Should I consider my neighborhood as an influential factor that shaped my being? At first, I answered such a question without realizing what it meant in its very deepest sense. I never had any idea what to assert based on my experiences or my judgment. I just grew up in a community where I crept on the ground several early mornings because the rebels and the soldiers fired and exchanged bullets and rocketed missiles into the sky. Honestly, I feared; I trembled. It was because I had to fight those fears of dying from the pouring bullets and bomb explosions that smoked into the air and from the booming sounds that deafened within the coil of my eardrums. Though I was unsure about my community if it molded and changed me, I have been fully convinced that my neighborhood has shaped the kind of person I am today.

The year was 1990 if I could still remember. My family and I planned to move places due to frequent chaos in our town. On early mornings, gun fires and shots banged. The sounds just roared and thundered in a distance while fighting planes in the sky plunged and rained explosives on the ground. For years when wars were on, my family and I struggled enough to find ways to escape from the terror. When I witnessed explosions nearby, for instance, I could not pretend as if nothing happened. I felt shocked and terrified. In effect, I became careful and patient. I learned to live quietly and know my grounds. I uncomplainingly waited for silence. However, I grew cautious about the people around me. As I watched my every move and worked amidst the danger in my community, I grew careful, patient, and hardworking.

Summing up, my neighborhood helped shape the kind of person I am today. The peril in my town kept me guarded. I had to be careful and safe. Indeed, I have been keen to endure pain to survive. The danger that I experienced served me as a reminder that I had to be strong to accept varied realities in life. Though I was uncertain about my community if it formed and shaped my belief, I have been entirely persuaded that my vicinity has fashioned my whole existence.

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