Independence Day: A celebration Filipino people should never forget

Back when all things were normal and before the COVID-19 pandemic, did you ever try to stop your car in front of the school, get off from the vehicle, and put your right palm on your left chest while singing the national anthem? Did you ever stand against the movie viewers in a movie theater and put your right palm placed above your left chest to sing the national anthem? Did ever you participate in the flag ceremony at school to sing the national anthem? Well, if you did all of these, then you just showed your sense of nationalism.

And now, celebrating Independence Day on June 12th should be your chance to prove it. Though there were ways to justify your nationalism, you could, somehow, join the celebration to reveal your nationalism. You could recall the hardship and the strife that most Filipinos like you suffered in the hands of their adversaries. On top of this, celebrating it would serve as a reminder of all those souls who died to fight for your freedom. In other words, June 12th is a celebration that Filipino people should never forget.

A century ago and more, the Filipino people worked hard to claim their independence. They pushed the limit of their desire and interest to be free from invaders. As they fought for their freedom to live, they worked hard to uphold the high morals and values in a democratic country. As such, Filipino people should join hand in hand to celebrate Independence Day and remember the joy of freedom.

However, many of these Filipinos today misplaced their sense of nationalism. The lost trust in the government due to the corrupt officials made them feel unpatriotic. However, they should have faith and hope in others to express joy on Independence Day. When they did, they could show a glance of hope to thrive as people in one country.

In the end, it should not be too late to be nationalistic. You could still show your good deeds as you raised your flags at the poles in front of your houses or schools. You could still sing the national anthem every opening of your school event, party, and more. Doing so would allow you to remember how you and other Filipino people declared Philippine independence. As the gift of independence and as a free country, you should speak through your minds, voice out your opinions, and think for yourselves. You could live through this as you should celebrate the joy of nationalism and solidarity during Independence Day.

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A4J BRENA’S FARM: A walk to remember

Traveling outside Misamis Oriental has been rewarding. It gives you time to relax, sit down, and unwind. It makes you recharge a hundred percent from the ultimate boredom due to COVID-19 and the mind-numbing protocols. Despite this, you can pick your favorite places if you like. You can have Coron and El Nido in Palawan or the famous Samal Islands and Siargao. Now, take your pick because I am pretty sure you decide to travel across the country right after the COVID-19 pandemic.

How about A4J BRENA’S FARM in LAGUNA? Does anyone know about it? Well, I bet you know. You can check your Google Map and spot where it is. Oh, here and again, you are asking why I feature A4J BRENA’S FARM where it is in LAGUNA, not in Misamis Oriental. Again, don’t fret. You don’t have to be naive. You all have to widen your perspectives. There is no wrong to expand your horizon to consider A4J Brena’s Farm.

At this point, traveling makes us alive. During the pandemic, many of us lose faith and hope. We lose trust in the government and in people who promise to help us stay alive. This time all you have to do is to get your bucket list of places to go somewhere.

A4J BRENA’S FARM at BARANGAY LUQUIN FUNNY, LAGUNA is the best place to visit. You can see it for yourself. Guest and visitors across the country pay their visits to it. The calm weather in the morning, the satisfying view in the afternoon, and the verdant emerald grass all around the foothills and the mountains give pleasure to the eyes. Now, you walk up and down the mountain and take selfies with the stoned butterflies and dwarves, and bang, you, finally, find yourself at the moment to relax. As you sit down, you find yourself unwinding while remembering great experiences and memories.

In the end, thinking about traveling keeps us alive. You can tell this one when you get there. So, when you visit the place, you can feel a sense of contentment. All these things give you the pleasure to witness a new place to admire. The Facebook Page of Just Travel features this one, and I love it. Are you with me?

Here’s how to get there.

When you reach Liliw Bayan, you will see a THIS WAY Sign: THIS WAY TO ESMERIS FARM.

Don’t get confused. EMERIS FARM shares one road with A4J BRENA’S FARM. Go straight ahead and stop right there where you see the name of the farm. Well, it’s on the roadside, quite easy to see.

P.S. Please follow the health and safety protocol as the management checks the temperature of the guests and visitors upon entry. Please wear a face mask and a face shield upon entry. One more thing, please don’t forget to bring your bottles of disinfectant or ethyl alcohol. Finally, maintain the social distancing.

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Sicolon Cove Resort: A sojourn to remember

Looking for a beach resort can only be a click away. Most resorts have Facebook pages that customers, guests, and visitors can check up on to book their visits. They scout first, reserve their slots and visit these resorts for their adventures and escapades.

