Duka Bay Beach Resort: A site for a weekend escapade

Do you consider hanging out with friends on a beach resort near you? Well, if you do, you get to choose one on your list to visit. Duka Bay Beach Resort, for instance, is a site for a vacation escapade that is a perfect site for a weekend adventure. It seems to be a perfect venue for you to spend quality time with friends and loved ones. If you think to consider this resort, you surely get pieces of excitement and fun.

At Duka Bay Beach Resort, you get to enjoy nature. The beach sands, the shingles, the salty splashes of seawater, and the waves are present elements in Medina, Misamis Oriental where these things lure you to get wet in the water. On the site, you can bring your loved ones and friends to do a lot of things. For example, you can bring your fishing gear if you want to go fishing. If you prefer to go camping by the seaside, you can do it with your family members and friends. In other words, there is so much to do on the beach – fixing your camping tent and preparing a bonfire.

Moreover, you can merely swim in the sea. The salty water rejuvenates your senses and gives you a palate of summer. Going to Duka Bay Beach Resort seems to be fun. And yes, you may be asking what you are waiting for. It is time to pack your things and set your holiday fun with your loved ones. You know you can enjoy this resort while feeling the countryside’s ambiance.

Camp B-bai: A Camping Ground in Medina

On a rainy week in April, you may think of any family get-together or social gathering. You get to ask yourself about the usual activities during summer; however, rains dominate the whole month as if summer does not want to step out of its physical presence. Despite the rainy April, you still need to find things to relax. By slowing and winding down, you can cherry-pick Camp B-bai in Boyogan, Medina for a stimulating spree that you have never been to before.

At Camp B-bai, you can do whatever exciting activities you do. You can take instagrammable photos through your camera phone from spectacular views. As you know that the place has an outstanding location, you can find time to relax to unwind. When you visit the place, you just get the chance to see the perfect venue for your camping escapade and team building. For as low as PHP50.00 for your entrance fee, you can feel the natural vibe of the place.

As well, Camp B-bai offers a horse-riding activity. You just need to pay PHP25.00 and ride on the back of the horses. Aside from that, the place gives a massive camping ground for rapid campers. You can then bring your tents or rent some. Each tent will only cost you PHP300.00. For Room Rates, you need to be four (4) people and pay PHP3, 000.00 for each room. For twelve (12) people, you just need to pay PHP7, 000.00 for the beach house rooms.

What are you waiting for? You can call the management for bookings and inquiries at 0927-772-4250.

Please note: Photos are from EdRian via Travelenture PH.