CODI BEACH RESORT: A retreat site to pick

Taking some time off is the best decision you can do in life for now. It is imperative. You just need to do it for yourself to escape from the challenging undertakings in the city. At times, you get bored working all day long, which compels you to pause for a while. You just need to take a break to give time for yourself. As you revel in the scene and vista of CODI BEACH RESORT at Zone 2 – Tubajon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental, you can reminisce noteworthy moments of your life.

At CODI BEACH RESORT, you get to see the startling sunrise on the arch of the sky and the thought-evoking sundown on the horizon. The awe-inspiring scenery and the serene setting of the site, as well as its ambiance, attract more guests to pick the resort. The cottages and other facilities are suitable for a weekend getaway that let those guests see the spectacle. You cannot deny the fascinating sight of the place, as well as its soothing sky. There is, indeed, no way for you to discount such a vacation site once you follow the trail of experiences entrenched in the area.

At CODI BEACH RESORT, you even wonder how many beautiful sites are in Misamis Oriental. You begin to imagine some stunning beach and spring resorts in the province and start to explore some more in the process. Of course, you can take no notice of the astonishing CODI BEACH RESORT. You just have to choose and experience what the resort offers.

Moreover, CODI BEACH RESORT gives you peace of mind. You begin to see the value of family get-together, realize the impact of having peace of mind, and limit social interaction. At CODI, you learn to celebrate and value life.

So, what are you waiting for? Make CODI BEACH RESORT your first choice for a paradise to visit. You know what to do. For bookings and inquiries, you can make a call or send a text message at 0917-107-6510.

Codi Beach Resort: A glimpse of heaven

Codi Beach Resort is a paradise. Located in Tubajon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental, this paradise-like beach resort gives you something to experience. This beach resort surprises you with a bravura view. Paradise or not, this amazing beach resort gives you awe-inspiring feelings to get closer to nature while calming yourselves with family members and friends near the well-known Tubajon Aquamarine Park.

What It Is

Codi Beach Resort with its amazing facilities strives to provide good services to its guests. Its cottages can accommodate visitors who choose to enjoy their vacation. As well, this beach resort requires its guests to pay the entrance fee of ₱50.00. The cottages in Codi Beach Resort come in different charges intended for the guests. The large bamboo cottage is ₱1,000.00, and the small bamboo cottage is ₱500.00. Aside from these, this beach resort provides you with enough rooms for an overnight stay at ₱1,600.00. Are you asking for the area of parking? Well, Codi Beach Resort has a wide parking area.

What It Offers

Codi Beach Resort offers several activities and choices to do. For example, Codi Beach Resort has a floating cottage, a diving cliff, and a cruise around the mangroves. More than these, this beach resort allows you to find the best angle and view for photography. Furthermore, this beach resort has a children’s playground that gives you a perfect ambiance and environment to take children in the area. You can see airplanes that come and go since this resort is near the airport.

What To Do To Contact

Since the COVID-19 pandemic strikes, the management of Codi Beach Resort continues to observe the quarantine protocols and other social distancing policies. With the changing and inconsistent policies, the beach resort adheres to strict guidelines. In this case, it is important to call the resort for more details and possible bookings and inquiries. You can contact Ms. Yvonne through these mobile phone dials: 0920-9187879, 0953-265 5996, and 0917 107 6510.

What are you waiting for now? Codi Beach Resort calls you. You know where it is. It is located in Tubajon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. You may say that you cannot go somewhere because you are quite busy. However, you can be wrong to know that this beach resort gives you an amazing feeling to get closer to nature.

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