From the Era of Viruses to the Flight to Mars

The world, surely at present, is in shock. Considering the longstanding COVID-19 pandemic, people get panicked. They are in danger of acquiring, time and again, some diseases Ebola, smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, shingles, hepatitis, herpes, and cold sores, polio, rabies, and Hanta fever can affect people across countries. As well, the recurrence of African swine fever (ASF) and variants of viruses generates horror in the world that leaves people to suffer from extreme poverty and what-not. This era of viruses, indeed, destroys the economy, endangers the lives of the people, and forces the people to leave Earth.  

Viruses are real. They come from these mysterious elements that affect people. If no people create and design the viruses, then many may think that these viruses occur due to extreme ecological conditions, such as air pollution and other accumulated toxic materials from the inner and outer space. Various petroleum, plastic, and other factories are the primary reasons, perhaps. However, it is difficult to speculate. What we know is that air pollution is present in the world. Airplanes, cars, and trains, as well as factories, are present sources of air pollution. We do not want to be scientific; however, we can say that air pollution brought about by airplanes, cars, and trains is feasible. So, viruses may be present elsewhere, if not man-made.

However, this statement is only an opinion. This idea does not wish to influence readers. It only asks other factors that contribute to the presence of the viruses, such as COVID-19 and ASF. Besides, numerous people grow freaked and shocked at this time due to the emergence of different viruses elsewhere one after another. As the growth of the viruses continues to expand, are we ready to transfer and take month-long trips to Mars?

Conversely, billionaire Elon Musk serves as the only person who wants to save humanity from the impending destruction. He breaks the limits of science and technology and works hard to cross the edges and rims of human intelligence. As he spearheads TESLA, SpaceX, and Boring Company, he only proves that he can preserve humanity at best while leaving those who cannot afford to make trips to Mars.

Furthermore, people may ask why the viruses have become prominent now and why Elon Musk has announced his plan to go to Mars in 2024. It may be a coincidence though to think; however, it proves a point that the world is not safe anymore. Are people safe from deceit, greed, and lawlessness? Of course, people are not safe anymore. In other words, the world is no longer safe from corruption, dishonesty, falsehood, greed, political drama, and propaganda.

In the end, people need to consider the possibilities of change. Are all these things that are happening now real? Are COVID-19, ASF, and more tangible than we think? People die of hunger and other health complications because they are afraid of going to hospitals and malls. How close are we or how far are we from the truth? We just do not know. What we do not know is that someone must take a stand to solve these problems. We need a more realistic solution – answer without lies. If people continue to lie for the sake of their personal interests and political agenda, we better take some excursions to Mars.