to miss the revels of the province where tourist spots, such as White Island, Mantigue Island, and Mount Hibok-Hibok offer them an exciting plunge in the cerulean waters beyond the white sands. Some of them can visit the acknowledged-National Heritage Sites, such as the Bonbon Church Ruins and the Sunken Cemetery where they surely see and witness the local view of the province. What’s more, Camiguin Island becomes the burgeoning tourist market in the country due to its marvelous site.

Camiguin Island at Sunset

Why Visit Camiguin Island

You may be thinking a lot. Or perhaps, there a lot of things going on in your head, right now. The very reason why you need to visit Camiguin Island is that you need to unwind. I tell you this. Camiguin Island does not only have the white-sand island and its natural wonder, but it also does have very hospitable locals. I think I am right when I said it.

As well, Camiguin Island does not only have the White Island as its core lure, but it does also have the pear-shaped landmass consecrated with countless cascades of water and active volcanoes. If you imagine about this, Camiguin Island seems to be world’s enchantment due to its awe-stricken paradise. Well, you can visit Camiguin because you can. In other words, you can visit Camiguin because it radiates like a Robinson Crusoe Vibe. Camiguin turns out to be the nature’s giant Jacuzzi, the home of the breathtaking waterfalls, and the paradise for island-hopping. Moreover, you can also dive with giant clams and swim directly to the sunken cemetery. It isn’t only that. You can also join in the celebration like the Lanzones Carnival to enjoy.

Balingoan, Misamis Oriental – Camiguin Ferry

How to Get to the Island

If you are from other countries, you can begin your journey in Manila – the NAIA Terminals to Laguindingan Airport. From the Airport, take a taxi to Cagayan de Oro City. From Cagayan de Oro City, you can take a bus going to Balingoan. From Balingoan, you take a ferry to Camiguin Port. Please double check the map from the Department of Tourism to avoid giving wrong information. Well, some people may charge me of misinformation, but please double-check some other information from other sources from time to time.

On the other hand, you need to check the exact location of Camiguin. Please visit the local tourism department and check the fastest means to reach Camiguin to avoid misinformation. Perhaps, you can book a direct flight to Camiguin airport. If you take a bus, you only have a 2-hour bus ride from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan. And from Balingoan Port, you need to take a ferry to get to the island at Benoni Port, Camiguin. However, if you are from Bohol, you can easily get to your destination via ferry at a quick pace. In the end, you only need to have a travel time to Camiguin for 1.5- 2 hours. Again, please double-check the data since schedules vary due to time constraints.

Now, you’ll know it is fairly cheap to go to Camiguin. You only need to pay around $4 or ₱200 for the Ferry Fare. Also, you need to prepare $0.08 or ₱4 for the environmental fee plus another $0.1 or ₱5 for the terminal fee. It is cheap, isn’t it? However, for further expenses, prices vary depending on food shops and hotel reservations.

The Maldives: A place to sojourn

One of the greatest adventures to make, for me, to take is to visit the Maldives. Known publicly as the Republic of the Maldives, this beautiful and small island in the South Asian region gives me a remarkable experience to stick around for days or weeks. This state, composed of small islands, gets visitors like me and you to be spellbound. As well, a million visitors from all over the world from 2015 and 2016 feel awed that this small island nation conceals itself in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. Finding it on a map gives me an exciting adventure to fulfill and save money to visit the Maldives in the southwest of Sri Lanka and India to fulfill a childhood dream. However, you, too, can be part of this. As most of these visitors can stretch their search out in the open sea, you and me can witness the grandeur of the island that extends itself 620 miles from the Asian mainland.

Holidaymakers and sightseers may drop their jaws upon seeing the chain of 26 atolls. Stretched from both the north and south atolls, give an exhilarating view of your vacation getaway. Stretched across from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll in the north to Addu Atoll in the south to the equator, the Maldives attracts tourists for its beauty in the most geographically scattered autonomous state in the world. You may think that you and your friends only want to visit the island. But, you are positively wrong. Rita Ora, Salma Hayek,Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson, The Kardashians, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Shroff, Gal Gadot, Phillip Schofield, The Beckhams, and the Royals, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, too, can’t escape from the wonder of the beaches in the Maldives. Now, consider yourself lucky because this small island gives you 515,696 residents or more to interact with every single day. The inhabited city called Malé lets you check the fascinating beach and people across the globe.

