Laga Pool: A new place to explore in Jasaan

Misamis Oriental has been blessed with great wonders. This grace may not be part of the seven wonders of the world; however, this blessing offers beach resorts, entertainment sites, and pools. Some people cannot deny that fact because the excitement, fun, and please in the area are unavoidable. Whether you choose dry or wet adventures, you surely get what you want. Here, you get to know Laga Pool to celebrate life as a new place to explore Jasaan itself.

Laga Pool does not ring your bell, does it? However, it’s a new place or destination to see and witness. Of course, it isn’t too late to tour around places and to spend with family members and friends. You have to remember great memories and things to happen as long as you love Laga Pool.

Laga Pool is the new resort in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. A circle of friends and a few members of the family can vote the area to be an ideal place for seeking places to simmer down. Summer or without summer, it is even nicer to visit Laga Pool. Its location is positioned at Kiungab, Barangay Solana, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It offers large pools with slides and diving boards.

You can visit Laga Pool whenever you like. It’s roughly one kilometer away from the national highway. You can ride something slow to feel the aura and the vibe. You can even check some exciting places near the area if you feel you need to explore other spring resorts. As well, Laga Pool is along Barangay Road to Sagpulon Falls, which can be an easy way to recall. If you are from the different locations in Misamis Oriental and the country, you can check the Spring View Resort as the landmark and begin to find the place. This one is exciting, isn’t it?


    • Daytime entrance fees: Adults P50, Children P30
    • Night swimming (until 10 pm as of now): Adults P100, Kids P60
    • Cottages: P400, P700, P800 (depends on size)
    • Function Hall: P3,000 (100+ pax capacity)
    • Table with 4 Chairs: P100
    • Additional Chairs: P5/chair

Please note: All prices may vary. The figures presented here are data from 2018.


    • 0997 887 4730
    • 0906 794 8688
    • 0947 472 5998
    • 0927 472 7172


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Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort: An adventure to love

What picnic do you want? Is it wet or dry? A dry picnic sounds exciting. And yet, a wet picnic seems cool and fulfilling when you try Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort. 

Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort is at Barangay San Isidro, Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental. This spotted location found within your geography gives you an amazing feeling, quite superb that you, somehow, forget all pressures and strains in life.

As you plan to stop over in Magsaysay, you can take a peek at Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort. There is something in there that draws your attention to the sea and the view. It seems true that a change of leap from here and there can truly give you a satiating stay.

As well, the ambiance of Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort invigorates your spirit as the place promotes remarkable relaxation. The exquisite cottages with classy exteriors and expedient interiors give you comfortable feelings as kings and queens of your adventure.

Out in the sun, the beach air alters the temperature. Despite the sizzling heat of the sun, you don’t precisely feel the heat of summer. In other words, Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort is a good place to start your adventure as this one is the latest beachfront site in Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental.

For reservations, you may contact the following mobile phone dials: 09518142595 and 09565161853. Please adhere to the IATF guidelines as this site complies with its 50% maximum venue capacity. As you highly observe the strict implementation of health and safety protocols, you can find exciting adventures in the area. By the way, only individuals with ages 15-65 years are acceptable.


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Balai Talisai, Misamis Oriental: An experience like no other

It is the month of May. You can officially say it is summer. As expected, you often get to feel the beat of boredom and frustration. After a long period of staying at home, you can surely decide to go out in the open. You want to explore and unwind. Guess what! After this month, you still have the same spot without any changes. It is June now, and it is going to be another month of struggle. Of course, you get to remember the COVID-19 pandemic. It continues to hit you pretty badly. This time you lose if you are not doing anything. Why can’t you just escape from the monotony of life and the routine backdrop at home? Why not just visit, Balai Talisai (Balay Talisay)? And why can’t you just get wet on the beach?  

Well, this topic seems exciting to you. You surely talk about the beach and summer here. So, please do not just fret. You often get too excited to get wet on the beach. Who else doesn’t want to dive and swim under the refreshing turquoise water? Please correct me if I am wrong. Is it turquoise or cerulean blue water? Whatever it is, it is still blue.

