Facebook and Its Uses as a Social Networking Site

Many people confirm that the twenty-first century is an era of technological diversity. It is a period when people who wish to communicate can send and receive information and messages instantly through electronic devices and media tools. Many of them communicate through online websites. These websites called social media sites emerge as the new tools to drive communication to the next level aside from personal conversations. In other words, the use of the Internet and its components such as social networking sites and others dictates some changes in people and society as well.

However, traditional people still deny the challenge that they face with technological changes. They refuse to believe that social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and many others can influence their lifestyles and that those sites will affect their ways of living. No matter how hard for them to deny this discovery, the fact remains clear that social networking sites, whatever their names may be, play an important factor, as well as the role, to influence life.

The Use of Facebook as a Tool for Human Advancement in Communication

As noted, social media sites and the help of technology have advanced human life. For example, people use Facebook to express their ideas and thoughts, communicate personal information, and broadcast memorable events of their lives (Wang, Chen, and Liang, 2011, p. 23). With the help of technology, they can send their messages and important reports through mobile phone devices and the Internet connection.

To prove, people can utilize these technological innovations to aid people to make their lives easier, and these technological innovations emerge as the new friends that keep these people stayed together. Although Facebook has been created so that people can share their common interests and professional objectives, it evolves to become a complicated social network of people. Its complexity affects people especially the students. Though many people affirm that Facebook is not beneficial for the people and society as well, it also offers advantages in which people must think critically.

Additionally, the impact of using Facebook on people nowadays cannot be underestimated. Facebook utilizes the Internet to create a new platform effective for communication in society. It adds a new version of communication exchange with the use of the Internet and computers so people can communicate with their relatives, friends, and loved ones. For people who work abroad, they can still build a strong connection even if they are parted by distance and time (Wortham, 2012, p. 1). With the use of some features, Facebook enables people to receive and send messages as well as video calls to all individuals.

This graph presents the data from Hootsuite / We Are Social to determine who use Facebook at https://www.businessofapps.com/data/facebook-statistics/

In other words, the use of Facebook and any other social networking site goes beyond boundaries because its fundamental purpose is communication. Families that are settled abroad can usually use Facebook to contact their family members and friends on Facebook. Further, soldiers who are involved in a battle in distant countries can still communicate even they are too far from their relatives. Business owners who newly build their businesses can use Facebook to promote their product items. Students, who have problems with the assignments, can discuss the topics and personal matters on it. Above all, the impact of using Facebook on people cannot be underestimated.

Moreover, Facebook emerged as the new social platform where reclusive people and those people who suffer from low self-esteem can interact with other people. Many people who are currently enjoying successful relations identified their spouses through Facebook and, as a result, knew each other on that platform. For them, it is easy to make friends through social media sites from different countries. Persons who are restricted to their homes due to personal disability and who have little chances of interacting with people can use Facebook to interact and share ideas with others (Wortham, 2012, p. 1). Disabled people can now utilize Facebook to discuss personal matters with their friends to avoid being isolated and lonely. As such, Facebook becomes a gift for introverted people and those people who suffer from low self-esteem to interact with them.

Further, the unique platforms such as pages and open groups of Facebook encourage people to use them. For example, Facebook takes into the commercial world by a storm. Enterprises adopt the use of Facebook platforms to communicate with other business people and share vital information. They even embrace Facebook as a new platform for ads and marketing campaigns for social media marketing. The result of this effort allows many businesses to gain success (Rose, 2011, p. 2). Hence, Facebook remains beneficial and helpful.

However, despite all praises that Facebook achieves, it also faces some negative effects on society. One of the biggest drawbacks of Facebook to society is social media addiction. It allows young people to turn to be online social media zombies. These young people are incapable of doing anything else. Facebook has made them addicts of their communication devices, and they fail in their abilities to live a normal life without interference from social media. Another side effect of using Facebook is that people with no known origins can communicate and get accessed to their profiles. These strangers and unfamiliar people may be bad people who can be murderers or criminals. Further, Facebook is associated with the black agenda that spread hate messages, which have caused disharmony in several parts of the world (Aaker, 2010, p. 15). Thus, the use of Facebook can be risky when people never know their boundaries.

In a nutshell, the use of Facebook for progress is beneficial. Groups of people can be productive if they try to embrace the advantage of Facebook. They become effective communicators if they use Facebook for business and communication. However, Facebook can be a tool for destruction if people use it wrongly. These social media sites are the mediums for communication, but they may become tools of destruction once mistakenly used.

