Seeing the ageless magic of Pont Fawr in the UK

The magic is here. This Pont Fawr recognized as Big Bridge and positioned itself across the Conwy River in Llanrwst, a superbly scenic stop at the doorway to Snowdonia National Park in the United Kingdom gives us an exciting and thrilling view of a lifetime.

We can see the triple-arch bridge as a reminder of the artistic prowess of man’s imaginative power. People call this bridge the Inigo Jones bridge after the inventive architect who has been assumed to have built and designed it. This bridge in the 1630s can carry a horse and cart.

Crossing the bridge of Pont Fawr

However, people can witness the magic of the bridge. This bridge carries traffic today. It becomes a reminder of people’s intelligence and skills. This one-way link on a two-way road gives us a ride of the post-medieval era in which we see the dawn of a new era of rebirth.

Additionally, this bridge has a hump. This humped-shape bridge tends to obscure the approaching cars. As such, the Welsh nickname called Pont y Rhegi also known as Bridge of Swearing transpires.

Moreover, we can, also, see the Virginia creeper-clad cottage in the background. This one is called Tu Hwnt I’r Bont. It means Beyond the Bridge. History reveals that this cottage has been around for more than 5 centuries. It has been built as a farmhouse. And yet, this construction has been undergoing renovation for the centuries.

Now, the National Trust owns this place. It has been leased out as a traditional Welsh tea shop. We can see in the photo that those dark green leaves will turn into an aerated and effervescent red in the autumn.

Well, this photographic scenery is something magical that continues to fascinate tourists to be one of the most pictured in north Wales.

Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan Island, Cebu

Some people can even remember the high-class retreat on the island of Mactan. Well, others know about the exquisite and marvelous resort and spa that give them some opportunities to explore the regions. With the presence of the private beach plus an infinity pool, many guests will surely love the spa facility. Of course, Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan Island ranks highly commendable with a 5-Star choice.


Crimson Resort and Spa has always been a home for tourists. It has been a tourist-friendly place to accommodate those who visit and stay the place once in a while. The resort and spa, decorated with pleasant neutrals, tropical-style rooms feature classic wood fixtures and a relaxed armchair has a private balcony. It even has a lavatory with a gargantuan window. Previous guests can tell that Crimson Resort and Spa is super-classy. It has air conditioning, an LCD flat-screen cable TV, and a personal safe in all rooms. Now, if you want to cook food for you, you can prepare everything since the resort and spa provide electric kettles, apparel and closets, and bath amenities. Some guests will love the place since all rooms are at the resort feature of a pocket garden. Since they have a private terrace, they can isolate themselves from the crowd and take a plunge of the pool.


They have the most popular facilities, such as the swimming pool, the beachfront, the airport shuttle, the family rooms, the tea and coffee market in all rooms, the bar, and the free WiFi. I tell you this. This hotel is good for couples. Some of the guests even rated the facilities 9.1 for two-person stays.


For planned adventures, please check Booking.Com and contact the management.


Oh, you don’t have money, and you need cash? Well, you can withdraw your money in the ATMs and for the Currency Exchanges. The management provides an ATM and a currency exchange service at the property. If you deed anything, you can call the staff at the 24-hour front desk and the caretaker can help guests with tours. As well, Crimson Resort and Spa has laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing services to be obtainable.

In agreement with government guidelines to minimalize the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Crimson Resort and Spa can only accept bookings from essential workers and allowed travelers to come on the said dates where such guiding principles happen. Of course, rational evidence must be available on arrival. If you cannot present the bookings, the management cannot allow you to enter.

North Batanes: Rediscovering the Island of Batan

As a writer of this tourist attraction website, I would like you to explore the northern part of the Philippines, the North Batanes. Well, Batanes is an archipelagic province in the country. If you check the map, you can identify that Batanes is in the Cagayan Valley Province. To tell you this, you can check that Batanes is the northernmost region in the country. However, it is the smallest region in terms of land area and population. To explore further, you will know that the capital of Batanes is Basco on the island of Batan.


Batanes, as mentioned, is a small region in the Philippines. Its people speak different languages, such as Ivatan, Itbayaten, Isamurongen, Ilocano, Tagalog, and English. As a tourist, you can check and see some unique natural sights of Batanes, including Vayang Rolling Hills and Valugan Boulder Beach, feel the whole-hearted welcome of the Ivatans through their sympathy and decency as you stopover in the Basco Town Proper, and expand and increase your cultural experiences with a free and an uncompelled random samples of Ivatan dishes to dine for lunch. This place, as mentioned by several bloggers and vloggers, tours you around the northernmost province in one of the most exclusive tourism frontiers, gifted with its distinctive amalgam of spectacular background, natural splendor, and well-preserved culture.