So, what are you waiting for? You cannot just stay indoors just because the government tells you to hide. You do not want to get more dandruff on your scalp, right? So, you go outside and explore. I tell you this – Balai Talisai is a White Beach Resort in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental.

Finally, Balai Talisai seems to be a perfect place for you. The crystal clear water and its white sand beach can even draw your feet closer to your excitement. I know you do. You just, indeed, get the feeling of amazement and wonder.

One more thing, the management of Balai Balisai offers rooms for an overnight stay with family members, friends, and someone special. And yes, you need a mobile phone number to call, right? Please check the Facebook Page of the resort or call these mobile phone dials 0916 395 8783, 09482195838, or 09095582002.

Before we end, we would highly appreciate and thank the work of Sir Casey Rayback Rivera Laurete for the creatively and deliciously captured photographs. 


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Golden Dream Resort: Our Next Retreat in Jasaan

Summer is here. And our kids are excited about it. As we even feel the heat of summer, the hot fumes of air recoiling under our nostrils, we just give what our kids ask. And so, we are thinking about it in a little while. The first thing that comes to mind, for sure, is to go to the pool or beach. As beath and pool waters are cold and refreshing, we think of Golden Dream Resort. And why not? Surely, the Golden Dream Resort can be our next midsummer retreat in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.



Golden Dream Resort is ready to welcome us as its guests and visitors in the area. Its management personnel is friendly, accommodating, and welcoming, and we feel at home. From the entrance, we can see the cottage area and the pool water. We can begin to sense a quenching feeling, indeed. This resort now serves us as guests and visitors with the best experiences. As the Golden Dream Spring Resort offers summer delight – pool water fun and activities, it surely satisfies our craving and curiosity for adventure, while taking instagrammable photos with the standees of Hulk and Goku, as well as other statues of the Avengers.

As well, the business for the Golden Dream Resort is now open for birthdays, family getaways, reunions, and other special occasions. Guests and visitors can request the management for the exclusive use of the pool for private experiences and for adhering to the quarantine protocols. Moreover, it gives us another experience to make us feel appreciated and valued as guests and visitors together with people in the area. In other words, the resort allows guests and visitors to feel and imagine a fascinating and remarkable experience.

Well, the Golden Dream Resort is child-friendly. Kids can play around and swim in the pool in the designated places. As well, the place is spacious so that children and adults can explore the area. It has cottages and places where to cook and eat. For exclusive use, the resort will accommodate a maximum number of people (60 persons) for only P15,000. However, this schedule happens only on Mondays through Fridays, only except on holidays. At a regular rate for non-exclusive use, guests and visitors can pay P75.00.

Finally, our swimming and excursion experiences with family members and friends are electrifying and pleasurable. We have to experience taking some pictures plus the beautiful views, the Avenger characters, and more.

Therefore, what are we waiting for? We begin planning now. And yes, we always have plenty of tomorrow to do it. And yet, the real question now is when we start packing our things up and head to Golden Dream Resort. In this summertime outing, we surely have this number to text or call for bookings and reservations (0927 599 4956).


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Ethan’s Pool Resort: A lovely resort for a new adventure in Misamis Oriental

Ethan’s Pool Resort is the picture-perfect site to see. The resort serves children and adults for morning and evening swimming. Located at Barangay Bolisong, Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental, this resort gives us the finest offer to have and to hold.

Ethan’s Pool Resort offers a wide pool for guests and visitors. It has a good setting where the ambiance matches the vibes of the natural background. It has good cottages where guests and visitors can choose to put their things for privacy. As well, the pool itself offers a new adventure for children and adults who spend much of their time in terms of pool depths (3ft, 4ft, and 5ft). As such, this pool resort is the perfect place to visit confirmed by MJ Wayan Zagado via Facebook.

A lovely photo courtesy of MJ Wayan Zagado FB Account…
A lovely photo courtesy of MJ Wayan Zagado FB Account…

As well, Ethan’s Pool Resort gives us a new location to set for our new getaway. This new place, somehow, manages to take away our problems. Seeing those happy faces of people who spend quality time with family members and friends surely fades our stress away. Therefore, Ethan’s Pool Resort in Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental seems the handpicked site for our next travel plan.