Breathtaking and refreshing cerulean waters in the Maldives

Best Flight to the Island of the Maldives

Depending on what places of origin you are, you may expend 10 hours wayfaring. Some flights in the Maldives take more time considering plenty of halts. Please expect also the jet lag that gives your bad day traveling. If you ask about the direct flight to the capital of the Maldives, then you know where the Malé is. You can surely go there between November and March via British Airways. Additionally, British Airways can give you time to realize all your plans as you take the seasonal direct flights three times a week in Heathrow, London on the following days, such as Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Unmarried Couples in the Maldives

You surely know that the Maldives is an Islamic country. You have to consider some cultural and religious differences. However, certain cultural changes happen. In truth, married couples and foreigners can consume and drink alcohol, eat pork, and even wear bikinis, as well, share their rooms for unmarried couples.

Expenses in the Maldives

Now, you decide to take your trip to the Maldives. You then think of your budget. And yes, the budget is high that you have to keep your silence. The reason why it is expensive is that you pay for the gorgeousness and magnificence of the place. Imagine then the classy resorts to spend around Us$300 to US$1,000 a night.

Cultural Note about the Maldives

Men and women need to wear their designated garments or clothes to wear. If men and women are at the hotels and public places, not on the beaches or at the beach resorts, then they are not permitted to wear shorts or any bathing suits. The Maldives government forbids the wearing of swimming costumes, topless sunbathing apparel, and trunks in non-resort islands. If you are at the resort, you can surely wear your swimming suits and trunks whatever you want.

For One Thing

You may not ask this. However, you have to consider that the beauty and splendor of the Maldives has a price. There’s a saying that says: Beautiful experiences make you pleased that any currency can’t buy. Just so you know, the Maldive resorts have 200 guests and 200 staff members to keep you safe and to serve you better. What do you think!

Hawaii: A paradise to stopover

Hawaii seems surreal. Its islands are exceptionally stimulating. Tourists across the world can surely fulfill their excitements, fantasies, and reveries with great forest reserves, sandy shorelines, mountaineering trails, and volcanic crests and mounts. It, as well, dwells on the heart of the ocean in the Pacific Ocean. It is the island state outside mainland United States. In other words, it is outside North American landmass. However, the place is so welcoming that tourists around the world wish to go and experience the beauty of Hawaii.

As one of the States of the United States of America, Hawaii lies so distantly that it offers an exciting culture, food, and people. But, you can just ignore the reminiscing and refreshing views in the Pacific Ocean that embraces approximately the far-reaching Hawaiian archipelago. You may wonder how possible the panoramic view is. You will never expect the marvels and miracles of 137 islands that spread over 1,500 miles. Because of these panoramic backgrounds plus the woodland reserves, sandy coastlines, bouldering tracks, and volcanic pedestals, Hawaii showcases its spectacles from the different locations, such as Maui, Haleakala, Hana, Kapalua, and others.

Now, you may want to pack your things up and get your markers  up and sketch on a map. You know exactly what to do. You know when will be the best times to visit Maui for example. In Maui, you can go there in April through May. Or else, you can visit Maui in September through November. Of course, you cannot imagine how the spring and fall shoulder seasons give you good and pleasant meteorological conditions. Hawaii holidaymakers and sightseers want to explore more about the area without the high charges of food and drinks, hotels, and other exciting activities. They can also escape from the hordes of people to savor the summer and winter.

