Amaya View: You make our dreams come true

We are all explorers. We’re not saying that we are Dora, The Explorer, by nature. However, we go places because we need to explore great locations and sites for excitement and fun. Whether we are extroverts or introverts, there comes a time when we choose to roam around our corridors and then expand our horizons. We do that as long as we have the money and opportunity to trek. This personal attribute, surely, confirms that we inherit our desire to travel and move around places from our wandering roots – our ancestors long before they realized the joy of traveling.

And yes, we’re nomads. We can’t begin to imagine that we lose so much time waiting for this COVID-19 pandemic to subside. We can’t think of any; we only have the chance to roam around places where we used to visit. And yes, we can’t forget Amaya View.

Amaya View continues to develop sites to spend with family members and friends. It has an Infinity Pool, a Hotel, a Hugo Sky Lounge, a Larry’s Hill, Noah’s Ark, and its recent – the Skywalk. It offers all these exciting spots for great adventures because the Amaya management knows what guests and visitors love. For that reason, Amaya gives the Skywalk for all guests and visitors to witness the magnificence of Cagayan de Oro.

Well, the Skywalk, which is 165 meters long and a 150-foot high hanging bridge, gives guests and visitors excitement and fun. The fun is real when guests and visitors manage to walk on it. The high altitude gives a good view. Located at the hilltop of Barangay Indahag, Cagayan de Oro, this Skywalk, being inaugurated on April 18, 2021, adds to the grandeur and exciting location in the region.

A Walk in the Sky at Skywalk – Amaya View in Cagayan de Oro
A New Location to Enjoy with Kids at Noah’s Ark – Amaya View
A Visit to a Hobbit House and Stay there for a While – Amaya View
When You Visit Amaya View for a Vacation, You Can Stay Here
We’ve Been at Larry’s Hill Before. We Can Come Back, Too
Of Course, this Turquoise Pool Water Draws Our Attention
Now, Enjoy Some Exciting Treats at Amaya View
What Are You Waiting For? Make Your Reservations Now

Now, Skye Walk is in Amaya View’s All-Access Pass. You as guests and visitors need to pay ₱P200.00 for adults and ₱P150 for kids. Such certain amounts cover the fees for the “Main Entrance” and “Noah’s Ark.” However, you, also, have to pay an additional amount of ₱150.00 for adults and ₱100.00 for kids for the wristbands to be in the Skywalk escapade.

What are you waiting for this time? It’s not too late to go around places while we are able to make some fun. Since Amaya View is in Cagayan de Oro, we don’t have any reason to miss this site. And when you decide, you have this contact number to call 0917 149 0641, or a website to visit and explore. Do it now make your dream come true.


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Luna Tres Villas: A definite nirvana in Siargao

Is escaping away from a toxic environment or getting away with constant pressure an answer to prevent or end stress? The answer may be positive. That is, at least, the best thing that we can do. And yes, great news comes around as Luna Tres Villas in Siargao brings us a new destination to spend the days and nights with serene and tranquility. It’s nice there – a hundred percent. Since this season of promos, Luna Tres Villas is now open to serve guests and visitors.

Luna Tres Villas welcomes guests and visitors. Its amenities, facilities, and services are available now. Those who take advantage of the promo can book their rooms through Airbnb with amazing discounts for the first three people to book each room.

Well, guests and visitors can find Luna Tres Villas in Siargao. The villas with poolside rooms give guests and holidaymakers a quite peaceful ambiance. Also, the villas near the beach are along Tourism Road. And yes, it is easy to discover Luna Tres Villas as it is at the nucleus or heart of General Luna in Siargao. Its guests, as well as vacationers, can conveniently go to the markets and shops as these sites are just a walk away. Additionally, the road going to the villas directly leads to the beach about a two-minute walk. One more thing, the poolside rooms have wi-fi, air-conditioned, and TV.

