5 Best Travel Destinations in the Philippines

The Philippines has been popular for its tourist destinations around the world. It offers numerous beautiful tourist spots that surely captivate the hearts of guests and visitors. As well, it crafts a landmark in the world and puts the country in the global spotlight. Because of this, we are so proud to introduce our top-five tourist destinations in the country, which we personally choose. The selection of these sites does not undergo a critical evaluation of how each of them ranks. The position, as well as the ranking of these spectacular travel destinations, comes to light based on the subjective choice of the writer. Please continue reading to find out why such rankings transpire.

Fortune Island – Batangas

A Greek-like Fortune Island is a resort island of Batangas province in the Philippines. Wikipedia says that the 27-hectare island lies about 14 kilometers off the coast of Nasugbu in Batangas.

Local and foreign travelers around the world can confirm the beauty of Fortune Island. They can witness that the whole island appears to be a replica of Greek’s famous Parthenon of the ancient Greece. If they try to look at it closely, they can see the Greek relics and ruins plus the Grecian pillars and statues that tower the sea. The overlooking Grecian pillars above the sea, for instance, will remind them of the magnificent splendor of Greek power and might. Down below is the 100-foot cliff at the edge. If they try to dive into the water, they have to go to the blue holes down below. The management of Fortune Island does not allow divers to take a plunge from that cliff to the ocean. Divers have to go down and enjoy the cold refreshing beach waters. As they go down, they can see that the island has a ridge with two holes with five (5) feet in diameter. If they choose to enter into the holes, they can witness the grandeur of the cave. Also, they can go somersaulting into the blue waters and do picture-taking in its Greek-like structures. Perhaps, they can just stopover at the MV San Diego Warship Museum after performing some beach activities. Because this place represents Greek’s replica, this spot becomes first in the rank.

Banaue Rice Terraces – Ifugao, Mountain Province

A Lavish Green Rice Field at Banaue Rice Terraces in Mountain Province

The Banaue Rice Terraces is not the usual destination for you to swim and dive or even hike along the mountain top and then relax at the swimming pools. The reason why we choose this one because it is the Filipino pride. The UNESCO World Heritage Group considers this site an undamaged and raw natural charm. The Ifugao natives who live there are warm and hospitable. They welcome day-trippers and vacationers and even serve them with great food in a tribal cuisine. They offer you genuine Ifugao meals, made of and prepared from the organic rice from the terraces. Well, they also serve local Filipino food. Finally, we choose this site as an adventure location since people can look for something exciting and exotic experiences. This is second on the list since it gives tourists a refreshing mountainous trip.

Boracay Beach – Boracay

Well, the Philippines has abundant islands to go for travel. More than 7,000 islands are available there and become the playground among tourists and vacationers. On the other hand, some islands remain untouched. Other islands in the country are ready for discovery. Of course, we can make more exciting excitement and fun if we want to discover more beach resorts. We can, also, find bounteous prospects for boating, snorkeling, and other water activities. Local and foreign tourists mushroom the area that makes Boracay the most popular destination in the country. The local government units and the management of Boracay work well to improve the services and to provide viable customer services among guests and tourists. Boracay is third on the list because it seems exciting after the local government units and the management of Boracay make some improvements in the area.

Palawan Islands – Palawan

Well, local and foreign tourists alike know what and where Palawan is. They know that Palawan as the biggest island in the Palawan Province, particularly in the western Philippines, houses various tourist spots, such as Port Barton in El Nido; Barracuda Lake, Malcapuya Island, and Kayangan Island in Coron; Subterranean River and Sabang Beach in Puerto Princesa; and more. Well, the capital of Palawan is Puerto Princesa. Additionally, Puerto Princesa holds Subterranean River National Park, Honda Bay, and Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park. Local and foreign vacationers spend their weekends enjoying the area with its exciting beach activities. Palawan is in fourth place despite its wonder. It is because more and more people usually go there that the place appears to be crowded during the summer season.

Chocolate Hills – Bohol

A Exciting Grab of Homegrown Experience at the Slopes of Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Holidaymakers and vacationers love the Chocolate Hills due to the geological formation. The Local Government Unit and the Department of Tourism work together to make Chocolate Hills one of the best destinations aside from beach resorts. This area in the Bohol province of the Philippines has, at least 1,260 hills. There may be more than the number of hills in the province that allow us to enjoy hiking and walking. Well, some may ask why chocolate hills are not brown. Of course, the lavish green grass that covers the hills will turn brown during the summer season. Perhaps, this makes Chocolate Hills fifth on the list.

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3 Reasons Why Foreign Tourists Should Visit the Philippines

You probably can’t believe why I am writing this one to you. You may think this topic is unfit for the COVID-19 pandemic that pressures us all – economic, political, and social aspects. However, it isn’t good to remain in the upsetting situations. We need to get out of that fiasco that attempts to hook us forever in social distancing, stay-at-home, and one-meter apart policies. We can’t get away with it if we won’t let our minds slip away from that bedlam. After all the problems going around the world, I still think of you guys to cool down a bit and try to visit the Philippines to unwind. You can also do your businesses, or most probably, find time to relax elsewhere. Before you grimace, you need to hear me first. Telling you this may frown your eyebrows, but I tell you, you just need to pause for a little while and think why you should visit the country. If you think this writing is somewhat a marketing strategy, then please consider this. I haven’t earn money for endorsing; I just share my experiences. However, you may ask why tourists should do that. My answer is, why not?

Lovely Beaches and Resorts

I surely tell you this. You need to pack some of your things and head to Southeast Asia to visit the Philippines. After COVID-19, which may be soon, you need to unwind yourself and get out of your house. You’ve been there for a while . You stay at home for months as required. This time you need to do something in return – to get yourself refreshed with diving into lovely beaches and lodging in great resorts.

And when you do, you can check out the country as one of the fascinating countries to travel with friends. You may think that I am a bit narcissistic about why I love my own country and that I keep on bragging it to you and others. But, you are wrong. I am just excited about you guys to visit the country because of the lovely beaches and resorts. The catch is simple. All beaches are clean and undisturbed for months since the virus spreads. So, you can expect clean fresh, or salty waters that splash on your skin. You can even think of Coron Islands, El NidoPalawan, Siargao, White Islands, and many others. However, you can go deep in the south region and visit Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines if you want a tour.

Glitzy Hotels

If you may think that hotels are classy and expensive, then you are pretty right. You can try finding a new place just distant to the hotels. You just can roam around and shop somewhere along the streets. And yet, if you can afford to pay for the hotel rents, you can positively go back to the parades of rental rooms and choose some exquisite and accommodating hosts and staff members. Some of these hotels hold five-star titles to secure their positions in the market, which you probably experience the best services in the area. And yes, if you are working online or if you have employees you need to call online, you can do it throughout your vacation. In other words, you take your jobs with you.

Best Spots to Get Lost

Most tourists go to the Philippines for various reasons. One of the reasons is the stunning spots in the country. Whether they choose the metropolis over the province, they still get the chance to search for beautiful spots in the region. If the Philippines is not your first time visiting, you can still sightsee the mysteries of the nation. There’s a lot more to rediscover. Once you do that, you can still find the best stunning regions and tourist spots in the country. Besides, the place and the people are so warm that you need to explore some of the uninvited sections of the country.

Now, these three reasons may be repetitive. But, what else can I do? I may not have a chance to invite you to visit the Philippines. For example, if you are building your startup business and are looking for people to do the task, you need to visit the Philippines. Here, you can hire employees here and choose the ones that qualify for your needs. And time and again, you may probably ask this to me why I write this topic. Why not? You guys are on the right track.