Understanding human rights

People have had basic rights since birth. These human freedoms and rights belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. In other words, these freedoms and rights apply to all people regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, genders, origins, and sexual preferences, as well as their decisions, to choose to live their lives.

What is Freedom?

As well, freedom is a condition. This condition allows people to have the opportunity to act according to their ideas, pursue happiness, and speak through their minds without unnecessary external restrictions. Additionally, this so-called freedom is essential. It leads to enhanced expressions of creativity and original thought, and it ensures increased productivity and overall high quality of life.

Why do people need to defend their rights?
Human rights are fundamental rights of all people. These rights are inherent rights. None can take that away from them. These embody critical values in their society, such as dignity, equality, fairness, and respect. In this case, it is important that people have to protect their freedoms and human rights. They have to protect themselves from abuse, isolation, and neglect.