Moreover, guests and visitors check the following:


    • shared veranda
    • poolside
    • 1,999/night for 2 with free breakfast


    • with own veranda
    • poolside
    • 2,999/night for 2 with free breakfast


    • Includes own kitchen, dining area, sala and work area
    • On the Second Floor
    • With attic/mezzanine and terrace
    • 3,999/night with free breakfast

So, what are we waiting for? We don’t need to wait for another weekend to miss. We need to book and visit the place now via:

    • Airbnb
    • Phone Numbers to call and text 0917-530-5908 / 0915-603-9255


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PRRD: As a husband, father, and leader

Who could have guessed that a town mayor from Davao, Mindanao, became the 16th President of the Philippines? None could have thought about that. However, beating the odds, this town major turned into the president of the country. He managed to win the crucial and stern battles during the political campaign. Labeled as “this and that,” “so and so,” and “such and such” from countless adversaries, President Duterte remained firm to administer and work with the three government jurisdictions – executive, judiciary, and legislative bodies. Despite his political rants, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte upheld three important things – his characters as a loving husband, a caring father, and a highly regarded leader.

A Loving Husband

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte possessed a great character. Many people might not know about the president and his emotional side; however, he showed care, concern, and love toward people in the country. As he became the PDP-Laban Chairperson, he aimed at accomplishing his political undertaking. Nonetheless, he valued his loved one Honeylet Avanceña. As a husband, he provided everything and took good care of his wife and children. He appeared to be the best person to speak about time management – supporting his family, fulfilling his political career, and leading the people. As a husband, President Duterte lived by example as a good and loving significant other.

A Caring Father

President R. R. Duterte portrayed as an exceptional and reputable father. As a father, he equally treated his children and raised them properly. He became a role model. His children, in fact, followed his footsteps to become leaders and to lead the people. His firm decision and his strong personality allowed him to discipline his children that inspired them to become one. Furthermore, most of his children have held offices from various districts and regions. This position in life could prove that his fathership worked well.

A Highly Regarded Leader

President Duterte managed to handle the demanding challenges of his time. From the Marawi Siege to the COVID-19 pandemic, he fared to provide assistance and care for his people. His immediate actions to solve the problems made people feel safe and secure. There might be other people who risked his actions and decisions to delay his urgent assistance to people; however, he made clearer actions and decisions to penalize those who violated his mandates. Because of that, people respected him as a great leader in this generation.

Indeed, President R. R. Duterte prospered in innumerable challenges. He confronted the odds and beat them. Then, he learned to handle the difficulties in political and social life. As he beat all the challenges and problems, he remained firm and strong to receive reproach here and there whatever decisions he made.


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5 Greatest Women in the Philippines Today

Imagine a world of autocracy, a domain of despotism, and a realm of total power. Now, imagine a world with balance and a world where forces of strong and weak see eye to eye. Then, imagine the existence of groups of influential women who vow to bring change in society and the country as well.

Well, influential women can initiate actions, fulfill their plans, and enforce support to help people in need despite the perils of risking themselves. They listen to the people’s problems, feel their grievances, and take action to fight back against any force that harms people in the country. Among these powerful women are Angel Locsin, Leila Delima, Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa, and Risa Hontiveros who stand against those forces that put the wellbeing of the people at risk. Whether celebrities or politicians, these great women learn to articulate their opinions, communicate their views, and express their objections in politically charged discussions. Confronted with criticisms and threats and challenged by their adversaries, these greatest women carry on to perform their campaigns to advocate change.


She is intelligent, quick, and sharp. As well, she is a matter-of-fact woman. She bravely speaks through her mind. Despite the polemics, she strives to make things right. She thrives in her career. Her risk-taking character to do things notwithstanding the risks allows her to enjoy helping others. Her compassion for humanity is obvious in that she makes things happen. She acts right away and strives to help those in need. Through her unyielding dedication, Angel Locsin continues to facilitate support – a true hero and a Darna in the midst. When Angel Locsin collaborates with other people to help distribute those goods, she embodies the true spirit of heroism whom she is willing to sacrifice the pain to exert much effort for the sake of other people. Instead of finding mistakes, those groups of people, who keep on censuring her and her work, must learn to appreciate her actions and her ways of helping others because she only takes a single step toward helping others in which others fail to do.


She is keen and sharp. As well, she is a woman of courage who fights the present administration despite her limitations. She knows she never gives up to fight for the truth. Faced with restraints, she still performs her role as a senator. She may have faced some controversies; however, she learns to hold her ground and stands firm to continue to fight. She expresses her disparities, dares other politicians to do the jobs, and seeks to create a change. With her experiences as the CHR Director, Justice Secretary, and many others, she knows she can bring justice.


She is clever and sharp. Her political career gives her the ability to show her prowess. Her wit keeps her on top of the challenges. Every time she speaks, people know she talks with sense. She can do better for all the challenges. Even Leni Robredo faces criticisms every day, she just smiles at those censures and moves forward to help citizens of the Philippines. She beats the odds as she rises to the top. As she is the Vice-President of the Philippines, she holds the power to enforce laws and sanctions on those who encroach on them.


She is intelligent. Fearless yet calm, Maria Ressa learns to fight through her commanding and piercing words. She stands out as she keeps an eye on any element of injustice that annihilates press freedom. As she bravely faces multiple trials, she remains composed and quiet to beat the odds. Her strong reproaches against the present administration are genuine. As she criticizes the government, she tends to liberate herself and the media as well. Maria Ressa succeeds in all her endeavors and fights against those who harm her. As she faces the cyber libel in the country, she stands firm in fighting for justice. Despite the power of the government, Maria Ressa holds her ground and stands firm to fight against injustice, especially press freedom. 


She is smart. Her acumen is outstanding. Her advocacies for justice and peace continue to grow as she learns to defend those who need help. As she works hard to keep peace and justice in marginalized communities, Risa Hontiveros participates in the top-five women who exhibit power and supremacy. Whatever happens in the political arena, Risa Hontiveros stays in the defense group to defend the people in the country.

In the end, Angel Locsin, Leila Delima, Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa, and Risa Hontiveros, and other great women exist to fight. They know when to fight for the sake of the people. They never care about themselves. What they care about is their goal and mission to create change in the dismal status quo. And yes, these powerful women, such as Angel Locsin, Leila Delima, Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa, and Riza Hontiveros are FIGHTERS. They fight for the freedom of all people no matter how hard they experience criticism and no matter how difficult it is to keep on fighting for others regardless of their trials. What is more, people can see their hardship and advocacy. As these powerful women know how to dust themselves off, they are ready to fight even harder to serve the people in the country in their ways.


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Golden Dream Resort: Our Next Retreat in Jasaan

Summer is here. And our kids are excited about it. As we even feel the heat of summer, the hot fumes of air recoiling under our nostrils, we just give what our kids ask. And so, we are thinking about it in a little while. The first thing that comes to mind, for sure, is to go to the pool or beach. As beath and pool waters are cold and refreshing, we think of Golden Dream Resort. And why not? Surely, the Golden Dream Resort can be our next midsummer retreat in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.



Golden Dream Resort is ready to welcome us as its guests and visitors in the area. Its management personnel is friendly, accommodating, and welcoming, and we feel at home. From the entrance, we can see the cottage area and the pool water. We can begin to sense a quenching feeling, indeed. This resort now serves us as guests and visitors with the best experiences. As the Golden Dream Spring Resort offers summer delight – pool water fun and activities, it surely satisfies our craving and curiosity for adventure, while taking instagrammable photos with the standees of Hulk and Goku, as well as other statues of the Avengers.

As well, the business for the Golden Dream Resort is now open for birthdays, family getaways, reunions, and other special occasions. Guests and visitors can request the management for the exclusive use of the pool for private experiences and for adhering to the quarantine protocols. Moreover, it gives us another experience to make us feel appreciated and valued as guests and visitors together with people in the area. In other words, the resort allows guests and visitors to feel and imagine a fascinating and remarkable experience.

Well, the Golden Dream Resort is child-friendly. Kids can play around and swim in the pool in the designated places. As well, the place is spacious so that children and adults can explore the area. It has cottages and places where to cook and eat. For exclusive use, the resort will accommodate a maximum number of people (60 persons) for only P15,000. However, this schedule happens only on Mondays through Fridays, only except on holidays. At a regular rate for non-exclusive use, guests and visitors can pay P75.00.

Finally, our swimming and excursion experiences with family members and friends are electrifying and pleasurable. We have to experience taking some pictures plus the beautiful views, the Avenger characters, and more.

Therefore, what are we waiting for? We begin planning now. And yes, we always have plenty of tomorrow to do it. And yet, the real question now is when we start packing our things up and head to Golden Dream Resort. In this summertime outing, we surely have this number to text or call for bookings and reservations (0927 599 4956).


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On the Rise: SR Mall in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

Effective leaders should always have the courage to take bolder steps toward change. They should uphold these exceptional knowledge skills to change the status quo and to materialize this change if needed. The qualities of these leaders should be so superb that they had to think ten pages ahead of their members. As leaders, they mastered their craft and their prowess to lead without doubts and reservations. They existed, as they should be, to work hard and to grow their economy, their town, and their people. Toward their progress, these distinctive leaders should help people accomplish their goals and objectives, as well as demonstrate good governance by finding means and ways to grow and by letting their people thrive in the process.

The rise of SR Mall in Jasaan would confirm the hegemony of great governance. Government officials took initiative to make Jasaan a new destination for entertainment, family getaway, shopping center, and more. Constructed to rise along the National Highway at Barangay Luz Banzon, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, this SR Mall would prove that these leaders in this town have still had the heart to give back and offer great avenues for their people to shop and seek entertainment and fun.

A year ago, the SR Mall CEO Sophia Grace Jardin, as well as Governor Yevgeny Vincente Emano and Jasaan Mayor Redentor Jardin, initiated and spearheaded the trailblazing ceremony. The meeting of these hard-working personalities and the ground-breaking ceremony of this project would validate their courage to prepare this project and launch this one to the public. The ceremony, attended by Barangay and Municipal officials, highlighted the SR MALL, a two-level mall project that would attract hundreds and thousands of shoppers and individuals alike.

And yes, these government officials planned this project. Truth is, this project has been in the process of development. This SR Mall project served as a blessing among people across towns and neighboring places. They would surely visit the place as it would, soon, become the next Venice to visit aside from various versions of them in the world. 

At this point, many people in Balingasag, Tagoloan, and Villanueva, as well as other neighboring towns, would be happy about this project. It would be about time that Jasaan would showcase their success and thrive in this magnificent endeavor. Perhaps, this development would serve as a signal that other government leaders, too, should follow the trail of progress like any leaders who prospered in the process. There would be no harm in doing and seeking progress like this – for the advancement of the town and the people as well.

As such, the SR Mall Project truly exhibited the power of innovation and great leadership. With these grand plans, the government frontrunners of Jasaan truly became the embodiment of exceptional leaders who pledged to serve the people in their community.


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Nasuli Cold Spring Resort: Our summer paradise

Finding a new adventure this summer would always be fun. The search for an excursion, of course, appeared to be even more exciting for me since doing so would let me combat the stress brought about by this long-standing COVID-19 pandemic. And yes, I had enough – struggles and sufferings. For that reason, this summertime would permit me to visit a new place to take some time off and unwind.

And yes, my phone just vibrated. A friend on the other line might talk to me. So, I checked my phone, wondered why my friend wanted to talk to me, and called me this pandemic season for no valid reasons. My friend and I knew the stern quarantine protocols and social distancing policies. However, such a friend called me for an adventure of a lifetime.  

And then, my phone rang again.

“Hi, what’s up?” I just asked. I was a bit excited though. He told me that he and his other friends would go on a day trip to Nasuli Cold Spring Resort.

“What about the quarantine protocols and the social distancing policies?” I asked again.

“Don’t fret. Don’t get panicked. Everything will be all right!”

Finally, I agreed. Anyway, I felt bored all year long. The COVID-19 pandemic did, however, prolong my agony and boredom. I had to go outside and feel the bliss and grace of nature. My fear of going outside waned. So, I asked when we would go. To my surprise, he said we would go two hours after our small conversation. He told me that he would pick me up. So, I had to pack my things up and prepare for my wallets for the expenses.

Well, Nasuli Cold Spring Resort was remarkable. My experience at the resort gave me chances to enjoy my life. One of my friends once told me that life is short. He told me that I should spend my life to the fullest. And yes, he would always be right. I would never have a chance to visit the places where I loved staying and traveling like Nasuli Cold Spring Resort.

Moreover, I took my first plunge. I confirmed that the water was cold. The feeling was nice though. However, I chose to keep all the details of excitement and fun since, for sure, you might have different shares of stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, the cold and revivifying water of Nasuli Spring Resort seemed a seamless means to celebrate life and enjoy my weekend hideaway. I remember a friend of mine who visited the place. Her name is Ms. Bren Gallardo, and she could be an excellent endorser of the resort. I bet! Her instagrammable and picture-perfect photo seemed astounding on social media sites like Facebook as she added glamor and grace to the resort. Maybe, next time, the resort would treat Ms. Bren and her friends, as well as Misamis Oriental Journal free cottage and other amenities for this article (I am just kidding! Who knows the resort would grant me). Ms. Bren Gallardo and her friend(s) highly appreciated the resort very much. Because of Ms. Bren and her friend(s), I decided to take a peek and celebrate life at Nasuli Cold Spring Resort at Barangay Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

How Could We Get There

Well, we might ask how we could get there. We just needed to follow the trail.

    • Firstly, we could take a bus at Ecoland Terminal bound for Cagayan de Oro if we were in Davao City. We should tell the bus conductor to drop us off at Barangay Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. We needed to make sure that we should go to Nasuli so that the driver could drop us off at the landmark of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Church. From there, we needed to ask for direction from the commercialized single motorcycle drivers to take a walk going to the resort. It would only take 1 kilometer to travel from the INC landmark.
    • Secondly, we could take a bus from Cagayan de Oro bound for Davao, Kibawe, Valencia, or Wao. We needed to inform the bus conductor to drop us off at the landmark of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Church in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

Fees & Rates

    • Cottage Fee @ ₱300.00 – ₱400.00
    • Entrance Fee @ ₱40.00
    • Inflatable Floaters @ ₱50.00
    • Life Jacket @ ₱50.00
    • Table Fee @ ₱200.00

We would surely note that fees and rates mentioned here might show some discrepancies from the time of posting or publishing this article. it would be better if we should contact the management of the resort using the information below.

    • Business Hours: 5 AM – 6 PM (Daily)
    • Contact: 0906-165-6428

Just a Few Reminders

    • We noticed that no lifeguards were on duty. Thus, we had to swim at our own risk.
    • The pool is for everyone. We needed to check, monitor, and watch our children near the pool.
    • We could not purchase alcoholic beverages and cigarettes inside the resort due to prohibition.
    • We could only eat our food at our rented cottages.

So, what are we waiting for? We must pack our things and visit Nasuli Cold Spring Resort at Barangay Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

Tinago Island: A paradise of Surigao Del Norte

Local travels are always comfortable and fine. We don’t get to worry about traveling distant places and get panicked by the late arrival to board the planes. Just like some of our friends who got stuck in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the like due to COVID-19, it would be a nightmarish experience for them to eat nothing at the airport and hotel for days since they didn’t have extra money to buy food products. Thus, traveling in the local areas seems appealing and acceptable.

This summer season in the Philippines can be a month-long fun and excitement to dive on beaches and resorts. And yes, this summer getaway can be fun and pleasurable if we get to visit some places safe from quarantine protocols and other restrictions. Tinago Island in Surigao Del Norte can be the best of what we have.

Surigao Del Norte, as a province in Mindanao, Philippines, contains magic and marvel of nature. The beautiful landscapes, the natural spectacles of instragrammable spots for selfies and groupies, and the extending beaches and mountains are the best panoramas to see. The awesome sunsets in the skyline, the sandy beaches with pebbles to collect for our small aquariums, and the sounds of the waves that echo the music of silence into our ears are genuine justifications that Tinago Island in Surigao Del Norte is one real home to stay.

At this point, we need to set our feet to travel and go to Tinago Island. Surprisingly, Tinago Island houses Lapsay Lagoon together with caves, coves, and islets. Lapsay Lagoon, for instance, is a sheltered marine preserve in a group of islands of Barangay Tinago. This Barangay Tinago is in the Municipality of Tagana-an.

In other words, we will check all the beautiful locations and spots in Surigao Del Norte when we visit Tinago Island. A group of friends from Laag Ta Bay can confirm how beautiful and amazing the place is. When we get there, we can do whatever we want to do. Well, the resort owner may offer the following:

    • swimming
    • snorkeling
    • canoeing
    • boating
    • rafting
    • surf/bodyboarding
    • jumping area
    • mountain trekking
    • mangroves tour
    • cottages

However, guests and tourists alike need to remember that some beach activities may have fees ranging between ₱50.00 – ₱150.00.

And yes, you keep on asking how to get there, right?

    • We can go there by car.
    • From Surigao City, we need to follow the map trail until we reach Tagana-an Municipal Hall. It only takes 30 to 45 minutes from Surigao City.
    • Then, we ask where the dock or pier of Tinago Holiday Resort. They somehow mention the direction of Ban Ban Wharf.
    • From Ban Ban Dock or Wharf, we rent a motorboat to take us to the resort. It takes only 10 minutes.

For accommodation, the hotel resort does not provide overnight stays. However, this one isn’t a problem. Plenty of accommodations in Surigao City are always available.

So, what are we waiting for? We need to pack our things up and head on to Surigao Del Norte on Tinago Island.