Why Should Everyone Uphold the Functions of the Commission on Human Rights

In the challenge of time and in the rise of forces and power, the United Nations Human Rights Council, as well as its commissioning country members around the world, should stand against terrors and violations.

Of course, we should not let another nightmarish history of genocide or holocaust to explode in the broadcast and print media. We cannot allow another massacre in Rwanda that killed 800,000 people. We cannot afford to witness another human life to die out of terrorism and violations.

This time someone or one group of force should say, ENOUGH.

The creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council serves as the greatest step to protect the rights of all citizens of the world regardless of their differences. Without any question, these fundamental human rights are inherent in all human beings, without exceptions, around the globe.

The establishment of the Human Rights Council as an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system strengthens the power to promote the protection of all rights of human beings. As today, there are 193 member countries of the United Nations, which has 47 States answerable for the advancement and protection of all human rights.

The country members of the United Nations have roles to connect and sustain their relationships with the United Nations. All members, by any means, are compelled to perform their functions and roles to establish their independence and power to protect the citizens of the world regardless of the differences.

The United Nations Human Rights Council is independent. It can discuss and explore all human rights issues, situations, and topics that demand further focus and attention. In all countries where the Commission of Human Rights (CHR) exists, the Chairperson and the commissioning members must uphold their duties free from prejudice. The CHR has to stand against all forms of human rights violations.

Based on the United Nations mandate, all people in the world have inherent rights to live their lives free from harm and torture. These human rights are innate to all human beings, irrespective of their ethnicity, language, nationality, race, religion, sex, or the like.

People must know and realize the concept, relevance, and significance of human rights. These rights take an account of the right to life and independence. As well, these rights include freedom from oppression and torment, freedom of outlook and expression, the right to work and education, and the like. In other words, all people regardless of their differences deserve freedom and a sense of independence without any discrimination. In all countries where human rights commission exists, people have to play their roles to examine, endorse, or defend human rights.

If this situation happens, the Commission on Human Rights should not perform their functions and roles by the dictate of other powerful groups. The Commission should stand firm and strong to perform their functions and roles by the rulebooks.  All government leaders should guarantee the financial budget for the Commission to operate. Even if government leaders did not like the presence of the Commission of Human Rights, they could not do something. They should respect the power of the CHR to investigate, promote, and protect all people in the world.

To summarize, government leaders should not override the independent power of the Commission to review all forms of violations committed by various groups. As well, the Commission should not take sides. The Commission and its members should understand that their functions and roles in office have been difficult and even tough. Even if they clash opinions and viewpoints of the government, the CHR should stand against any forms of injustices and human rights violations.