On the island of Batan, you can go to different places. You can go to Fundacion Pacita, Breakfast at Pension Ivatan, Valugan Boulder Beach, Vayang Rolling Hills, and Basco Lighthouse, to the Mount Carmel Chapel, Fundacion Pacita, the Japanese Tunnels, and Maydangeb Beach. Overall, Batanes has exceeded our expectations! Despite the gloomy weather, it was still a sight to behold! It’s wonderful to know that even with the influx of tourists through the years, Batanes has been able to successfully preserve its magical beauty.


For planned adventures on the island of Batan, please check Bashi Eco-Tours & Adventure and contact the management:

    • Bashi Eco-Tours & Adventure
    • Batanes, Batan – Sabtang – Itbayat
    • Mobile: +63 999 990-7547, +63 929-6418829
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Guide: Roger Doplito


Always ask the immigration officer at the point of origin and the destination on the island of Batan. As well, you always remember to bring you cosmetic products, such as sunscreen and cologne, as well as nourishing lotions. Next, you have to wear some caps or hats as you stroll along the area. Then, you will bring some insect repellents, rain jackets, or umbrellas during torrential rain seasons, scarfs and jackets, prescription medications, and emergency cash bills. Well, going to Batanes is expensive. However, the amazing photographic places to visit can be worth the trip.

Claveria, Misamis Oriental: A travel to forevermore

Going to the mountains is refreshing. You always get the bracing ambiance due to its calm and cool breeze of both summer and winter. Cliché as it sounds, you can roam along Claveria, Misamis Oriental to catch the amazing fog and the spellbinding panorama. Well, you cannot just somewhere too far.

The Place   

Claveria, Misamis Oriental gives you another adventure. It offers you an exciting trip going to the different stopover coffee shops and restaurants along the road. Of course, Claveria with its revitalizing ambiance wants you to roam around the place and explore the massive lush-green forests untouched by human corruption and maneuver.

The Perks

Claveria has View Deck. It has had good coffee and other food items. If you want to stay in a little longer and throw your stress up in the air, you can do it here in Claveria, Misamis Oriental. You can go home without it. As well, Claveria has Don Narciso. It is another stopover coffee shop. The atmosphere and environment, too, are uplifting. Additionally, Claveria has Local Kapehan, which you can stop by and have your brewed coffee if you want. However, if you go beyond Claveria, you can stop at Doal Nara if you wish. What I mean is, traveling is cool and pleasurable.

How to Get there

Going to Claveria is exciting if you have your private vehicles. You can rent a van or car if you try, but I can assure you that traveling there is electrifying and moving. Despite the hassle in life, you can still find ways to enjoy roaming around the area since life does not stay forever.

Extra Words        

Traveling is not a waste of time. It is a point in time when you need to explore the world. In general, life is too short for us. We cannot stay forever. And yet, our clock is ticking. If we think of all our problems and worries, we lose all our courage to deal with life. So, spend days and nights traveling.

MGC Star-Mac Resort and Hotel: See it to believe

Traveling, as you always define, is fun. Some choose to travel to different yet remote places in the country. Others do not even consider visiting some places safe and sound near them. However, if you like beaches here in the area in Misamis Oriental, then you can find a perfect place for your adventure. Would you say that you didn’t like the crowd? Well, please visit MGC Star-Mac Resort and Hotel today. It is perfect for you.

The Place

MGC Star-Mac Resort and Hotel is an amazing location for your new adventure. You can find something secluded where a few people can visit. The location is perfect for your adventure. You can visit the resort and hotel at Purok 5, Baranggay Mauswagon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. The entrance fees vary from the different shifts, such as ₱50.00 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and ₱150.00 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The Perks

MGC Star-Mac Resort and Hotel offers a cerulean-blue swim-side pool, homegrown-constructed building, and other entertainment hubs.


