Water Delight Resort: Re-creating memories

Choosing Water Delight Resort can be your best pick. This resort gives you a positive vibe since it is next to your doorstep. Meaning, it is not remote compared to some areas outside Misamis Oriental.

Its resort location 

You can drive your car going to Water Delight Resort. Its address is at Luz Banzon, Jasaan in Misamis Oriental. As well, you don’t get lost when you get to the place. You can ask people there where you go. Just simple directions, you can reach the resort of your choice.

Selection of cottages

Well, you can have selections of cottages at reasonable prices ranging from the costs of 200 pesos, 400 pesos, to 500 pesos. Choose the cottage that serves you best to settle in and enjoy at the resort. Also, you can use its hall, which costs you 1,000 pesos and 2,000 pesos. However, you can pay 4,000 pesos for the hall depending on your timetable. Just decide it for yourselves.

Additional rooms for use

Additionally, you can ask for rooms, too. Those rooms, which cost you 700 pesos, 500 pesos, and 800 pesos, give you awesome treats. Those fully air-conditioned rooms keep you reinvigorated from heat stress. Such a feeling gives you moments to get refreshed and relaxed.

Its entrance fees

Moreover, the management has two payment rates for their entrance fees.  You can only pay 20 pesos for kids and 30 pesos for adults. As well, another overnight entrance fee of 90 pesos per person with a minimum of 30 folks.

Finally, this Water Delight Resort is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Perhaps, you can send your message or drop a call to this 0906 661 9232 to know if changes transpire.

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Twin Hearts Resort: A stirring sojourn to love

Do you want to create good memories with family members and friends? Do you want to take a few trips with them distantly? Well, traveling remotely is fun. However, the COVID-19 pandemic compels you to stay closer to home. You can’t even go somewhere. If that so, Twin Hearts Resort is good for you.

Its physical location

Twin Hearts Resort is at Onofre Drive, Kimaya, Jasaan in Misamis Oriental, Mindanao. Local tourists will reach the resort less than an hour from Cagayan de Oro. You can do that when you drive your car at an average speed. It’s next to Villanueva from Cagayan de Oro. Perhaps, you can take public utility jeepneys (PUJs) or public utility vehicles (PUVs) if you want to save gas. However, it will be advisable to go by private car to ensure good trips. Then, you can ask some people there to guide you and give you directions. It’s awesome, right?

Its amenities and conveniences

Twin Hearts Resort is a stirring sojourn to love. It even offers cottages and pools. The refreshing pool water early morning in the opening of the day gives you a good start. Also, you get to know the pools for kids and adults. However, these pools may have shifting instructions. Some pools are prohibited during night swimming to avoid accidents. In this pandemic, the resort may or may not offer night swimming services. So, you need to ask first. 

Riviere Pool Cabin (Promo Rate) Php 1,000 Inclusive:

    • Entrance fee
    • Breakfast for two
    • Fully air-conditioned room
    • Full-size double-bed room
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Check-in/check-out 12 noon

Riviere Function Hall Inclusive:

    • Cable TV
    • Fully air-conditioned room
    • Use audio-video system
    • “Videoke”
    • Whiteboard for seminars

Of course, some cottages are available at ₱150, ₱250, ₱350, ₱300, ₱600, ₱1600. You can select, which one is best for you. You make sure that you can do something. Just like other resorts, it has some areas where you can grill some fish or chicken and pork meats. In other words, this place is good for your family bonding or class reunion for that matter. You can enjoy yourself a lot when you give yourself a chance to celebrate life.

Its mobile phone dials to call

The management of Twin Hearts Resort has these mobile phone dials, such as 0936 489 9968 and 0906 669 4410. You can call these phone numbers for possible bookings and reservations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some pool services of all resorts may be unavailable. Therefore, it is wise to call the management through these mobile phone dials for confirmation in advance.

Indeed, sharing good memories with family members and friends at Twin Hearts Resort is absolutely fun. You know you are right when you are there. Therefore, the next time you set your location to go on an excursion, you must never forget Twin Hearts on your bucket list. 

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Father’s Day: Honoring all fathers in the world

Celebrating Father’s Day means honoring all types of fathers in the world. This celebration values the role of all fathers who wake up early morning to prepare for food and leave the house for work. It, as well, gives them moments to celebrate their responsibilities as protectors and providers in the family. As such, it is significant to spend time celebrating Father’s Day to show how much children love the pillars of their home – the caring and compassionate fathers who value their families.

