Nova Scotia, Canada: A paradise to live

We always dream to explore the world. Some people visit those exciting places where they can enjoy the days and nights of adventure. Others think of vising Biblical and Quranic antiquity to create historic links of the past. Well, we sometimes think of meaningful tourist spots in the world. We think of Paris in France, Hawaii in the United States, London in the United Kingdom, Reykjavik in Iceland, and many others. However, why do we not think of Nova Scotia? Well, Nova Scotia is an attractive-looking and beautiful province in eastern Canada. This province has 923,598 population as of 2016. It is the most densely inhabited province in Canada. It becomes the second-most jam-packed province, as well as the second-smallest region by expanse and zone after adjoining Prince Edward Island.

Welcome to Nova Scotia, my Friends

Nova Scotia is a magical place in Canada. The simplicity of the place gives us a new taste of adventure. It is best known for its famous high tides, lobsters, blueberries, fish, and apples in which we enjoy a lot. The province is well-known for its bizarrely high rate of the ship remains on Sable Island. Additionally, Nova Scotia can brag for its beautiful scenery, the avocado meadow in the foothill, the south and Acadian shore, and the exhilarating capital city Halifax. You can’t ask for more of the place. It is primarily a paradise. One can forget all your sorrows and worries to see its magical scenic narrative.

A Good View in Nova Scotia by the River to the Sea

As well, Nova Scotia reminds us of a heaven abode. If we have a chance to do it and if our savings allows, we can plan our adventure to the edge of the world, for Canada is like no other. It is a perfect country to visit since its provinces give us the excitement to do our activity. We can say that the place is perfect for cycling and that we can spend our time breathing in the clean salt air. Oh, we can also go fishing by the lake and the sea. Even in the villages, we can go fishing freshwater fish. The Bay of Fundy, for example, is extremely fantastic that it offers the world’s highest tides. If it isn’t a paradise, then what is it?

Fishing by the Lake or by the Sea

Moreover, Nova Scotia is benign for tourists to travel. You are safe wherever you go. You don’t have to think about crime since crime is extremely rare. If there is, it is only a petty crime like pick-pocketing.

Finally, if we decide to take out time for this adventure, we need to go there in May through October. The beautiful summer and the fall give us some electrifying and rousing adventure in a lifetime. Well, several carnivals attract many tourists these months. Therefore, we must plan ahead of time to avoid further complications going in the country.