Additionally, the resort is wallet-friendly. Guests and visits do not spend much money on the entrance fee, cottage fee, and more. Moreover, this resort introduces the following fees.

Morning Entrance Fee (8 AM – 5 PM)

    • ₱30.00 for Adults
    • ₱20.00 for Kids

Evening Entrance Fee (5 PM – 10 PM)

    • ₱40.00 for Adults
    • ₱30.00 for Kids

Cottage prices vary. However, cottage fees range from ₱300.00 to ₱400.00.

Ethan’s Pool Resort, however, offers free life jackets for children. It has room accommodation for an overnight stay with a great environment.

Finally, guests and visitors like us need to visit Ethan’s Pool Resort. This location gives us moments to enjoy ourselves with our family members and friends. So, what are we waiting for? We can dial this number 0917-580-1767 and start asking questions now. Hence, we start packing our things up and travel to Barangay Bolisong, Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental.


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3 Tourist spots guests visit in Misamis Oriental

The summer arrives. The heat of the sun surely burns our subtle skins. With cold water in our tumbler, we gulp it down to quench our thirst. And yes, we know it isn’t enough. So, we think of going to places where we can enjoy and cool ourselves down a bit. Now, let’s start Misamis Oriental as our point of origin for this exploration. For sure, we can find the best venues for relaxation and fun.

Red Sand Beach

Well, we know where Red Sand Beach is. If we try to visit the Jamisolamin Resort in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, we can surely spot and think of a red sand beach where we can enjoy some beach activities. Some people make comments that the sand is not red but tan. Well, let it be. The Jamisolamin Resort describes it as the red sand beach. Who are we to dispute it, anyway? Now, even if many people try to look for white sandy beaches, others try something new and choose the red beach instead. This Red Sand Beach is near Sipaka Heights located in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. However, this beach offers some remarkable views to witness the grandeur of the open sea and the exciting scenery of Camiguin plus the rare beachfront with red sands. If we want to go to Sipaka as the popular destination during Holy Week and the Stations of the Cross, we can go near the Red Sand Beach and take a cool and deep plunge of the refreshing water after a demanding hike.

Red Sand Beach: A unique shore to admire

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort

We surely are talking about Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. We are graced with delight and pleasure as we understand the miracles and wonders of the place. Besides, we will never run out of things to do at Villa Arcadia Beach Resort in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. We can do plenty of activities that we love doing. For public information, Villa Arcadia Beach Resort offers great accommodations, such as cottages, billiard tables, children’s playgrounds, mini-zoos, and KTV bars, as well as snorkeling equipment.

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort: A seaside choice to try

El Salvador Beach Front Resort

El Salvador Beach Front Resort is in El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental. It is near Cagayan de Oro. Its shoreline is close to home. The place is quite perfect that we surely want to celebrate life as it is. We can fully imagine how wonderful it is to think to just dive into the water without thinking of the distress and pressure of the crisis at present. We feel happy doing our stuff in the refreshing waters plus the exciting adventures of meeting people in the area. Of course, we can have those food menus that the place waits for us to order.

El Salvador Beach Front: A seaside to consider

Before the summer ends, we work hard to find time to visit these places. It’s a matter of finding means and ways to beat the heat of the sun. We just don’t need cold water in our tumble. We have to plunge ourselves into the deep, cold pool water or beach water in various sites in Misamis Oriental. The question is when we do it? After the pandemic? No, we get our swimming apparel and our adventure attire now to head to the exciting places in Misamis Oriental. For sure, we can enjoy ourselves.

Snak Hub-Hab: A delightful food network in Tagoloan

It was Monday afternoon in March. The sun could not hold its blistering flames as if it were so mad to cast its rage into the atmosphere. The hotness of the sun made people hide from its damaging ultraviolet rays. I did not know how high the temperature was; however, I was certain that sun rays could burn and darken my skin. And yet, that afternoon made me discover a new place to hang out with friends, family members, and loved ones. 

Then, I waited a few moments at the pharmacy. A few people wearing face masks and face shields stood under the canopies of some stores. While I was hiding from the rays of the sun under the pharmacy building, I took a moment to see where to go next. Eventually, I decided to go to a place to cool me down just a little bit. So, from where I stood, I composed myself and had to get myself ready to go to the private school for children. Indeed, I had to be at the private school so that I could cross the street at the pedestrian lane. To be honest, I did not want to jaywalk.