The good fathers

Good fathers know how to take care of their children. After work, they accompany their children at home. They do not go to their friends’ houses after work to play games since they are family men. They do not play their mobile games while their wives keep themselves busy preparing meals. They do not portray themselves as if they are single men. And yes, they give their children anything they want as long as those things are necessary. Moreover, they watch out for their children when their wives are busy. Indeed, good fathers know how to father their children.

The effective fathers

Effective fathers love their children. They even teach their children to be effective individuals in the community. They want their children to socialize themselves to value the spirit of camaraderie and friendship. They confidently enforce rules, but often make exceptions when necessary. They frown on the misdeeds of their children and suitably correct them. Moreover, they do not spoonfeed their children by giving them money to buy things pointlessly. Finally, they establish a point through the grasp of their words, not their hands.

The great fathers

Great fathers inspire their children. They always motivate their children to live to the fullest. They protect their children as they do to their wives and parents. As well, they value the emotional, mental, physical, and social needs of their children as members of the family. Without any question, they accept their children regardless of their gender preferences or sexual characteristics. For example, they firstly accept their children if they belong to the LGBTQ+ community even if their social environment criticizes them. Indeed, they promote compassion and love to foster their children with good personal values.

Celebrating Father’s Day is important. It permits children to honor and value their fathers and their roles. The importance of this celebration makes The Misamis Oriental Journal participate in greeting all fathers and those who play the fathers’ roles a “Happy Father’s Day.”

Former President Benigno Aquino III’s respect for democracy: A tale to recall

The passing of the Former President Benigno Aquino III would shock the Filipino people. It would be sad to imagine how the public icon of democracy in the country finally vanished in silence. Some could not take this truth. However, others gradually faced the fact that the face of democracy would rest. For that reason, it would be proper to recall the time when the late president cultivated the spirit of democracy to remind people of the guiding principle of democracy.

The face of democracy

Former President Benigno Aquino III burgeoned to foster democracy in the country. His effort to let the Filipino people accomplish freedom and value human rights thrived. His leadership that cultivated the democratic spirit flourished. He succeeded in maintaining the role to liberate people from autocracy and tyranny. His diplomatic ideologies that worked so well to ensure freedom received approval despite some criticisms. Some people might not realize the worth of democracy; however, the former president was on the right track to advocate the most important rights of all –human rights. As he fought for freedom or democracy, he finally succeeded to advance the gripping force of independence.

The challenge of service

Former President Benigno Aquino III confronted several faultfinders before and after his public service. He led the country with criticisms before him. However, he never lost hope. He managed to fulfill his duties as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines and continued promoting democracy against his adversaries. And yes, he was not perfect. He had some flaws like the rest of us. However, he made sure to fulfill his promise to nurture the spirit of democracy. As he embodied freedom for all people, he mattered to us.

The meaning of democracy

The concept of democracy would require further attention and focus to define its meaning. People knew the value of democracy and realized its meaning about freedom to express their ideas, share their grievances, and voice out their opinions. In other words, democracy would mean freedom to speak through people’s minds as long as they had grounds to say so. In this case, Former President Benigno Aquino III succeeded in promoting democracy.

Indeed, the death of Former President Benigno Aquino III stunned many. His demise was a culmination of his accomplishment to honor him for his good deeds. However, his passing would signal the coming destruction and doom of the Philippine democracy. The present administration had the power to silence a few journalists who tried to advocate human rights. Perhaps, people could still accomplish something worthwhile if they should not let this spirit of democracy disappear soon.

Carmel Waters: A heaven on earth to wander

Visiting Carmel Waters as a magnificent resort in Malaybalay, Bukidnon in Mindanao, Philippines is a sure win. You can confirm this if you try to visit this paradise. As well, you can observe some local and foreign tourists who surely love to see the venue for its elite landscape and gorgeous structural design. Moreover, you can check its facilities beyond comparison. For that reason, Carmel Waters gives you a heaven-on-earth vibe to wander after this COVID-19 pandemic.

This particular site to visit

Carmel Waters is at Purok 1-Dinawihan, Linabo, Malaybalay, Bukidnon in Mindanao, Philippines. Its location seems easy to find once you have private vehicles to drive you to your destination. Also, this place can give you a positive vibe that lets you unwind and celebrate life. The facilities are outstanding, including the pool water and the landscape. Moreover, you can even think of this location as a paradise.

