WHO, To Receive Help from Amazon Web Services to Ease the COVID-19 Havoc

The World Health Organization, which coordinates the international COVID-19 response, has propelled an app called “World Health Organization Academy” to aid health workers globally to handle their patients being infested by the coronavirus.

Amazon Web Services

The app from Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps protect health personnel during their precarious effort to take care of the confirmed positive patients. As well, this app “World Health Organization Academy” lets health workers use it on their phones.

This app helps health workers gain access to the snowballing repository of educational materials and instructions. Integrated with the app are the virtual skills workshops and the live-training sessions.

What Others Do Not Think

Some people do not think that some companies forget to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities (CSR). To the surprise, Amazon Web Services supports the WHO to launch the app to attempt to settle the COVID-19 contagion.

AWS states that the company supports the WHO in its task to mitigate the startling condition and to have access to the data through the advanced cloud technologies. Additionally, AWS helps health workers master their expertise, speed up worldwide efforts to monitor the performance of the coronavirus, and realize the causes of the epidemic. Using this app, health workforces can flatten the curve of the virus.

Making COVID-19 data available

Using the app and its interactive dashboard or map, the WHO now gives updated reports worldwide. It can even access to the number of COVID-19 cases based on locations and country-specific accounts. The WHO Chief Information Officer Bernardo Mariano said that the organization thanked AWS and its contribution to improving the COVID-19 situation dashboard on the app.

Mariano said that countries around the world would rely on the provided data and that those nations would work hard and decide on what interventions to make.

The Good News Is

AWS delivers a programmed web content extraction, as well as data analytics and processing expertise, and open-object storage. Through these features, WHO can report and share an epidemiological document, information, record, and statistics with its workforces, public health organizations, country leaders and states, and other health players around the world. What else, the app can provide data in real-time.

Moreover, AWS helps the WHO utilize an advanced tool to aid data collection and data analysis of big numbers of COVID-19-related content globally. This app uses a machine learning tool to help health experts and the public tell apart between dependable and undependable content viewed online. In this case, this app makes information laid-back and stress-free for the health experts and expert communities to find solutions to the problems and to assess them critically.

Training Forefront Rescuers

Frontline personnel, such as healthcare authorities and support staff members, can participate in the training courses on handling health emergencies using the OpenWHO, a collaborative online platform.

The WHO holds numerous training courses about the coronavirus epidemic; however, it does not have specific tools to defy this challenge to make all data sources available online presented in multiple languages. In this challenge, AWS offers an excellent machine learning tool, as well as media services, to expedite the creation of the learning materials in manifold languages.

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