Sicolon Cove Resort is in Mauswagon in the town of Laguindingan in the province of Misamis Oriental. It is just thirty minutes away from Cagayan de Oro City. In other words, it is easy to travel and visit the area considering their geographic distances.

Of course, guests and visitors will be glad that the resort does not require entrance fees. It does not ask for corkage fees on food products and drinks if you rent their cottages between 6 AM and 6 PM at the price ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 pesos for a maximum of 20 people.

Here’s the catch. You need to make an advance booking since the management can’t entertain walk-in guests and visitors. The COVID-19 protocols affect the business transactions, and the management is compliant with the government mandates and regulations.

I bet! You like the place. The displayed cottages, the peaceful vibes, and the moments of relishing the fresh air, by far, captivate your souls. You can’t say no when you visit the place. I tell you that!

And yes, you ask how to get there, right? You just need to take buses from Bulua Terminal in Cagayan de Oro to Laguindingan. When you’re in Laguindingan, you need to stop at the crossing of Barangay Mauswagon. From that crossing, take motorcycles or tricycles and inform the drivers about the resort since all drivers know the resort.

Well, here are the numbers to call 09177712121 and 0908 810 8175. Perhaps, you can check the resort’s Facebook Page or the channel and site of Katawa CDO Doodzkie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much are the rates?

A: Answers

    • Overwater cottages are worth Php5, 000 and can hold a maximum of 20 persons.
    • Overwater Cabanas are worth Php5,000 and can hold a maximum of 15 persons
    • Premium Beach Cottages are worth Php3, 500 and can hold a maximum of 20 persons.
    • Beach Cottages are worth Php2, 500 and can hold a maximum of 20 persons.
    • Over the water function rooms are worth Php10, 000 and can hold a maximum of 50-60 persons.
    • Indoor air-conditioned function rooms are worth Php15, 000 and can hold a maximum of 30-40 persons.

Q: Is there any entrance fee or corkage?

A: There are no entrance or corkage fees IF you rent a cottage.

Q: Can we stay overnight?

A: The resort is only operating from 6 AM to 6 PM daily – no overnight.

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Finding jobs in the Philippines is seriously challenging. You can’t land on your dream jobs – the ones you dreamed of in college. No jobs are available. Somehow, you have to compete with those who are highly qualified for the jobs. Without your transferrable skills, you can’t rival them.

Like you, many others still look for jobs. Try to imagine the statistic: 40% of 111,046,913 Filipinos who look for jobs. That makes around 45 million Filipinos struggle to find jobs. In this case, old and fresh graduates tend to vie for entry-level positions. This situation happens due to low employment rates. The sad thing is, not all job applicants can’t find jobs at brick-and-mortar institutions.

Consequently, many Filipinos choose to work in different pathways. Many graduates, who are accountants, architects, business specialists, engineers, financial managers, teachers, and many more, land their first jobs at the call center industries, department stores, malls, and the like. And yes, finding jobs is searching for needles in the crowd that compels them to wait for miracles to fall.

The good thing is, you acquired your Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. You know that these professional degrees can back you up and help advance your future careers. You may not be in the prominent brick-and-mortar institutions; however, you can find jobs online. You don’t need to be someone else to work tasks outside your sphere of influence or scope. You work on projects based on your cup of tea.

Finding jobs online is an opportunity. Many of you don’t like the idea of working in the comfort of your home. Perhaps, you need to change this view. Working from home is beneficial. You can’t count your fingers on the benefits of working online. Though doing so has shortcomings, such as radiation and seclusion from the office environment, you can still find ways to resolve these problems.

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Overruns at Online Stores: Bogus or authentic?

Are you familiar with clothing overruns? If not, pay attention. “Authentic” or “original” overruns are the same as “fake” overruns.

Ask yourselves. What is “overrun” clothing? Essentially, there is no such thing as “authentic” or “original” overruns. The fact is, factory overruns mean slightly damaged items made of original materials.

However, these authentic products turn out to be fake due to the factories’ failure to meet the brand standards in terms of cuts, sews, and sizes. For example, factories that manufacture overrun clothing products made of original materials cannot sell them to the big stores. The law does not allow these companies to sell overrun products since the latter do not adhere to the brand standards. And yes, they are overruns from authentic materials.

However, online sellers keep on using the term overruns to sell products based on different classifications. They sell some replicas, Class A items, Class B products, and more. In the world of counterfeit or fake products, you have to know that overrun products must be close to the original. Such a case is better since the materials being used are of good quality. However, others sell replicas after original overruns. Then, you have class A and class B products that come along the way.