The time of business operations

Local and international guests can check-in at Carmel Waters at 5:00 PM and check-out at 9:00 AM on the following day. The resort also offers night swimming from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. However, this offer varies from time to time due to some restrictions. Guests can check the resort from time to time concerning its availability since the COVID-19 pandemic is powerful enough to change business hours and operations.

The costs during visits

Carmel Waters collects an Entrance Fee of a minimum of ₱1,500.00 for 10 persons. In case of excess, the resort asks for an additional amount of ₱150.00 per head. As well, guests can rent some available tents based on the following brackets:

    • Good for 2 persons – ₱200.00
    • Good for 3 persons – ₱250.00
    • Good for 4-5 persons – ₱350.00

However, you can bring your tents, too. Some guests do not have their tents so they rent some. Once you build and make your tent, you can enjoy doing a bonfire. You pretty sure love to watch some fireflies during nighttime.

Some important reminders

Walk-in guests are not allowed. According to the Facebook page of the resort, advanced booking is necessary. As well, the resort does not serve meals in the canteen. It only serves drinks and snacks. In that case, you may bring your food.

Some inquiries and reservations

The COVID-19 pandemic hits you pretty bad that you cannot go somewhere else. You cannot begin to imagine where to go since constant lockdowns and travel restrictions get implemented from time to time. However, you can go free as long as this pandemic subsides. You just need to wait for the IATF to make public announcements concerning the travel restrictions. Once the IATF irons out everything, you can contact Ms. Ellyn through her mobile phone dial 09974604812. And, one more thing, Ms. Ellyn answers calls from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Please note that you need to contact the resort before doing any transactions. The resort may be closed due to the COVID-19 protocols.

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Three reasons why I moved to the mountains

Going to the mountains could offer you plenty of benefits. It would even help you get rid of the hassle and pressure in the metropolis. It, as well, helped you escape from the bustling city life that would destroy you. As the mountains could allow you to forget the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, you would give yourselves the freedom to do things in life. Of course, you knew how biting, crushing, and shattering the COVID-19 pandemic would be. It would surely push you to the limit to the point that you could scream in agony and pain. As the pandemic spawned horrors to upset you, you had to find ways to remove your strains by moving to the mountains and by winding down yourselves.

To relax from the health, political, and social pressure

Visiting some adjacent foothills could help you relax from the health, political, and social pressure. You could imagine how stressful it would be to wear face masks and face shields all the time in public places. Instead of doing that, you could find the best spot in the foothills for you to stay quiet. Or, perhaps, you could go fishing and get some fish in the lake or pond. And yes, you would love to go fishing since you never had a chance to do it in the city. It would be a random act for you to catch some freshwater fish and grill them on fire. You could do this all day long in the mountains instead of roaming around the house and watching Netflix all the time for long months.

To have some peace of mind

As well, going to the highlands would offer you peace of mind. You should know how fresh the mountain air would be to soothe you up at the moment while remembering how exciting life was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, you could think of the natural view and Mother Nature all combined to showcase the magic of life away from the bustling city life. As the foothills offered new locations to unwind, you could calm down your feelings and find peace in your hearts in the mountains.

To have a great experience while surviving the COVID-19

Furthermore, one great experience you could have was to climb the summits and tops. You could smell some fresh air to breathe. As well, you could even find some places in the mountains where you would enjoy cooking freshly picked vegetables and grilling some freshwater fish. As you strived hard to survive the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, you could forget the stress while you were humming and singing with the birds. Upon doing that, you managed to eliminate the undying idea of social distancing protocols, wearing face masks and face shields, and travel restrictions that made you lose your senses at all.

Indeed, going to the mountains would be the practical solution to do this COVID-19 pandemic. It might not be the best answer to escape from the cataclysmic impact of the pandemic; however, you could still beat the odds by ignoring anxiety and tension brought about by the rambling social distancing protocols and the travel restrictions. As you nearly lost your sense of survival, you could help yourselves to get back on your feet and move to the mountains to overcome your fear of this pandemic season.

P.S. We would deeply thank Engineer John Ronald Seno for allowing us to use his photo for this article. 

How the government and the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed us

Since the virus outbreak in China, we strongly feel worried. We are very anxious about what happens next. Of course, the outbreak causes us some horrors. It leaves us nothing since we do not know what to do for sure. As we observe the government regulations and the COVID-19 protocols day by day, we lose the track of time. We lose the chance to survive since a few of my friends, parents, and relatives die – not because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but because of the effect of it.

