Three reasons why I moved to the mountains

Going to the mountains could offer you plenty of benefits. It would even help you get rid of the hassle and pressure in the metropolis. It, as well, helped you escape from the bustling city life that would destroy you. As the mountains could allow you to forget the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, you would give yourselves the freedom to do things in life. Of course, you knew how biting, crushing, and shattering the COVID-19 pandemic would be. It would surely push you to the limit to the point that you could scream in agony and pain. As the pandemic spawned horrors to upset you, you had to find ways to remove your strains by moving to the mountains and by winding down yourselves.

To relax from the health, political, and social pressure

Visiting some adjacent foothills could help you relax from the health, political, and social pressure. You could imagine how stressful it would be to wear face masks and face shields all the time in public places. Instead of doing that, you could find the best spot in the foothills for you to stay quiet. Or, perhaps, you could go fishing and get some fish in the lake or pond. And yes, you would love to go fishing since you never had a chance to do it in the city. It would be a random act for you to catch some freshwater fish and grill them on fire. You could do this all day long in the mountains instead of roaming around the house and watching Netflix all the time for long months.

To have some peace of mind

As well, going to the highlands would offer you peace of mind. You should know how fresh the mountain air would be to soothe you up at the moment while remembering how exciting life was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, you could think of the natural view and Mother Nature all combined to showcase the magic of life away from the bustling city life. As the foothills offered new locations to unwind, you could calm down your feelings and find peace in your hearts in the mountains.

To have a great experience while surviving the COVID-19

Furthermore, one great experience you could have was to climb the summits and tops. You could smell some fresh air to breathe. As well, you could even find some places in the mountains where you would enjoy cooking freshly picked vegetables and grilling some freshwater fish. As you strived hard to survive the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, you could forget the stress while you were humming and singing with the birds. Upon doing that, you managed to eliminate the undying idea of social distancing protocols, wearing face masks and face shields, and travel restrictions that made you lose your senses at all.

Indeed, going to the mountains would be the practical solution to do this COVID-19 pandemic. It might not be the best answer to escape from the cataclysmic impact of the pandemic; however, you could still beat the odds by ignoring anxiety and tension brought about by the rambling social distancing protocols and the travel restrictions. As you nearly lost your sense of survival, you could help yourselves to get back on your feet and move to the mountains to overcome your fear of this pandemic season.

P.S. We would deeply thank Engineer John Ronald Seno for allowing us to use his photo for this article. 

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