FINMAC-CDO Graced COC-PHINMA with Seminars on Consumer Payments and Digital Entrepreneurship

On March 7, 2023, Future Innovation Management Academy in Cagayan de Oro (FINMAC-CDO) successfully delivered a lecture on “Consumer Payments: An Awareness and Usage of the Different Payment Instruments of the Philippines” underlining the importance of digital entrepreneurship and digital wallets at Cagayan de Oro College (COC) – PHINMA.

As well, this lecture started at 10:30 in the morning and ended at 11:20. After the lecture, COC-PHINMA students asked several questions regarding the speakers’ discourses and lectures. This well-timed seminar, spearheaded by Ms. Jasmin Sarip Ringia, the Chief Executive Officer of Junion Financial Executive (JFINEX), created an opportunity for FINMAC-CDO to share germane information about the new trends in the business world – digital entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Aside from that, Ms. Via H. Quilab (one of the advisers) and Ms. Stephanie Joy G. Enobio (the Program Head) manufactured prospects for their students to learn knowledge and skills in the digital business. The School Administrator of FINMAC-CDO, Marlon C. Pagon, took the chance to conduct a very appropriate lecture to emphasize the key steps to succeed in the province of business while bestowing and gracing COC-PHINMA students with ideas and pieces of knowledge relevant to the theme.

Meanwhile, FINMAC-CDO continued to empower its prime advocacy to have at least one trader in every Filipino family by breaking boundaries and bringing gaps to help Filipinos gain financial freedom. This academy has remained true to its values to change the lives of students and learn several topics, such as cryptocurrencies, digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy, forex trading, and stocks. In other words, FINMAC-CDO’s untiring effort to help people gain financial freedom manages to impact many lives.

In the end, FINMAC-CDO endeavors to educate students to learn how to trade forex, crypto, and stocks. It is a way for the academy to embrace the digital culture and forex trading to help them appreciate the importance of passive income and other streams of income. Now, FINMAC-CDO continues to create more doors and windows of opportunities, such as these speaking engagements and short talks, to educate students to learn forex trading skills.

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