Are you looking for a resort that gives you peace of mind? You can visit Mat-i Mountain Resort at Purok 4, Matabang, Mat-i, Naawan, Misamis Oriental. You can easily access the fully-cemented road from the National Highway. It is seven (7) kilometers from 7-Eleven Naawan. So, pack your things now and visit Mat-i Mountain Resort. 

Business Hours: Open from Monday to Sunday (7 am to 6 pm) Rates/Accommodation: Entrance: P100/Head

Day use (Treehouses with Hammock)

    • Narra 1 Treehouse – Php 2,400 (Max. of 20 pax)
    • Narra 2 Treehouse (w/o air-conditioned room) – Php 2,500 (20 pax)
    • Gmelina 1 – Php 1,400 (Max. of 10 pax)
    • Gmelina 2 – Php 1,050 (Max. of 7 pax)


    • Bamboo Cottage – Php 700 (Max. of 6-7 pax)
    • Kalube Cottage – Php 600 (Max. of 6 pax)
    • Carrot Cottage – Php 500 (Max. of 5 pax)
    • Overlooking Carrot Cottage –  Php 600 (Max. of 6 pax)
    • Air-conditioned Room – Php 3,000 for 20 pax

Videoke Room (air-conditioned) – Hourly rate: 200/hr

Day use: 2,500 for 15-20 pax

    • Overnight rates:
    • Check-in: 2 PM
    • Check-out: 12 NN

Air-conditioned Room

    • Overnight: Php 3,500 for 6 pax (additional 200 per excess person)
    • Tent rental for overnight stay: Php 300 + Php 200/pax

Guests may swim in three spring pools with flowing water:

    • Kiddie Pool
    • 25-Meter Infinity Pool
    • Blue Infinity Pool

Swimming Pool Dress Code

    • Allowed: Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, and Lycra
    • Not Allowed: Cotton, Denim, or other regular clothing

Cellular Signal:

    • Signal strength varies from time to time (weather conditions or network used)
    • A WiFi Loading Area is Available (1 hour for 5 PhP)

Food and Beverages

    • There is no restaurant or store inside the resort in the meantime
    • You may bring your food and beverages (No corkage fee applied)
    • The nearest sari-sari store is within walking distance from the resort

Guests also enjoy

    • Sanitary restrooms and showers
    • Free parking and free use of the grill
    • Fiberglass statues
    • Instagrammable spots
    • 360-degree view of nature

The function hall is now fully operational. For more inquiries, please get in touch with their phone dials at 0946 958 9657 or 0926 271 6207. Please note that the cell signal is unstable in the area so their employees may be unable to attend to your calls at all times. Thank you for being so understanding.

La Concepcion Beach Resort: A resort in Naawan

“I can’t do this anymore. My head is spinning. I don’t know what to do. I am stressed!” You always hear these lines from people around you and your community. And yes, you are right. Sometimes, you need to unwind and look for places where you find peace of mind.

La Conception Beach Resort now opens its doors for you. This resort is very spacious. Don’t just look at the picture. You can visit the area today and feel the vibe of nature. Aside from that, you get to feel the ambiance. The panoramic wide ocean beds, the multiple swimming pools, and the amenities welcome you when you arrive.

Besides, the resort gives you laidback accommodations, so amazing and gratifying. You can check the impressive structures of the cottages and the restaurants. For that reason, you can come to the place when you need to tour Misamis Oriental.

Oh, I see. You don’t know where La Concepcion Beach Resort is. Well, you can find La Conception Beach Resort at Barangay Linangkayan, Naawan, Misamis Oriental. You don’t worry about the distance though. It possibly is less than two hours away from CDO. You call them now at 0916-765-6711.

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Bolyok Falls: Naawan’s amazing pride to visit

Bolyok Falls is one of the amazing tourist spots in Misamis Oriental. It is the pride of Naawan where guests can visit from time to time. As well, the cold, crystal water exceeds expectations. Therefore, you need to go to Bolyok Falls the next time you visit Misamis Oriental.

Bolyok Falls in Naawan, Misamis Oriental gives us an astonishing feeling. Since Bolyok is near, you can quench yourself with crystal clear water at any time. At Bolyok, you also get to gratify yourself with the cool and refreshing falls. With its 5 to 7 feet depth, more guests choose to visit the place that makes it very popular. Of course, you can spend your holidays and weekends diving into the revitalizing waters once in a while. Some local tourists claim that Bolyok Falls gives you an exciting adventure to make you feel at home with nature.  If you just try to feel the presence of nature, you can see how nature provides you with beauty and wonder.

Bolyok Falls adds beauty to your province. You just need to spend your time living your lives to the fullest. You just don’t live for work, pay our bills, and die. You can celebrate life, too. For example, you exist here on Earth to be happy. So, you stop lying and rumor-mongering, as well as assassinating other characters behind their backs. You must think that you are passengers here on Earth. You can’t stay forever. Since you have a limited life span here on Earth, you have to spend your remaining days and nights or months and years fulfilling your longing for adventure and traveling around places and the world in general.

A Group of People Gesturing within the Beauty of Nature at Bolyok Falls in Naawan

You’ve been telling others from your narratives that traveling has always been fun. Yes, it has been fun. You don’t have to be bitter or even negative looking at things around you. You just have to be appreciative. And if you go on an excursion, you always feel gratified to accomplish your simple, yet meaningful adventures.

Now, you just set your plans, prepare for a few dollars or pesos, and pack your things to get ready for adventure. If you do this, you know and understand how important it is to commune with nature and embrace the beauty of nature, as well as travel. If you go to Bolyok Falls in Naawan, Misamis Oriental, you surely spend two hours of the trip, plus or minus, if you are from Cagayan de Oro. In the end, you can then enjoy the beauty of trekking if you want to do it. 

A Weekend Adventure of Excitement and Fun at Bolyok Falls in Naawan, Misamis Oriental

How Much Will We Spend

    • ₱30.00 for the Entrance Fee
    • ₱50.00 – ₱800.00 for various cottage rental rates
    • ₱0.00 for corkage

How Much Do We Travel

If you are from Cagayan de Oro, you spend two (2) hours for a ride. Then, you stop when you see 7-Eleven Convenience Store. You head straight and spend another 30 minutes going to the entrance of Bolyok Falls. From 7-Eleven to the highway, you can say that the ride requires time.

A Stunning Grandeur of Nature at Bulyok Falls in Naawan, Misamis Oriental

Before We Forget

Bolyok Falls is for everyone. In our mother tongue, we call it “pang-masa siya ug okay ra kaayo mga Beeshy.” Despite the distance, we can get the advantage of the entrance fee. From Bolyok, we can have Mahangub Falls if we want more moments of adventure. We can tell everyone this. The water is so cool and refreshing. As adventurous people, we expect nothing but excitement and fun.

P.S. We would like to thank Jeff Aquino from Katawa CDO Doodzkie for the information and Kimyy Villarubia for the photos.

Here’s a map…