THE HAZE KAFFE: An amazing place to visit

If you want to get away with hassles in life, you can choose places to stay. You can visit places to enjoy yourself. However, if you want to unwind but care about your budget, you can try The Haze Kaffe – a picture-perfect place for you to relax.

The Haze Kaffe is open to serve guests. Its location is along Route 955, Claveria-Gingoog Street. You can imagine how amazing the place is. And yes, it is easy for you to stop over and get amazed by the wide selection of food menus.


At this point, The Haze Kaffe serves you great food menus and rooms to stay in for a couple of nights. It is an incredible spot to dine in with their sweet-smelling and mouthwatering food menus. With great meals to contemplate, you all have the best taste buds for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you try to visit, you exactly know where to go. You can call the owner now at 0912 505 0447. THE HAZE KAFFE is right after DOALNARA before the FLIGHT 387 SHRINE.

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