Government leaders and us

Street people get used to living agonizing moments in life. Under the harsh condition and environment on the street, they survive. And yes, we live. However, we can’t say we can prevent the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic nor surpass its wrath. We felt disheartened when police officers as ordered and mandated by the local government units (LGUs) hold their powers to jam all regions, sites, and zones block by block. The issue of community quarantine takes place that we can’t beg for alms in the streets. If we fail to get some food on the streets, we soon starve. And yes, we die. As government leaders do not know what to do, our simple lives on the streets get shattered.

Prohibited monetary allowance

At some point, we hear some rumors nearby. The government will give monetary allowance to the poorest of the poor. So, we expect much that some people from the government will look for us. Unfortunately, we lose the chance to receive any support from the government. Nobody comes. No government leaders and politicians come to rescue us. Rumors have it that only the poor, the working-class, and the middle-class manage to receive their shares. As we expect support from the government, we receive nothing.

Well, we are not mad. We, as well, cannot blame the government. Government leaders have their unique style of choosing people to receive their blessings. These people may be friends and relatives or those people who are willing to give them a commission profit. Because we cannot beg for money one evening, we force ourselves to cook the best hot meals we can afford to have – a bag of powdery dust and sticky mud combined to form a porridge enough to fill our dirty, empty stomach.

Guards on the streets

And yes, we are street people. We will always be. We cannot blame our parents and government leaders for that. We blame no one or nothing. Additionally, our lives depend on the streets. We survive when we are on the streets. However, this time we barely find a place to beg for alms. Our LGUs block the streets and make some checkpoints. In times like this, we can do nothing. We just hold our temper until we lose our hope. So, we decide to knock on doors to beg for alms and mercy.

Asking for alms

One day, we knocked on more doors. Then, we offered our best smiles and teary eyes of joy to hope that a few of them would give us some food. Some of those households opened their doors only to tell us that we were the carriers of the virus. Many people shut their doors for us. However, other people in their households just peered out in their windows without saying a word. Indeed, they did not like our presence.

Dirty porridge on a plate

Now, we have nothing left on our plate. Of course, we can cook again. With plenty of bags of powdery dust and sticky mud collected on the ground, we can make porridge as our essential food to survive temporarily. However, we do not blame the government. The government is just fine in this circumstance. We only blame ourselves. If we blame others, we can only blame the COVID-19 pandemic since it doesn’t have the power to put us in jail. If we do blame the government, we surely aren’t here to ask someone to write our stories for us.

Furthermore, only the strongest survives. We love to know that our close relatives, the poor and the working-class people, can still advance an inch of their lives for the next day. At least, they can continue to move on without us. For our distant relatives, the middle-class and the elite people can continue living with grace. Indeed, they have the money to buy everything – even the impossible in the world.

At last, we can relax now. As we eat the last sticky porridge made of powdery dust and sticky mud, can we request one thing? Please inject us with some vaccines so that we can die quickly. Don’t worry. We won’t tell the angels in heaven what happened here on Earth.

Del Carmen Beach: Your next beach adventure

Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool is always close to your heart. You may not have any reason, for now, but you can’t rebuff this fact. The moment you visit the place you can’t say no to it. This circumstance happens when you feel the resort to be part of your best adventure.

Entertainment and fun 

And yes, Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool gives entertainment and fun. The resort is located at Brgy. Kauswagan, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. In other words, it is easy to find the resort without hiring a tour guide. You may be right when you try to visit the place. Once you are there, you can’t resist choosing the same resort.

Amenities at Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool

As well, you will love the resort because of its amenities. Since the resort holds the best facilities in town, you can say no to it. It is magic when you have the following:

    • Beach activities
    • Swimming pool
    • Other entertainment and fun wedding/anniversary/party packages

Here at Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool, you can enjoy its facilities and services. You can even relax to be stress-free. More than this, you can enjoy its panoramic view.


Great experiences

Additionally, one can experience the wonder of the place. For some of you, Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool is an ordinary site. You may think of an ordinary venue to enjoy. However, your feelings change when you see the turquoise beach water, the smell of the cerulean pool water, and the air that comes from the beach nearby will always greet you with joy and wonder.

Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool and others

Now, your question may be the difference between the resort and others. According to the management of the resort, their caring staff can make your stay more meaningful and unforgettable.

A number to call

Here is the contact number to call 0935 472 0560. Or, you can even contact the management through e-mail as posted on its FB page for your next beach adventure.

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