Hidilyn Diaz: A noteworthy Olympic victor

The first Filipino to win an Olympic gold medal in a non-exhibition sport is Staff Sergeant Hidilyn Francisco Diaz. Her name creates headlines from her struggles in the training session to her challenging road to fame. As the Filipino champion and pride, Hidilyn Francisco Diaz receives a new name – the Modern Hero.

Staff Sergeant Diaz is a Filipino weightlifter and airwoman. She works hard during the training in Malaysia, and from there, learns to focus on her skills. She hones her physical sports to compete with other athletes around the world. As she gains the Olympic weightlifting record, she stunningly gives fame to the country. 

The agonizing pain that she undertakes during the training sessions now pays off. She outperforms her contenders and finishes GOLD in the event. As she grows determined to win, she bags the gold medal despite her sacrifice to her family for the training.

Also, Staff Sergeant Hidilyn Francisco Diaz celebrates her triumph with joy and pride. Her contribution to the country opens her doors to receive various accolades and pledges. Consequently, she claims her brand-new Kia Stonic as a gift of gratitude from AC Motors and Kia Philippines in which Ayala Foundation considers her the first “Atletang Magiting.”

Now, the pride of the Philippines Staff Sergeant Diaz receives a new SUV to drive. Congratulations, Champ!


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