Maui, Hawaii, United States

You may try to visit Maui. The name itself represents an island in the Central Pacific that entices trippers and vacationers. Maui as part of the Hawaiian archipelago connects to the Sprawling Haleakala National Park. The Haleakala holds the miracles of the Pacific as it includes the island’s highest peak, volcanic Haleakala. Within the area of Haleakala, you can also consider the fine-looking and lovely pools and waterfalls of Ohe’o Gulch. Quite stunning, isn’t it? Tourists can access Ohe’o Gulch via picturesque and zigzagging Hana Highway. Oh, you can’t ignore the Hana Highway, too. It is because this road connects to the beaches of the island 30 miles away Haleakala. Again, you can see the golden-crescent Kapalua after your trip from the Hana roads. Now, this golden-crescent Kapalua is thrilling. The ferocious lava-rock promontories shelter the crescent Kapalua with the strong currents that surely gives you some splurges of pleasure.

Haleakalā National Park, Makawao, United States

Before anything else, you need to check the following information and decide when exactly you go. Some of the events in Hawaii may give you excitement:

    • The Peak Period of Visit – mid of December through August
    • S. Schools’ Spring Break – March through April
    • Japan’s Golden Week – Late April through Early May

You may also consider the temperatures. In Hawaii, there are only two main seasons, such as dry in April through October and rainy seasons in November through March. This information means that the temperatures are warm all year long. These two seasons are better for surfing and whale-watching depending on the climate. Oh, one more thing, some of the principal events in Hawaii are the following:

    • Ocean Arts Festival = February to revel the yearly humpback whale migration
    • Kamehameha Day = June to celebrate with a huge floral procession
    • Aloha Festivals = September to celebrate traditional Hawaiian culture

Finally, Hawaii seems a dreamlike paradise in the Pacific region. Its gorgeous islands charm more tourists across the world to fulfill their dream, enjoyment, and whim. However, you can’t fulfill your dreams if you fail to go. So, you surely do. As you go now with your vacation plans, please consider some precautionary measures for safety and welfare. Please enjoy your trip to Hawaii.

Samal Island: A place to reminisce

If you plan to unwind from the struggling life circumstances, you surely can. You can relax from the challenges months after this global status quo of fear and uncertainty. You may even ask when this situation lasts. While waiting, you can set your plans and cherry-pick one of the fine-looking and over-the-top tourist destinations in the Philippines. You can probably name many of the attractive tourist spots on your list. However, you, most probably, think of El Nido, Coron, or Puerto Princesa in Palawan. Or perhaps, you just select Boracay in Aklan as the starting point of your adventure in the country. Whatever your pick is, you, maybe, are closer to your choice.

However, other destinations are just right in the corner. You may change your plans to do so if you just wish to explore other places aside from what you already knew. You just need to see a map and find the right spot there. You know your friends have so much fun and joy during their exciting excursions at Samal Island, and you won’t let yourself alone. So, you take your trip.

Then, you select Samal Island. Your friends tell you that. You check the map, and yes, you decide to try. You need to know that Samal Island is off the shoreline of Davao City in the southern part of the Philippines. And yet, you don’t have a fixed plan. You don’t know what to do. You just try to set your plans and choose the immaculate and untouched island of Samal. From there you may visit the Pearl Farm where you can see thousands of white-lipped oysters, with once cultured for pink, white, and gold pearls. Quite exciting, isn’t it? But, there is more than that!

Local and foreign tourists these days decide to visit this world-class beach resort in the Philippines. Samal Island with its white shingle and panoramic scenery lets tourists muse over everlasting happiness. So, you set your plans and check the guidelines from the Department of Tourism in the Philippines.

Guidelines on the Entry of Tourists to the Philippines

The Department of Tourism upholds travel guidelines and things to do in the new country. If you wish to visit the Philippines, you need to observe the guidelines.

    • Foreign nationals from other countries can enter the Philippines for business and tourism purposes.
    • They can enter the country and stay in the region without visas.
    • However, the tourists’ stay must not exceed 21 days.
    • As long as they have valid returned tickets back to their countries.
    • Foreign tourists must have their passports, which are valid for at least six months throughout their travel.
    • Of course, you need to know that Immigration Officers (IO) at ports of entry have special jurisdictions. They can exercise their decisions to concede passport holders to enter as long as the passports are valid for at least sixty (60) days.