What kind of overruns are you going to buy? Online stores these days sell overrun products, such as bags, clothes, and shoes. Beware of these stores since they only take photos of the original products and post them on their websites. Meaning, they sell fake products, such as class A, class B, and so on. If you only need original overruns, not the Class A and Class B products or the imitation items, check the product quality: the fabric, the fit, the price, and the stitch.

Of course, beware of online clothing stores. A few of them are available online. These online stores keep on telling their clients that they only sell overrun products – original materials that fail to meet the quality or brand standards. However, they not doing it. They only sell Class A, Class B, and imitation products. Again, beware of them. Please check the quality of the products, and you can tell the difference. The problem is, you just purchase bogus products online.  

Moreover, you must learn a lesson. You ask the sellers the next time they mention the term “overruns.” Are these overrun products made of original materials? Or are these items replicas and class B and class B products?

Without a doubt, factories cannot sell “authentic” overruns in big stores due to brand or quality standards. As buyers, you can buy “original” or “authentic” overrun products. For “fake” overruns, such as Class A, Class B, and Replica products, you need to think about it before buying them. For online sellers, don’t be ambiguous. Be honest. Just mention that you sell replicas, as well as class A and class B products to avoid confusion.

Stargate Dream Vacation Resort: Best retreat

Are you looking for a vacation resort in Cagayan de Oro? Don’t fret. Stargate Dream Vacation Resort (SDVR) positions itself in the bustling metropolis. It offers more than you expect – the outdoor pool, the restaurant, and the panoramic spot for individual (selfie) and group (groupie) photography.

Do you know where SDVR is? Stargate Dream Vacation Resort doesn’t give you much trouble. It’s accessible. It’s at Upper Macasandig, South Diversion Road, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines.

As well, you can see it for yourself. You only make great plans with family members and friends. And yes, it’s a great family and group adventure. You know you can have all months and years to set up for your vacation retreat. Therefore, you drive your cars now and head to Stargate Dream Vacation Resort.

Besides, Stargate Dream Vacation Resort showcases a three-star hotel. Results from various reviews from the different websites confirm that SDVR is a place to be. Come to the place. Park your cars in its free parking area. Enjoy your retreat. Are you asking for the rooms to stay? Well, you can tell – the rooms are great.

Moreover, the rooms are fully air-conditioned. You know you come to the right place. You get your free breakfast after swimming in the outdoor pool. You do have that, for sure. Hey, are you hungry? There’s a restaurant over there. Heads up!

Finally, there’s so much more to enjoy at Stargate Dream Vacation Resort. You just need to open your eyes and think about those activities. See? You know the place, but you don’t have a chance to visit the area. Well, this is your last call. After this COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you get to book yourselves for your next retreat.

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How to Train Your Dogs

Are you thinking of training your dogs at home? If you are, you can teach them a few rudimentary commands. Of course, these steps are helpful when you deal with your dogs’ behavior problems.

Now, let’s dive into the training. Where do you begin? What teaching commands your dogs want to listen to? Well, you can choose several options to command your dogs. You will surely enjoy doing it over and over again.


Teach them to sit. This step appears to be a great one to begin. Remember, your dogs will be quieter and more stress-free to control when they learn the sit command. As well, you have to know that this “sit” command prepares your dogs to follow difficult commands, such as “come” and “stay.”

Follow these steps to teach the “sit” command:

    • Have a grip of the treat near the dogs’ noses.
    • Transfer the position of your hands up to allow the dogs’ heads to follow the treat. In the next scenario, your dogs will lower their bottom to sit.
    • In the sitting position, command your dogs to “sit,” give them treats, and show them affection.
    • Redo the sequence many times every day so that your dogs can master it. Ask your dogs to sit before mealtime, or in many situations to make them calm and seated.


It is extremely helpful to train your dogs to learn the “come” command. You can ask your dogs to come when you lose hold of the chain or when you leave the front door open. Once your dogs learn this simple command, your dogs will surely be out of trouble.

Follow the steps to execute the “come” command:

    • Place the chain or leash on the neckline of your dogs.
    • As well, lower yourselves to their level. Then, say, “come” while slipping on the leash gently.
    • Reward them with love and treat them when they get your “come” command.
    • If your dogs learn to master the first step, remove the chain or leash, and continue to practice the command in a safe environment.

So, you can train your dogs, too. You, at least, have time to train them. Perhaps, you can do the tricks by using the “stay” and “leave it” commands. Try to do these commands at home. You can, finally, see great results.

Great training for your dogs begins now.


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