Out of breath after walking in hot broad daylight, I reached the private school for kids. I could not complain; however, I could hardly breathe due to the use of a face mask and face shield. I was upset. Since there was nothing to do, I tried even harder to follow the COVID-19 protocol.

This time, I had to cross the street. Just as I stepped on the first white mark on the pedestrian lane, a car swerved along the street so fast that I took my steps back. A heavy traffic flow caught much of my attention. As I had to wait for a few minutes to let the traffic subside, I kept thinking about where to go next. At this point, I needed to cross the street.

And yes, I succeeded in crossing the street. I just rolled my eyes to see any signs of food outlets, food stores, and other food channels nearby. I had to look for the best place to stay and sip some cold fruit juices. However, I noticed a distinctive food store a few steps from me. Out of my curiosity, I headed toward the store and swung the door open.

“Hi. I need a cup of hot chocolate and six pieces of ‘siomai,’ please.” I said.

“Okay, Sir. Coming right up!” The person at the food counter replied. I never thought she was the owner.

So, I waited for a few seconds. I rolled my eyes again. I sighted the store from corner to corner and found it a perfect venue to hang out with great people. The store had plenty of customers mostly students and professionals, as well as groups of locals. To tell all my readers about this place appeared to be the best thing I could do. The place has been magic, for me, from the entrance to the counter of the store. The grass-like carpet, or at least I described it that way, was fantastic. It was outstanding. I forgot to ask what that was. I just lost my focus on ordering cold fruit juices due to the venue itself. It was lovely. From the internal decorations to the positions of the chairs and tables, it was like one of the coffee shops in Safwa, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I knew what I said because I was there. Well, the unique name of the store, too, is Snak Hub-Hab. I did not know the meaning of the name; however, I was sure that the name of the food store did catch my attention.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your beef shawarma, ice tea, milk tea, fruity shakes, variants of coffee, dim-sum food, siopao and siomai, and more. You can visit the place now as it is easy to get there.

If you are in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, you can stop right there Snak Hub-Hab alongside LBC and Goldilocks. Again, Snak Hub-Hab is at Zone 11 National Highway, Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental.

Duka Bay Resort: A love to find in Misamis Oriental

Life, as it seems, will never be the same again. It is sad to say that we can never turn back times. The global pandemic, which I cannot mention its name out of frustration, gives us a horrifying effect. It puts our daily tasks on hold. It destroys our lives – out of jobs, bloated and inflated economies, surged prices, and frustrations. Despite this, looking at the bright side of the world – like visiting Duka Bay Resort – seems to be the option to make.

Duka Bay Resort holds these miraculous vibes. It welcomes us to the calm, cozy resort to watch the awe-inspiring and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. It will, also, give guests the moments to enjoy chic, well-designed, roomy cabins and cottages, open-air diner, and opulent coral life. As well, it allows us to make use of our scuba diving gears or anything for glass bottom boats and kayaks. Perhaps, we can never ask for more excitement and fun.

As a silent, relaxed town of Medina, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, Duka Bay Resort gives us a new taste of adventure. It may eliminate stress as we unwind ourselves from the buzzing cities or the chattering neighborhoods. Well, Duka Bay Resort gives us all these exciting adventures and activities.

Indeed, the bay resort is waiting for us. We can give them a call to see for ourselves the welcoming sandy shorelines near the hills, as well as the relaxingly dappled area by a gathering of enormous ancestral trees. As we take some ambles around the area, we can count through our fingers the nine capacious, well-designed, and fully furnished villas. And yes, we feel the soothing bay air and sense its ambiance. Just right there, we see from afar the spectacular view of the inlet and the Camiguin Island.

To note, here is the address of the bay resort:

    • Medina By-Pass Road, Barangay Duca 9013 Medina, Philippines
    • Guests can check the rates and the booking reservations, as well as the inquiries at its website. 
    • For Bookings and Inquiries, guests can contact the management through its mobile phone dial at (+63) 917 794 2759.