Father’s Day: Honoring all fathers in the world

Celebrating Father’s Day means honoring all types of fathers in the world. This celebration values the role of all fathers who wake up early morning to prepare for food and leave the house for work. It, as well, gives them moments to celebrate their responsibilities as protectors and providers in the family. As such, it is significant to spend time celebrating Father’s Day to show how much children love the pillars of their home – the caring and compassionate fathers who value their families.

The good fathers

Good fathers know how to take care of their children. After work, they accompany their children at home. They do not go to their friends’ houses after work to play games since they are family men. They do not play their mobile games while their wives keep themselves busy preparing meals. They do not portray themselves as if they are single men. And yes, they give their children anything they want as long as those things are necessary. Moreover, they watch out for their children when their wives are busy. Indeed, good fathers know how to father their children.

The effective fathers

Effective fathers love their children. They even teach their children to be effective individuals in the community. They want their children to socialize themselves to value the spirit of camaraderie and friendship. They confidently enforce rules, but often make exceptions when necessary. They frown on the misdeeds of their children and suitably correct them. Moreover, they do not spoonfeed their children by giving them money to buy things pointlessly. Finally, they establish a point through the grasp of their words, not their hands.

The great fathers

Great fathers inspire their children. They always motivate their children to live to the fullest. They protect their children as they do to their wives and parents. As well, they value the emotional, mental, physical, and social needs of their children as members of the family. Without any question, they accept their children regardless of their gender preferences or sexual characteristics. For example, they firstly accept their children if they belong to the LGBTQ+ community even if their social environment criticizes them. Indeed, they promote compassion and love to foster their children with good personal values.

Celebrating Father’s Day is important. It permits children to honor and value their fathers and their roles. The importance of this celebration makes The Misamis Oriental Journal participate in greeting all fathers and those who play the fathers’ roles a “Happy Father’s Day.”

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