Bureau of Customs

When you arrive in the Philippines, you know some rules. You can take their duty-free belongings, such as two cartons of cigarettes and two tins of pipe tobacco. They can also bring one liter of alcohol if they want to have it. However, for the Balikbayans, the BOC implements distinct guidelines. Tourists need to check these tourists with their Consulate or Embassy in their home city.

Philippine Currency

Foreign tourists must know the currency in the Philippines. They need to know the value of a Peso (₱) and a Centavo. They need to learn and remember that 100 centavos = ₱1.

Foreign tourists must know the coin denominations in the Philippines. The coin denominations of the Philippines are the following:

    • For centavos: 1, 5, 10, and 25 centavos
    • For Pesos: ₱1, ₱5, and ₱10

Foreign tourists must also consider the bill denominations, such as 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1, 000 pesos. When you arrive at the airport, please go directly to the exchange counters at the airport. You can also go to your hotel to get your money exchanged. Somehow, you can go to the banks, big department stores, and permitted and approved money changing shops. Please remember that exchanging money somewhere, not sanctioned by the government, is unlawful. For that reason, tourist must be cautious about it.

If you wish to go and conduct cashless transactions, you can use credit or debit cards. These payment methods are available in the country. However, only big institutions, hotels and resorts, and restaurants will accept the following cards, such as American Express, MasterCard, and Visas. If you have travelers’ checks like the American Express, you can also use them. However, only those chic and exclusive hotels and large department stores will accept them.

Now, you are green to go to Samal Island. Enjoy the refreshing water and the serene destination that you probably want to reminisce.


Agutayan Island: A tourist destination to consider

You may be thinking about where Agutayan Island is. You may get lost by finding the right name and spot since similar names exist on the map. However, Agutayan Island, despite all the names, may take you to Jasaan, Misamis Oriental in Mindanao, Philippines.

The name Agutayan Island sounds homegrown or local. However, the splendor of the place attracts many local and foreign tourists. Considering the cerulean and crystal water plus the cleanliness of the bay, you will never miss them. These tourists come together and spend their days and nights of adventure out in the sun.

Conversely, some local and foreign tourists may comment on the place. Some say that the place is barren and naked and that somehow the place does not get the lure. But, here you are. You are witnessing majesty and magnificence as you take your steps on the white sand. When you look around, you will see nothing but water and sand – no trees, no mountains, and no corner shops that sell food nearby. That completely sets some off. However, please don’t bother if the place does not have food shops nearby. You cannot just ignore the beauty of the sand and the charming bluish cool waters that touch your feet.

Agutayan Island from VicTour Photography

And yes, you are right. The isle appears to be the jewel in the expanse. The cool and revitalizing water can surely take away all reservations from trekking the area. All you need to do is unpack all food products from your containers. Then, you set your tent and experience the natural cerulean waterfront with its stimulating underwater jewels in the cool and blustery zephyr. You surely confirm that experience as one of the exciting adventures.

Moreover, you can see the place with its rich marine life. You can testify that the island is not only for the new spot to swim. You can think that the island is for you to enjoy. Again, you don’t have to worry. Not all people go there. It means that the place isn’t swarming. You can only enjoy going out with friends and family members.

What is more, Agutayan Island is a peaceful place. It certainly is a good place to visit and to unwind. However, you may need to bring with you your hats, sunblock screens, and umbrellas. You may get their skin charred. You see no shades, no trees, and nothing, and the weather is just fine – too steamy and too parched. But, here’s the catch. Tourists can pack all their gears and kinds of stuff – food and water, tent, and anything that gives them shades. In the end, you can enjoy the Agutayan water but different from Pi’s experiences being stranded on a deserted island. This one is different. You surely stay longer than you imagine. The bad news is, you can’t throw your trash in the sea. Of course, you don’t.

At this point, you may think of any. It is fine. You just need to come early between 5 AM and 8 AM because the island may vanish during high tides figuratively. What I mean is that the waters may rise below your knees as you stand on the sand bars or sand floors. You have to see it for yourselves. When you visit Agutayan Island, make sure you get permission from the Department of Tourism in Cagayan de Oro where the Provincial Office resides. To make sure, ask your local tour guide and enjoy your experience. Welcome to Agutayan Island in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental!