Del Carmen Beach: A utopia to reminisce

What’s your best way to enjoy your weekend? Well, after the COVID-19 pandemic, some people think of hiking and walking down the cliffy and hilly mountains; whereas, others think of diving into the poor or playing something in the beach waters. If you think of this, consider Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool located at Barangay Kauswagan, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental.

Well, hiking is fun. However, going to Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool gives us an exciting destination to relax and to remove the stress. Because of this COVID-19 pandemic, Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool gives us an exciting moment to unwind. The laughter of those children who splash their feet in the cool and refreshing pool waters allows us to reminisce those missed meaningful moments due to the pandemic.  

Holidaymakers at Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool

Moreover, I don’t want you to stay any longer by reading this article. Kindly contact the management of Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool when it will open. Before anything else, please check the following details:


    • Child 3-feet tall and below is FREE
    • (Inclusion: Use of Swimming Pool)


    • Beach Front: P500, P700 & P900
    • Pool Side: P400, P500 & P900


    • Aqua Park: P150/Hr./Pax
    • Banana Boat: P800/Trip (5 Pax)
    • Twin Banana Boat: P1300/Trip (10Pax)
    • Bandwagon: P800/Trip
    • Tremor: P800/Trip
    • Flyer: P800/Trip
    • Kayak: P300/Hr
    • Stand-up Paddle: P200/Hr
    • Aqua Bike: P500/30 Mins.
Cottages near the Swimming Pool at Del Carmen Beach

Note: Please avoid wearing clothes with buttons, zipper, and other sharp objects.

ACCOMMODATIONS: All rooms are air-conditioned.


    • Good for 4 Pax – P2, 000 (w/o TV)
    • Good for 4 Pax – P2, 500 (with TV)
    • Good for 8 Pax – P3, 500 (w/o TV)


    • (Inclusions: TV, Ref and Free Cottage)
    • Good for 6 Pax – P5, 000
    • Good for 8 Pax – P6, 000
Exciting Activities in the Pool Near Air-conditioned Dorms


    • Good for 10 Pax – P3, 500
    • Good for 12 Pax – P4, 500
    • Good for 20 Pax – P7, 000


    • (Inclusions: TV, Ref & Free Cottage)
    • Good for 6 Pax – P5, 000
    • Good for 12 Pax – P7, 000
    • Breakfast: P125/Meal
Poolside at Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool

Finally, guests need to know that prices may change without prior notice.

Understand How People Abuse their Powers

Filipino people should learn their lessons about their past. They should learn now to express their humanity to find hope and peace in these times of crises and worries. They should be considerate towards people. As well, they should uphold moral integrity and respect to other people. They should show some concerns about other people in the country with compassion, love, and mercy. However, all these attitudes and characters are lost. The Filipino people do not represent the standards of moral codes and values. They do not appreciate others and fail to think the best in people. All these things happen due to the abuse of power and the lost morals and values of the Filipino people.

For example, a group of administration lawmakers now pushed further reviews and House of Representative investigations against the ABS-CBN network. After the plans to shut down the TV network over the issue of not airing political campaigns and of promoting Antonio Trillanes’ political propaganda, the ABS-CBN network faced extinction. The rejection of the franchise renewal served as a form of revenge despite the reasons for violations.

The effort of the House of Representatives to investigate the so-called condonation of loans from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) to the Lopez company and owner of ABS-CBN could be one form of abuse. The action of the House of Representatives materialized was based on House Resolution No. 1040. This resolution was filed on July 9 by Deputy Speaker and Davao Rep. Paolo Duterte, Deputy Speaker and Sagip Rep. Rodante Marcoleta, ACT-CIS Rep. Eric Yap, Cavite Rep. Jesus Crispin Remulla, Anakalusugan Rep. Michael Defensor, Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr., and Dumper PTDA Rep. Claudine Diana Bautista. These lawmakers were busy finding the loopholes for ABS-CBN to face more charges. This abuse of authority of some lawmakers became the face and the fight of the lawmakers in the Philippines.

The following actions of these lawmakers to escalate the situations and breakdown of ABS-CBN appeared to be an aggressive abuse of power.

    • Firstly, Sagip Rep. Rodante Marcoleta sought to look into the authenticity of the title of a 4.4-hectare property on Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City where ABS-CBN’s head office and most of its broadcast facilities.
    • Secondly, Cavite Rep. Jesus Crispin Remulla would search for the alleged violations on the franchise of Amcara Broadcasting Network Inc., an ABS-CBN subsidiary company. He would also question the “block-time arrangement” between AMCARA and ABS-CBN that permitted its television broadcasts beyond the termination of its permit.
    • Thirdly and lastly, the National Telecommunications Commission made a second blow to shut the broadcast down. The lawmakers, who supported the network’s franchise renewal, objected to these sustained inquiries.

Apparently, these lawmakers have had ample time to make plausible actions to help the government ease the current situations. They can, also, expedite other actions to help the Filipino citizens and the business organizations recover from their losses. If these lawmakers think about these issues, they can provide actions and strategies to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, things happen differently and the constant fights between the red and the yellow banners produced horrors in these challenging times.

Well, what do we expect? This is who we are. There are crabs in all of us – the crab mentality. That is the truth that we cannot escape. We need to re-think the next time we brag about our accomplishments and our Filipino nationality and pride. We need to re-consider how we fight one another for power and revenge. We have nothing to blow our horns. If we fail to stop, we, in the end, can see ourselves fighting towards our destruction and ruins. 


Gascon, M. (30 July 2020). Administration lawmakers push more probes of ABS-CBN. Retrieved July 31, 2020, from

Know Why Telcos Have Had Poor Services

Telecommunication companies, such as Globe and Smart, could hardly secure local permits to build their infrastructure to augment their communication and connection services. This circumstance happened because local officials and regulators made it hard for them to obtain permits.

Senator Grace Poe urged these Telecommunication companies to mention names to those local officials and regulators so that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte would deal with them. In other words, these telecommunication companies could simply provide their clients and consumers viable services by building more cell sites and towers if these culprits, such as the local officials and regulators, did not push their financial agenda.

In the joint assembly of Congress on Monday, President Duterte reprimanded Globe and Smart Telecoms for their pitiable services. He even threatened these two telecommunication companies with government expropriation if Globe and Smart performance services continued to deliver poorly. As well, he mentioned that this sanction would materialize if these telecommunications would remain the same by December.

Senator Grace Poe hoped that any whistleblowers should appear to expose this issue and expect that somebody would explain to Mr. Duterte that more than a few local officials and regulators failed to deliver their jobs due to their corrupt intentions.

Indeed, Senator Grace Poe added that President Duterte could call the attention of these regulators like the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and local officials to accelerate their replies to the needs of the people. Hence, she said that the government should enforce the red tape law.


Salaverria, L. B. ( 31 July 2020). Telcos urged to name officials delaying cell site permits. Retrieved July 31, 2020, from

Sagpulon Falls: A hidden paradise to explore

One of the best alternatives to make in choosing the superlative tourist destination in the country is the area closer to home. Sagpulon Falls located at San Isidro, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental gives us a natural attraction in the hilly part of the town of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It upholds its soaring altitude of almost 150 feet high and its alluring beauty surely astounds us all. We are not comparing this to any other tourist destination; however, we cannot escape from describing the place and the region. As well, Sagpulon Falls beholds its calm and cool streams of water pouring and torrential from its walls.

Well, traveling to Sagpulon Falls seems to be a wise decision to relax. Local trekkers and community vacationers like us come and go to enjoy the cool pool waters and the falls. We cannot ignore the fact that we spend our effort and time finding the place for the first time; however, we manage to crisscross the seven-kilometer concrete road to the falls. We pass through the cliffy and hilly path with the irregular sharp bends and curvatures. When we get there, we begin to mention the things that we need to do. We just settle in for a few minutes and then take some adventure treks to the falls. For some of us, going to Sagpulon Falls is exciting as we seem to be on rock-strewn topography to cross the bamboo passage and go along the cemented road. However, if we just walk to observe the area and the falls, then we can finally see an adventure of a lifetime. This happens as we, finally, see the falls from above. We can see it just enough to confirm the bewildering magnificence of the falls.

Another venue for excitement and fun at Sagpulon Falls in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

As well, local tourists and community dwellers call Sagpulon Falls a superb cascade of water from Mother Nature. They observe how magnificent this tourist attraction is. When the water goes downhill over an extended tapered shred, we will discover the foundations and substrata of Sagpulon Falls – the mountain and the falls. As we witness the gushing waters from the altitude of the falls, we can also see the haze from afar.

Moreover, local tourists can also choose to dive into the natural pool if they love it. Or, they can choose to plunge into the cerulean blue pool waters beside the natural pool. They can also take their moments to relax into the cottages and picnic spots in the area. Well, the management of Sagpulon Falls takes us to the next level as we cherry-pick the treetop hut if we want the overlooking view of the pool and falls. Moreover, the management of Sagpulon Falls works hard to develop the place to make it more attractive and stunning for holidaymakers and vacationers.

Breathtaking as it is, Sagpulon Falls invites us to take a plunge and dive into the cerulean blue pool waters

Helpful Guidelines

We better visit the falls during the summer to experience clearer and bluer waters. The summer is between March and May, so we can take some time off and stopover the area. Well, we have to bring our food supplies and other necessities since we cannot find stores selling some stuff nearby. We will also check from time to time if the place has electricity now since the area will close at 5 PM. We need to check this out since management rules change year after year. Then, you may rent a lifejacket for ₱20.

How to Get There

Public Vehicles

From Cagayan de Oro City, take a bus bound Jasaan. Or take a jeepney to Jasaan. Ask the driver to pull over and drop you off to Spring View Resort. The Spring View Resort is a landmark adjacent to the corner of the street going to the falls. From there, we can see a motorcycle terminal known as “habal-habal.” You take your rides to the falls. It would be wise to arrange the driver to pick you up at the exact time since no means of transportation comes and goes the area.  

Private Vehicles

Drive through the National Highway to Jasaan for about 31 kilometers. This is if we are from Cagayan De Oro. When we approach the Spring View Resort, we will turn right and then spend another 7 kilometers going to the Sagpulon Falls entrance.

Other Details:

    • Entrance Fee (Adult – ₱20 and Kids – ₱10)
    • Parking Fee (4 Wheels – ₱30; Motorcycles – ₱5)
    • Cottage Fee (– ₱150)

Finally, trekking to Sagpulon Falls can be a great experience after all. It seems to be the best time to unwind to eliminate the stress that we experience these days. We may be using a hyperbolic description to call it a superlative tourist destination in the country; however, we owe this to the places where we find comfort closer to home. Oh, by the way, please do not forget. Sagpulon Falls is located at San Isidro, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. Please visit the place today.

P. S. You can also see Tupang Gala Website for photos and its adventures.

Villa Imelda Farm Resort: A paradise to visit

We featured a few beach resorts in the province of Misamis Oriental for months. We even emphasized the predominant tourist destinations among local and foreign tourists in the region. There were plenty of them, so we managed to choose each one of them. We made our promises to cover all beach resorts and other tourist spots in the region, and we highlighted them one by one until we finished endorsing them to our readers. Additionally, we promoted those inexpensive, as well as those classy, glamorous, and ritzy, yet reasonably priced beach resorts, hotels, inns, and suites. Regardless of the prices and venues, we confirmed that all of them, without exception,  had some unique features and qualities to offer. To say this, we succeeded in endorsing Misamis Oriental’s pride.

A Cool and Refreshing Cerulean Blue Pool Water at Villa Imelda Farm Resort

And yes, we did our best to promote the gems of Misamis Oriental. However, we were not saying that we finished featuring the best spots in the region since more beautiful spots just sprouted within the vicinity. As we promoted some of Misamis Oriental’s tourist destinations, we gained guests and visitors alike from time to time. However, it seemed unfair if we failed to mention other exhilarating and classy, and urbane tourist spots, as well as farm and garden resorts in the adjacent locations of Misamis Oriental. Well, we talked about Bukidnon and its widely held tourist attraction – the Villa Imelda Farm Resort. We were in love though.

Villa Imelda Farm Resort has been perfect for nature lovers. Guests and tourists alike could vouch for this place. The location of the farm resort could attract local and foreign tourists alike because of the picture-perfect spot for solitude. Considering the lush scenery that could enthrall spirits, the morning breeze that gave them fresh air, the gleaming sun that shone, Villa Imelda Farm Resort could give its guests and visitors moments to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Well, Who Can Refuse to Dive into the Cool Pool Water

Wait a minute! We talked a lot about this without telling you the location. We even failed to mention where exactly it was. Well, Villa Imelda Farm Resort is located at Zone 1, Barangay Dicklum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. It has been a paradise to explore and visit. Our beloved, charming, and lovely friend, Ms. Bren Gallardo, as well as her friends, has been visiting Villa Imelda Farm Resort for years. It seemed that Ms. Bren Gallardo herself has loved the place and that she has kept on coming back for years. Of course, her last visit to Villa Imelda Farm Resort caught our attention lately. She embraced the beauty of nature, and her cameras could speak about the place. The farm resort wowed us with its wonder. Its panoramic view captivated us and even compelled us to visit the place. With Ms. Bren Gallardo’s photos, our keen attention to detail has moved us to speak about the beauty and the stunning marvels of Villa Imelda Farm Resort.

Finally, we did not need to forget this information. Villa Imelda Farm Resort is located at Zone 1, Barangay Dicklum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. It is just a one-hour drive from Cagayan de Oro City. Oh, by the way, if Ms. Bren Gallardo had posted his farm resort, we would not have featured this splendid place. We thanked Ms. Bren Gallardo for this. Surely, you could have been a great endorser.

If you want to go and check the place, please contact them:

    • For inquiries, please do message them in private or contact them at their mobile phone dials 0917 315 1966 / 0998 570 4845.
    • Visit the farm resort now by clicking the link here.

Ultra Winds Mountain Resort: A safe haven to stay

We have been wondering if you, our readers, have gone to this place. We have been telling you about the beautiful beaches, hotels, and resorts lately. As well, we have been enjoying ourselves promoting some beaches and resorts to you, our dear readers, to check some places and sites to take your next adventures. However, we have missed the chance to introduce this chic, classy, elegant, exquisite, splendid, and superb resort. We would like to apologize to our readers for not featuring this one not because we did not know this but because we missed the chance of depicting and describing this magnificent place in the adjacent place near Misamis Oriental. Since then, we have been in awe to witness this exclusive and refine resort with its undeniable social activities and special offerings. Whatever our plans after this COVID-19 pandemic, we need to check our calendars and decide on our escapades if there is any. We just have the reasons to celebrate anyway. We are just alive and kicking after this tremendous pandemic that keeps us physically and socially distant.

A Cozy Room for Sophisticated Guests

And yes, we are happy to tell you this. We have found this picture-perfect venue with its excellent hotel and pool and with its outstanding customer services and hotel accommodations. We have been glad to know that this venue offers exhilarating social activities, such as corporate events, dinner and cocktail parties, and weddings. This venue known as Ultra Winds Mountain Resort offers special activities, such as grand romance package, zip-line barkada package, overnight family fun package, overnight barkada package, swimming barkada package, and pay-three, stay-four package.

Hotel Details

Ultra Winds Mountain Resort is on hillside geography with its wide scenery of the Kitanglad Mountain Range. This cool and easy-going resort is 45 kilometers from Laguindingan International Airport. It accommodates its guests with its effective services. For their basic dorms, guests composed of 16 people can sleep together with their bunk beds and communal bathrooms. It, also, provides Safari tents with some traditional beds. Guests can also rest in the relaxed rooms with en suite facilities. We may be surprised by the features of the place inside the relaxed rooms with the mini-fridges, free Wi-Fi, flat-screens, tea, and coffeemakers, and balconies. Ultra Winds Mountain Resort’s suites offer living rooms with two-bedroom villas plus the advantageous kitchenettes and porches.

An Exquisite Room for Exclusive Guests

As well, Ultra Winds Mountain Resort has its freebies. These freebies will include the parking areas and the rooms and suites for guests. Well, we may be asking if the place has a restaurant, an infinity pool, and an open-air game room. The answer is yes. It even has the zip-lining and horseback riding activities if we want to do them.

    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Free breakfast
    • Free parking
    • Outdoor pool
    • Air-conditioned
    • Kid-friendly

Check-In & Check-Out Time

We need to check in there at 2:00 PM at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort. We can also check out until 10:00 AM. We can request an early check-in or late check-out during booking. However, this one is subject to availability. We can check-in or out before or after the selected periods; however, Ultra Winds Mountain Resort can charge us with an additional fee. Well, this one seems exciting. It offers luggage storage to its guests before check-in and after check-out in which its front desk officers are available day and night.

Smoking Policy at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort

Ultra Winds Mountain Resort strictly prohibits smoking in any of its rooms. However, this resort allows us to smoke in selected regions. In other words, this resort offers its clients and guests both the smoking and non-smoking rooms. Moreover, we can request the type of rooms for us based on its availability.

Imagine We Can Dine in here While Watching the Scenery

How To Get To Ultra Winds Mountain Resort

Ultra Winds Mountain Resort is accessible. We can access it from the airport. We can even book the services of Ultra Winds Mountain Resort at the airport in advance for greater peace of mind. We can browse and surf its website and access the “Let Us Know What You Need” feature. This website feature of the booking page lets the hotel management know what types of rooms we want to book. It even has a ride service. Once we need this ride service, the resort will contact us via Agoda messaging services. What is more, our stay at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort appears to be convenient as long as we have the convenient shuttle services to take us anywhere in the place. If we wish to drive our cars, the resort will make its parking lots available for guests. From the resort, we can also arrange the hotel to give us the ride services if we want to roam around Cagayan de Oro City.

A Exciting Ride at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort

Don’t forget. It’s Ultra Winds Mountain Resort!

    • Convention Center Access Road, Barangay Pualas, Baungon, 8707 Bukidnon
    • 0917 708 6215
    • Please click its website here.

Man-iso Beach Resort: A seashore to sojourn

Going to Man-iso Beach Resort after the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be a wise decision. It is like traveling to the different places in the world. It, as well, is like exploring the community. For us, traveling means finding means and ways to settle down or enjoy the moments of respite. It is like going on an adventure of a lifetime. Despite our hectic jobs, we manage to find ways to enjoy by traveling. Because of this adventure, we better say that we need to take a break and spend good times at Man-iso Beach Resort as the best seashore to sojourn.

As freelancers and travelers, they can set their adventures to different beach resorts and work from the comfort of their homes. Other people work wherever they go as long as they have their laptops with them. Whether they go to the beach resorts, mountain tops, or camping sites, they can continue working their daily jobs despite the hassles of the busy daily routines. Most freelancers are travelers. We don’t have statistics for this one; however, we gladly reveal that freelancers can travel places without avoiding their jobs. Virtual assistants, writers, graphic and web designers, and many others still work even if they are on vacation sites. This idea appears odd to remember; however, it seems that freelancers and travelers have unique lifestyles.

As freelancers and travelers like us, we bring everything in us. We are here at Man-iso Beach Resort, but we still have our laptops and continually work since we think we need to do something. After a few hours, we can go back to what we have started doing some fun on the beach or pool waters. We are accustomed to doing this routine that we enjoy this setup very much. Who refuses to enjoy a magnificent site for a vacation while you earn a living? We do. As freelancers and travelers as we are, we can still create memories in the moment of solitude.

For bookings and reservations, please contact the owner or resort’s website today:

    • Man-iso Mandangoa, Balingasag 9005, Misamis Oriental
    • Mobile Phone Dial: 0906 184 7686
    • Facebook Page:
    • GMAIL: [email protected]
    • Air BNB:

VMW Pool and Beach Resort: Let us explore

Dear beloved readers, we’ve been searching for the best places and sites for us to enjoy. We have come to believe that we needed much time to relax after this coronavirus debacle. We believed that some of us managed to visit the area before we wrote this article. However, others might not have the chance to stopover due to heavy tasks and workloads plus the expanding crisis now due to the deadly coronavirus. Regardless of the activities we face every single day, we are confident to say that we are here all along to mention the best pool to visit after this COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps, we could surely enjoy the moments of fun, excitement, and marvel of the VMW Pool and Beach Resort in Salay, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines.

Now, we may ask ourselves if we are ready to dive into the cool cerulean or turquoise waters in the clover-shaped pool. Then, we can create our memories in Salay’s pride and gather ourselves in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We can surely find ourselves at the pool splashing the water and then wallowing it for fun. Momentarily, we take our time to relax beside the pool or in the cottage as we rest for a while. We just do that. Human beings, as we are, can gain excitement to play and display some fun at the same time as we celebrate the joy of friendship and family. Well, we may ask ourselves how to get there. Tourists from long-distant places must realize that this place would be just a walk away from Salay Transport Terminal. What are we waiting for?

A Welcoming Cerulean-Turquoise Pool Water at VMW

Then, we set our plans. We surely set our adventures, layout our activities, and get to dive into the cool and refreshing turquoise pool waters and unwind once in a while at VMW. Again, we don’t need to forget this information. VMW Pool and Beach Resort is just a one-hour-and-10-minute drive from Cagayan de Oro City according to Google Maps. Once we have Google Maps or even we get there, we can easily locate VMW in Salay, Misamis Oriental.

To summarize, we can contact VMW Pool and Beach Resort:

    • VMW Pool and Beach Resort 9007 Salay, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.
    • For reservations at VMW Resort, please contact these mobile phone dials: 09054137311 or 09999572008.

Oh, one more thing, visit VMW’s Facebook page, too.