Room Rates

  • Family room (3 pax) 2,500.00
  • Inclusions: Fully airconditioned room, TV, Wifi, with own comfort room, free breakfast good for 2 pax.
  • Barkadahan room (10 pax) 6,500.00
  • Inclusions: Fully airconditioned room, TV, Wifi, with own comfort room
  • Double twin (2 pax) 2,800.00
  • Inclusions: Fully airconditioned room, TV, Wifi, Mini Refrigerator, with own comfort room, free breakfast good for 2 pax.
  • Matrimonial room (2 pax) 3,000.00
  • Inclusions: Fully airconditioned room, TV, Wifi, Mini-refrigerator, sofa, with own comfort room, free breakfast good for 2 pax.
  • PWD room (3 pax) 2,000.00 (separate building from the hotel)
  • Inclusions: Fully airconditioned room, TV, Wifi, with own comfort room
  • Standard room (3 pax) 2,000.00 (separate building from the hotel)
  • Inclusions: Fully airconditioned room, TV, Wifi, No own comfort room (Common Bathrooms)
  • Dorm Standard (4 pax) 2,500.00 (separate building from the hotel)
  • Inclusions: Fully airconditioned room, TV, Wifi, No own comfort room (Common Bathrooms)

How To Get There

  • Take vans from Gaisano City – Donsal Van Terminal.
  • Prepare the average fare for air-conditioned vans.
  • Spend one hour as your travel time from Cagayan de Oro depending on the traffic jam
  • Stop at the Highway of Barangay Mauswagon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental
  • You can ride a commercial motorcycle (habal-habal) going to the resort from the highway.

For bookings and reservations, please contact the management at 0917-794-6006; [email protected]

Extra Words

As an adventurer, you always need to ask the locals. Make sure that you are alert most of the time. Turn your GPS on and use Google Maps if possible. With this extra caution, you can revel in your adventure.

Consistent with the IATF Guidelines under executive order No. 36, you cannot take with you your senior citizens and your children aged from 20 years old and below.


Please note that details may vary since this writing takes place in October 2020.

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Lantawanan Beach Resort: A quest to unwind

The stress is on. It is difficult for you to reconcile. You then try to imagine the common fever – face mask here, face shield there, and what-not! Stressful to think, you cannot just yell on top of your lungs or even post some foul language and expression on social media. Once you do, you can be penalized. So, you try to zephyr your mouth and begin to think – why not just go somewhere.

Now, you are here at Purok 5 Sitio Magkot, Barangay Lanca, Mati City, Davao Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines. It is fun. You travel so far away to unwind and even spend two or three days in Davao to remove hassle and stress. You can think now if lodging houses, inns, or hotels are open. Perhaps, you think to spend swimming overnight. Well, you do not want to think about it now. As long as step on your feet on the sand and in the water, you cannot complain. It feels magic that you cannot say a word.

The water is inviting. It fascinates you. Of course, you can tell if you visit there. To tell you based on other people’s experiences, the beach water captivates their hearts. So, none can complain or they are even under the hypnotic surroundings of Lantawanan Beach Resort.

Now, you want to go there with friends. Pack your bags including your snacks, swimming apparel, and what-not. Oh, did you say the entrance fee?

Well, there is no entrance fee. But, you can donate any amount. According to Mindanao Recreational Hub on its FB page, kamo na daw bahala kung pila ihatag ninyo sa management sa resort. In other words, your generosity matters at this point. However, it is fine. The management does not demand anything, only to maintain the cleanliness of the area.

Do not fret. You cannot find any cottages there. There isn’t one either if you try to find it even harder. Nevertheless, the beach water always calls you to take a plunge. When you go there, you feel like you are in Siargao.

The resort is clean. It has fine white sand. The crystal clear water truly enthralls you to dive and swim. As the wind gets cold and refreshing, you feel something fresh and comforting. Sabi nga nila – makatanggal daw sa stress. Well, that is so fantastic and pretty amazing remarks.

A nice visit to Lantawanan Beach Resort at Purok 5 Sitio Magkot, Barangay Lanca, Mati City, Davao Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines

Therefore, we have to go there now. We just take extra precautionary measures to consider the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Oh, you have to be careful of the rocks on the beach. Some friends of Misamis Oriental Journal say that you can slither on it if you do not pay attention.

At this point, we need to think about how to get there. Please follow some instructions to get to the tourist attraction in Davao:

    • From Davao City, take buses or rental vans to Barangay Lavigan, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental. You just need 4-5 hours of travel.
    • From Tagum City, you can use your vehicle and take 3-4 hours of travel.
    • From Barangay Lavigan, you take 5-10 minutes to reach Camp Bernardino Resort. Then, turn left. Go straight ahead.
    • Just ask the locals to go there, but the tourism office can help.

3 Reasons Why You Need Interior Designers

Looking for homes with well-crafted designs is more challenging than you think. You can ask yourselves if you need to buy homes or build your own by hiring interior designers. Or, it is easy to do to contact homeowners and sellers to check for their homes, too. While visiting for-sale homes, you can spot on the best interior renovations and see some excellent aesthetic designs. Before buying homes, you must consider hiring interior designers to be your advantage.

