Being a Content Writer

Finding jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic seems very challenging. Due to a social distancing policy and a travel restriction imposed by the local and national governments, we cannot stroll around the city to search for jobs in some brick-and-mortar institutions. We remain at home without doing anything. As well, many companies and large-scale business organizations stop their operations due to coronavirus. As we struggle to find jobs to support our family members, we cannot ignore the fact that we do not have food to serve on the table. As such, we need to secure decent employment.

However, various jobs sprout online. Many companies nowadays decide to migrate their operations and practices. For example, companies will hire academic writers, customer service representatives, graphic designers, online tutors, virtual assistants, web developers, and many others. For that reason, many of these companies cherry-pick some online services and hire applicants to fill their jobs.

I land on a content writer position. I just love writing despite grammar and writing inaccuracies. As a content writer, I handle the creation of convincing and persuasive content online. I write any of the following, namely blog posts, products and service descriptions, social media contents, website copy, and white papers. I just have to tell you that content writing jobs are just fine. I just earn money and support my family by writing compelling content for the company websites.

As a Content Writer, I am accountable for giving the value of the company website by vigorously fetching customers and stakeholders and sustaining a consistent voice for the interrelated brand. For me, I do not know if I can teach again after COVID-19. I just feel that I love writing content for different company websites. I just love the idea of earning money from home. I will no longer feel the stress due to a constant commute. Therefore, being a content writer holds benefits.

Now, I write content for different company websites. I write different topics for different products and services. Since countless projects are available online, I can earn more money than I expect from other streams of income.

For me, the COVID-19 pandemic may be a blessing in disguise. I just realize it when I first received my first salary as a content writer. At the moment, I just enjoy my new job and earn money in the comfort of my home.

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