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Academic Writing Jobs: Ethically Legal

On April 19, 2019, Gilbert Nakweya wrote an article titled “Academic Writers’ Set To Lose A Lucrative Global Market” to inform the readers about the illegality of the academic writing jobs. He reported that the United Kingdom government worked hard to discourage students to buy composed or written essays from essay mills or writing companies online. This report, somehow, shook the online community of academic writers.

Effects on Banning Essay Mills

The recent measure of the United Kingdom government to veto the use of essay mills or writing websites has been unjustifiable. If Gilbert Nakweya’s report was right, then the UK government took harsh measures without evaluating the repercussion of its decision. For example, banning essay mills or academic writing websites would create problems among writers in the country. If their source of income would be through writing, then they would lose the job to feed their family.

Ethics in Academic Writing

Academic writers compose essays, reports, term papers, and other business correspondences, such as application letters and curriculum vitae or resumes as required by clients and students. They help both students and business leaders get feasible and useful help from those writers. For students, they can ask help from academic writers to prepare for their research paper and reports. However, these written papers are not the final papers yet since those students choose to submit them to their professors or teachers. It is because these academic writers compose those papers based on the students’ and teachers’ instructions. As the writers follow the instructions, they cannot entirely perceive the tone and voice of the paper. In other words, their perspectives and voices do not match with the students’ ideas and perspectives. So, when writers send the paper to the students, the latter must change some ideas and revise them to suit their needs. They have to match the voice of the paper.

The Writer and the Voice

And yes, writing a paper contains a specific voice. In other words, that specific voice from the writers will not be the same as the students or clients. In this case, students and clients need to edit the paper. It means that the writers only write for drafts, drats, or outlines. So, where’s the problem. The question about cheating and plagiarism does not apply here. Students may cheat and plagiarize if they copy ideas and words from others without citing them. They may, also, mean that students cheat and plagiarize them if they put some sources for fake authors and writers. However, things get confusing now. For example, politicians hire numerous and even the best ghostwriters to write for their speeches, but others do not consider them cheaters. Business leaders and managers hire content writers to write for their content on their websites, brochures, and other means, but they do not consider those content writers cheaters. Two people hire wedding planners to prepare for their programs and reception and wedding plans, but they do not call those wedding planners cheaters. Finally, a group of teachers and a panel of examiners require students to hire editors for their final papers or theses, but they do not call those editors academic cheaters.

Justifications for Academic Writer Position

Academic writers are not cheaters. They do not help students and clients cheat. They write to serve as a guide, a planner, and an editor. They write drafts for students to have outlines for their papers. If students ask for help and support from academic writers, they have to edit and revise those papers to meet their demands and voices of the paper. Such a type of task appears to be similar to the politicians who asked for ghostwriting experts, students who asked for editors, couples who demand wedding planners, and more. Now, just look around, why is it that you have a problem only with academic writers. How about the content writers, the ghostwriters, speechwriters, and so on when they do the same thing!

Google, PayPal, and YouTube

Google and YouTube should not approve of the rules empowered by these academic communities and governments. Academic writing is as legal as content writing. Both company leaders and students demand help and support from others. This help does not promote cheating and plagiarizing; it only guides and provides drafts for students and company leaders. For Google, PayPal, and YouTube, it is like a company manager who edits the work of the graphic designer and content writer because the output does not match the intended voice. And there is not cheating about it. As well, it is like students who edit and revise a few parts of the paragraph to match the intended outcome of the paper. And so, what is the problem with it?

In the end, the report of Gilbert Nakweya in 2019 was alarming. However, students should not worry about it. Google and PayPal should reconsider the topic seriously and review how these academic writers get affected by erroneous judgment among groups of people. Again, academic writing jobs still are ethically legal.

A Christmas Joy at Moonbay White Beach Resort

Choosing the best location for swimming with family members and friends is necessary. People get used to considering and seeing the best place for some people to hang around and hangout. Especially, this Christmas brings guests and visitors to the best experience of their lives of the picture-perfect beach resort to stay. Of course, MOONBAY White Beach Resort seems to be a wise choice. It appears to be the best destination in Misamis Oriental if one wants to change locations and to break the monotony of going to the same spots in the region.

Well, Moonbay White Beach Resort is for everyone, kids and adults. It has been the best place for couples and tourists, as well. Additionally, the cottage is good for family set up, which offers family privacy. It gives a new experience for tourists and visitors alike. However, it does not cost them a lot since the entrance fee and the food products are reasonably priced. 