Now, choosing an impressive design and a work of art can help you improve your home. Experts who are using smart interior design software can guarantee great designs and even perfection. It delivers you an agreeably attractive, elegantly purchasable, and stunningly aesthetic design.

Live with your own standards and live with your own design…

Creating an Agreeably Attractive Interior Design

Now, building your home requires you to look for contractors. But, you have to monitor the progress. You must stay focused on the home details, too, and check the progress from time to time. Once your house is done, you can create aesthetic miracles inside your house.

Well, you can hire some experts to transform the color scheme, the texture, and the ambiance of the rooms, too. Trust them as they can enhance the look of your homes. By adding some magical elements using interior design software, they can wow you as you enter the house with fantastic interior design.

An elegant home design you wish to own…

Designing an Elegantly Purchasable Interior Design

Well, hiring an interior designer is necessary. That is if you need to see your house look very astonishing. Trust your designer. They use great interior design software to layout and polish everything. They can create great designs via dependable software as many homeowners, buyers, and sellers do. 

With the new software and tools, your designers can superbly create great aesthetics of your home with an included high-resolution for two-dimensional and solid floor plans. Given the visuals of the whole space in your house, you can make great artistic and creative innovations. Utilizing any software, your designers can help you and your friends and relatives to have alluringly beautiful houses.

Making a Stunningly Accomplished Aesthetics

Nowadays, many home sellers who use promotional marketing techniques to sell their homes can promote their houses through interior designs. Focusing on the aesthetic side helps them attract home buyers. On the contrary, the prices for homes are superly expensive that you need to back out for a reason. As such, you choose to hire experts, as well as designers to fulfill the tasks.

Without a doubt, you can just sit down there on a couch and feel the comfort of your house with your chosen design. You can, also, feel the spellbinding interior design, too. Well, you just need to thank your designer for casting magic in it. Perhaps, your designer uses some interior design software that perfectly transforms the internal design of the house. As you just sit there, you feel like you live somewhere else. You just experience the mesmeric piece of art and science that your designer does.

Now, if you need your house to be decorated and designed like the ones you see in a magazine, then you decide to choose an interior designer that can change the look of your home. You can do that, right? So, the next time you buy a new house or build your next house, make sure you hire designers with excellent interior design software. You know you like the results, right?



Lejen Cliff: A new ride of adventure

Lejen Cliff is breath-taking. If we try to visit the place, we only witness excitement and wonder. We cannot just think of anything about it. We just feel the magic that cloaks the area. At first, we cannot imagine if we are still in the Philippines. The amazement of the place when we get there is beyond belief. We can think of New Zealand. The plushy and greeny blades of grass, the zigzag shapes of the hill, the soothing breaths of the wind, and the never-seen panoramic view that wonders us can only tell us that there are many things in the country untouched. These splendid views remain unembellished and stay concealed there for centuries hungry of cameras and travelers. Since our friends set foot in there, Lejen Cliff deserves attention and visit from tourists and travelers around the world.

Traveling is fun. Travelers can confirm this. If they visit Lejen Cliff, they surely know they go to Malyango, General Santos City, South Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines. Some travelers, particularly the travelers, such as Mr. Rommel Cesar Diño and friends from Mindanao Recreational Hub, can vouch for this beautiful and magnificent God’s artistic creation. Lejen Cliff in General Santos City’s newest tourist destination. Some campers and travelers call this place the New Zealand of the South. The theatrical sea of clouds, the avocado-emerald vegetation, the fine-looking and stimulating stream of footsteps, and the eternal bliss of admiration of the place give us a new ride of adventure. So, let us go. We have to set foot and go for an outing of a lifetime.

As well, traveling gives us excitement and fun. It takes us to a new level of adventure. As we trek down to the hilly parts of the mountain, we can only see and witness the stunning parts of the Philippines. We also thank the Stunning Philippines for this view. Now, Lejen Cliff awaits us. If we are set and ready, we have to go. 

Finally, Lejen Cliff takes us here. The stunning place that wraps us with fun and joy spells magic. It is nice to have cups of coffee on one hand and a camera on the other while looking up ahead to see the wonder.

Oh, are we ready to go now? So, we pack our bags and we are green to go. Then, we can sing the lines of a song of John Denver, “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I’m standin’ here outside your door, I hate to wake you up to say goodbye, But the dawn is breakin’, It’s early morn, The taxi’s waitin’, He’s blowin’ his horn…” well, the song gets us hooked into singing it.