It is a destination to visit on all occasions. Lagoon Beach Resort has the following: a Swimming Pool, Hotel, Restaurant, and Function Hall. It is located in Gitagum, Misamis Oriental. It is near the Laguindingan Airport. One more thing, it is also a perfect place to celebrate your wedding.

Lagoon Beach Resort is a perfect place to bond with family members and friends. Whether on holidays, meetings, birthdays, or wedding celebrations, you are in the right spot to enjoy.

At Lagoon Beach Resort, you are one hour away from the city of Cagayan de Oro. It is near, right? So, here are the things you need to know:

Rooms / Apartment Rate

    • Hotel rooms (2 persons) – 2,250
    • Family room ( 6 persons ) – 6,000
    • Extra Person without bed – 400
    • Free use of the swimming pool

Swimming Pool Rate

Monday to Thursday

    • Adults 150 pesos
    • Kids 12 years old and below and senior citizens 75 pesos

Friday to Sunday

    • Adults 200 pesos
    • Kids and senior citizens 75 pesos
    • Infants ( O -11 months ) free

Cottages / Table Rate

    • Cottage from 9 AM till 5 PM – 1,000 / from 5 PM till 9 PM – 750
    • Table 350 Pesos
    • Chair 50 Pesos

For more inquiries, do not forget to call 09276400728 or 09757549139.

Lagoon Beach Resort: A place to remember

The beauty of Lagoon Beach Resort does not fade despite the splash of fears of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its magnificence remains intact to lure guests and visitors to stopover the place. And yes, the entire season of respite causes them to stay at home for a while. Due to the stern travel restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 endemic, tourists choose to stay at home and maintain physical distances among friends and relatives. However, the span of the global health crisis appears to lose its grip as more countries including Bahrain, Canada, New Zealand, and others begin to open their airports and terminal ports for local and international flights. As such, the Philippine government, somehow, start to instruct many business establishments to open and commence their operations. And Lagoon Beach Resort is one of them.

Lagoon Beach Resort has been featured in Misamis Oriental Journal during the gravity of the worldwide epidemic. The article featuring the Lagoon Beach Resort gives only a preview for people to plan for their next adventure to escape from the horrors of COVID-19. As well, this featured article helps guests and visitors see beautiful places and imagine that life after this health crisis remains fun and exciting. The Misamis Oriental Journal only tries to cheer readers up and think of the positive side of life. Of course, we don’t need to be buried in the deep ground of misery and sorrow because of the crisis and because we lose someone we love most. So, we try to lighten up ones’ thoughts to feel life itself and see hope beyond the grim and harsh impact of the plague.

Now, Lagoon Beach Resort is open to the public. With a few guidelines, guests and visitors truly love to spend their days and nights splashing their thirsty feet and soles walk into the sands of the world. This idea seems idiomatic, but it only means that we all have the joy to revel after this contagion. Since almost all business establishments are free to operate, the management of Lagoon Beach Resort can give new hope to enjoy life at the resort.

What are we waiting for? Oh, we know where Lagoon Beach Resort, right? It is in Pangayawan, Gitagum, Misamis Oriental. For bookings, please visit the website of the resort today or contact the management through this mobile phone dial at +63 927 640 0728. When you talk to the administration of Lagoon Beach Resort, please don’t forget that you learn the place from us – Misamis Oriental Journal.