Finding a private cottage for family members and friends

MOONBAY White Beach Resort attracts more guests. Neighboring local tourists increase their numbers to visit the place for family bonding and swimming as well. It becomes one of the best beach resorts in town. As it offers similar beach and water experiences, Moonbay White Beach Resort will make them stay fun and memorable.

Moreover, many people will love to visit the place. It attracts tourists and locals for its remarkable beach experiences. It does not have any modern design, however, it brings guests great experiences and moments with loved ones and family members, as well as friends.

Guests at Moonbay White Beach Resort, Tubigan, Midway, Initao, Misamis Oriental

What’s more, Moonbay White Beach Resort has a three-star hotel. It has plenty of exciting food and drinks to choose from the venue. When guests stroll around, they can explore various resorts and locations to hop.

Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) by Lalaine Manalo from Kawaling Pinoy
    • MOONBAY White Beach Resort
    • Mobile Phone: 0906 262 2471 for Hotel
    • Address: Tubigan, Midway, Initao, Misamis Oriental
    • For inquiries or reservations, please contact 0917 981 0504.

Copernican Revolution: Where Religion and Science Fight

You would remember the year 1543. It was a time when Nicolaus Copernicus from Torun, Poland died. Before that, he published a compelling and thought-provoking book titled On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres.

In the book, he supported the idea and the theory of Pythagoras and Aristarchus that the earth moves and revolves around the sun. He explained that the earth would rotate on its axis daily. All these ideas being advanced by Pythagoras and Aristarchus would claim that the earth did not stand still at the center of the universe. “It was the sun…” as Copernicus, Pythagoras, and Aristarchus said.

With this idea, Copernicus promoted the idea of heliocentrism. This idea proved to be true after five centuries of accruing circumstantial, experimental, and observational evidence. However, the Roman Catholic Church charged him with heresy for advancing knowledge of science.

As well, Copernicus supported an old idea of Pythagoreans and heliocentrists being universally rejected for two millennia. The ancient Pythagoreans and the heliocentrists were not able to uncover heliocentrism; however, Copernicus managed to prove the known facts about the motions of the heavenly bodies. He explained in quantitative detail that the sun rather than the earth is the center of the universe.

Though this theory that the sun was the center of the universe was faulty, Copernicus was right about some things. Copernicus was right when he thought that the planets orbited the Sun and that the Moon orbited Earth. However, he was wrong when he said that the Sun was the center of the universe. He, as well, was wrong when he said that the sun and the stars did not move.

And yes, Copernicus had mistakes. However, he did not spread heresy. He was just advancing the field of science. If religion was true, why would the Roman Catholic Church and others worry about the truth?

Some Roman Catholics, such as the Spanish theologian Diego de Zuñiga (1536–97) and the eclectic philosopher Giordano Bruno (1548–1600) used Copernicus’s arguments. Giordano Bruno expanded Copernicus’s theory and asserted the possible plurality of inhabited worlds. The Roman Catholic Church was mad at Bruno’s scientific exploration and condemned him. The church listed and named Giordano, Copernicus, and others heretic.

For Giordano Bruno, the church condemned him due to his support of the Copernican doctrine that earth would revolve around the sun. In 1600, Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake. And please, do not ask who killed him. Just do the math!

Why He Broke Up With Me This Christmas

My name is Janice. Of course, it is not my real name. I am 31 years old. For all my life, I just had one boyfriend. I did not mean that I was too picky at things especially in choosing a lover. I just did not like them except one. His name is Josh. He was 24 at that time. Well, it seemed as if I were a cougar. He was just my student back in college. He looked like God descended from Mount Olympus with his muscular buildup and stunning height. As he stands six feet and three inches tall, I could not ask for more. One time, I made a promise not to wear panties all day long if I would be with him. Of course, I was kidding. Only my playful imaginations told me those things. And, I tried it twice. I tried it when we were in Palawan.

Then, a storm came. He flooded me with bad news after a week of adventure in Palawan. It was unexpected to hear bad news after that sweet caress and embrace. Of course, I would tell you this. Josh was caring and sweet, but we never had intimate physical contact. He was so respectful. Even if I seduced him, he chose not to take advantage of the situation and me. 

“We need to break up…” He spoke.

“Why?” I simply asked.

“We lost chemistry.” He continued.

“Really, this Christmas? You want to break up with me this Christmas?” I burst into tears.

After a year of our sweet relationship, he broke up with me. It seemed that all those good times were lies. So, I asked him why he stopped loving me.

“We really needed to have a time off,” he continued speaking in a deep tone of his voice.

“If we lost chemistry, I, at least, taught physics.” Oh gosh! I jokingly said it. Quite funny, he was not kidding. He just said we lost the spark. He kept on talking even if I tried to change the subject. I tried to laugh when I said I could make firecrackers to spark again. Unfortunately, he was not joking.

So, I said, “who’s the lucky girl?”

He said nothing. And then, he vanished for eternity.

Years after we broke up, I saw him at the mall. He stood there for a few moments and then entered the eyewear boutique. I just guessed he wanted eyeglasses for a new look. His body posture changed. He looked very fairly looking and masculine. He picked some of those eyeglasses and then returned them to the stands. Suddenly, a beautiful lady approached him. He smiled at her. As the lady approached him, she kissed him. I told myself to teleport, but I couldn’t. My body froze. I could not move. That proved that I was unable to move on. Of course, there is no such thing as moving on to the situation. After a few moments, I began to return to reality. I saw them going outside the store. As soon as they stepped outside the store, they saw me. The girl was smiling at me. 

Oh, gosh! They saw me stand like a freak. I could barely move a muscle. His girlfriend waved hands. I thought I recognized her.

“Janice, are you gonna watch a movie?” Brenna asked. I got confused. In the back of my mind, I would ask why my best friend Brenna and my ex-boyfriend were together this Christmas. And why?

Josh just stared at me. He felt as if he never knew me.

“No. I had to check some stuff for Christmas gift.” So, I narrated with lies.

“Oh, Darling Janice. You should know my boyfriend.” Brenna was quite excited to introduce him.

“His name is Josh, right?” I suddenly spoke and blew my breath in the air. I confidently said it. I did not care about it then.

“No. My name is John. And how do you know my twin?” John interrupted.

“He was my boyfriend a year ago… But, he broke up with me…” I cried.

“I am so sorry to hear that. My twin Josh died a year ago.” John recalled.

“Oh, I remember you. You must be Janice that my twin brother loved most…” John added.

“Why did he break up with me?” I asked him again.

“I don’t know why he did that. I told him to explain everything to you. Of course, you knew him. He did not talk much. Anyway, he died of cancer…”

That time I froze. I just missed him. The feeling and the spark just brought back to life. I could not forget Josh. Probably, I would not forget John. However, he had Brenna in his life. I knew then why he broke up with me. He did not want me to know that he was dying.

“Well, if you have time, visit my family at home. I am staying here to watch over my family when Josh left. You know where we live, right?”

“Bye, Darling Janice, and Merry Christmas,” Brenna said.

“You, too. The two of you. –”


Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, We Can Still Find Ways to Celebrate Christmas

What gifts do we give to our loved ones this Christmas? We may think of chocolate bars, pairs of garments, jeans, shoes, or smartphones. Some of us may give our friends bottles of ethyl alcohol, packs of face masks and face shields, or boxes of Vitamin C. Others choose to invite their friends and loved ones to go to the beach resorts to unwind. Whatever we decide, we still have to celebrate our Christmas holidays with a warm embrace.

One may ask when the Christmas holiday starts. Well, the Christmas season commences in the month of September and ends on New Year’s Day. This season of compassion, love, and mercy extends to the joy of giving gifts. Even if Christmas is every day, it seems different when we revel in it this Christmas season. Without the bonuses, incentives, and thirteenth-month pays, we can still enjoy these months of laughter and smile.


And yes, we know about the current COVID-19 situation. We all suffer pretty bad. Some of us lose our loved ones; some struggle to find means and ways to survive. Without good food to eat at the table, we need to make sure that we can have get-together parties at home with our loved ones while ensuring the social distancing protocols. Despite COVID-19, we can still enjoy ourselves eating hot vegetable soup.

Moreover, spending Christmas holidays does not require great food on the table. We need to forget those days when we can afford to buy 13 kinds of round fruits in a basket placed at the center of the table. We must forget those packs of hams, those bowls and plates of macaroni and fruit salad, just a piece of Pork Lechon, some bottles of expensive wine, and the like. We cannot afford to have them.

Without a doubt, spending this Christmas season with friends and loved ones remained very important. Without any food preparation, we can still welcome the year 2021. We can still wonder if some people are fine. As we feel their pain, we cannot help but wonder asking if they have some delicious meals on the table. How about the local government unit (LGU) officials and their constituents, the city counselors, the city and town mayors, the governors, the congressmen, the commissioners, the secretaries, the senators, and the country president, do they still suffer the struggles that we face these days? Do they still celebrate Christmas without those delicious cooked meals at the table? We just do not know. We just guess, for sure. Despite COVID-19, we can still celebrate Christmas though.


Nang Dahil Sa COVID-19, Nawala Ang Spark; Nakipag-Break Up!

Araw ng Biyernes noon, pero hindi Friday the 13th. Sinabi ni John sa akin through the phone text messaging na makipag-usap daw siya. Excited ako, kasi baka may surprisa siya sa akin. Hindi ugali ni John na makipag-text, kaya lalo akong na-excite. Sa isip ko, baka tungkol ito sa plano namin na pumunta sa Samal Island. Nakita kasi namin ang mga posts sa Misamis Oriental Journal.

“Bakit? May surprisa ka ba?” Iyon ang mga tanong ko na may kasamang saya sa mukha noong makipag-usap ako sa video chat sa Messenger. Excited na nako.

“Sa palagay ko kailangan na nating maghiwalay.” Iyon din ang diretsuhang bigkas sa bibig niya. Sa isip ko na nagbibiro lang siya. Pero ang mukha niya ay nagsasabi ng totoo.

“Ano? Nagbibiro ka ba?” Ang seryosong tanong ko.

Bigla siyang tumahimik. Napagtanto ko na hindi siya nagbibiro. Siya ang tao na nagsabi at nagtanong sa akin kung ano ba ang gusto kong wedding. Ipinagpakilala pa ako niya sa family niya. Niregaluhan pa niya ako ng aso na gustong-gusto ko. Sabi niya mahal daw niya ako. Kahit COVID-19, pumunta pa siya sa bahay at nagdala sa akin ng cake from Goldilocks.  

“Bakit?” Tanong ko ulit na may luha sa aking mga mata.

“Walang ibang babae. Wala ka ring ginawang mali. Parang nawala lang ang chemistry natin.” Iyon ang sabi niya. Para akong nabilaukan. Gumaralgal ang boses ko. Para akong nagkaroon ng cerebovascular disease sandali.

“Sige na. Puntahan mo na mga kaibigan mo. Alam ko na strong woman ka. Kaya mo yan. May pupunta pa akong trabaho.” Parang okay lang siya. Hindi man lang niya alam na nasaktan ako.

“Wat da pak!” Iyon na lang ang naisip ko. Naiinis ako. Ang dating excitement ko ay napalitan ng inis.

Parang pinatay niya rin ako. Namatay na nga ang mother ko a week ago, tapos nakipaghiwalay pa siya sa akin. Parang gumuho ang mundo ko. Hayon, natulala ako na nakahiga at nakatingin na lang sa kawalan. Si John kasi ang sandigan ko. In fact, siya ang emergency contact ko kung may emergency ako. Noong namatay si Mama at halos ako mabaliw, siya iyong nag-comfort sa akin. Pero isang linggo pa ang nakalipas, nakipag-break up pa siya sa akin ngayon. Sa panahon pa ng COVID-19 and Christmas, ginawa niyang masaklap ang lovelife story ko. Ang sakit!

Dahil ba sa nawala iyong chemistry, break up na? Kailangan pa ba ito? Alam natin na, sooner or later, mawawala ang chemistry. Hindi na man naghiwalay ang iba. Pero bakit si John nakipahiwalay sa akin? Nang dahil ba sa COVID-19 at wala kaming constant bonding, nawala ang chemistry?

“Wat da pak!”

Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort: Visit today

Haven’t you visited Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort yet? Well, you can visit the place as early as now. As long as you all have the travel documents, you can spend your holidays at Barangay Pindasan Municipality of Mabini, Davao City, Mindanao 8807 Philippines. That’s right. You exactly get the accurate location and probably pack your things up!

At Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation, you can spend your holidays at the beachfront infinity pool; a fitness center; a villa spa; a fully-equipped dive center with facilities for snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing, and kayaking; a tennis court; The Mill, an entertainment center with fun indoor activities; Tarictic Grill, an all-day dining poolside restaurant; Burger Bar, a western restaurant and bar; The Warehouse, luxurious locker rooms for day experience guests. You can check the trip advisor website for details.

Again, Here’s the address to remember.

    • Barangay Pindasan Municipality of Mabini, Davao City, Mindanao 8807 Philippines