Sagpulon Falls: A testament to a divine creation

Sagpulon Falls is another testament to a heavenly conception. You can say nothing but wonder how deifying and magnificent Sagpulon Falls is. The site itself seems to be a natural tourist spot to leave more tourist jaws to drop. Some guests work so hard to confirm Sagpulon Falls to be a hidden wonder; whereas, others want to comment and consider the falls a compelling natural charm to stay. Despite the distance of the site, Sagpulon Falls remains a physical marvel of celestial creation.                                                     

You can find Sagpulon Falls at Barangay San Isidro in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. You can take your cars or motorcycles if you want. The road to Sagpulon Falls allows you to transport without a hassle. You can even take commercial motorcycles if you want. You just need to pay for it for only ₱50.00 (Price may vary) from the national highway to Sagpulon Falls. You just have to pay ₱100.00 for a back and forth trip. You may consider it taxing to travel from the main road to the falls due to distance. Nevertheless, you can realize how lucky you are to be in that adventure.

Moreover, Sagpulon Falls is in the hilly chunk of Jasaan. You need to pass groups of houses along the road; however, you find it relaxing to travel with your camera at hand. While traveling through motorcycles, you can expect occasional curves and slippery roads during rainy seasons. You can still enjoy the road trip itself as it gives you a sense of adventure.

Indeed, Sagpulon Falls, with its towering height of almost 150 feet, gives you time to reflect and wonder about the astonishing piece of creation. The pouring water from the top of the waterfalls aggressively touches its walls and then creates a torrential light rain and shower down to its basin to be a simple reminder of nature and its stunning presence. Also, you do love nature, right? So, what are you waiting for?

A Road Trip from the Main Highway to Sagpulon Falls


A Friendly Reminder

    • You can visit Sagpulon Falls during summer to see and witness clearer and bluer waters.
    • As well, you need to bring with you some food products and other necessities with you because you cannot find stores nearby.
    • Finally, you need to leave the place at 4 PM before the closing time at 5 PM because there is no electricity in the area.

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MANGO GRILL Farm Resort: An adventure to make

In selecting a place for a simple adventure, you know you always have a choice. You know you can find a new place to relax somewhere in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. Mango Grill Farm Resort gives you another splash and taste of adventure.

Mango Grill Farm Resort is in Naputos, Dayawan in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. The site itself is picture-perfect for social media posts. Local guests even book their events, such as anniversaries, birthdays, debuts, weddings, and more, too. Aside from that, the place gives you another experience to unwind.

And if you are looking for something like this, you can check out Mango Grill Farm Resort. Does anybody tell you where it is? Or perhaps, you know where it is. Other guests can vouch for this, and you know you like it too. You can check the following details that suit you best.

Exclusive Event:

    • Day – 5,000.00 Pesos
    • Night – 6,000.00 Pesos

Entrance Fee:


    • Adult – 75.00 Pesos
    • Children – 50.00 Pesos


    • Adult – 100.00 Pesos
    • Children – 75.00 Pesos

Cottage Rate:

    • 500 to 1000 pesos

For more bookings and inquiries, you can call and text the following phone dials:

    • 0997-355-9383
    • 0917-310-9912
    • 0948-342-7745

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Greenwater Resort: A new seaside spree in Jasaan

Searching for a place to unwind this season of fear and panic can be a riveting challenge. You know how difficult, yet exciting it is to set your adventure this year just to find the best site to relax. As you go on a simple, yet constrained vacation, you may want to consider a few things, such as beach activity, distance, and other considerations.

Also, finding a swimming spree on cerulean beach waters can be easy. You need to google-map Misamis Oriental because this province has a lot of resorts to offer. You can wind down and discover your peace if you choose to do it. As well, you get to know Greenwater Resort as one of the destinations among locals in the region.

Choosing Greenwater Resort can, of course, be your topic choice. You have to consider the location, especially this pandemic season. In doing so, you need to stick around Misamis Oriental just a little bit and be safe. You know how important it is to be safe during the pandemic season. As such, you better be yourself and try to calm your mind and spirit. If you do, you can visit this serene Greenwater Resort in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental letting you celebrate and enjoy the pleasure of life.

Also, Greenwater Resort gives you an introspective quest. In other words, the place gives you the reason to enjoy and have some fun season after season. Aside from that, the place creates space and time for you to unwind. You can dive and swim if you want and strike small talks with your family members and friends if you choose to do it. In the flash of silence, you learn to remove your baggage of stress to beat the odds. As you do, you learn to remember to spend your days with family members and friends.

Well, Greenwater Resort now becomes one in the list of your chosen beach and spring resorts. More than these, you get the chance to wind down and break the tension in life as the usual thing to do. As you create a moment of a notable escapade, you learn to see how essential it is to spend time with family members and friends. You have to do it to witness new seashore adventures with family members and friends.

Furthermore, visiting Greenwater Resort is a sensible choice. Regardless of the present plague, you have to find your place to celebrate life. You have to include this Greenwater Resort in your bucket list for your future sites to visit. You have to secure your automobile now and drive along the Cagayan-Butuan highway to reach your destination. Perhaps, you take public utility vehicles (PUV) and reach the site in Danao, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.

What are you waiting for? You do not need to skip this chance. You need to call the management of the resort now on its mobile phone dial at 0975-906-0743. I know you do.

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Blue Chill’s Resort: An acclaimed place to visit

You still believe in the new normal scenario, right? However, things, as you try to imagine, will never be the same again. Whether you believe it or not, you can no longer fix the situation even if you try to mend it and manage to go back in time.

And yet, here you are. You cannot begin to wonder how and when things will get back to normal. You scream in protest but you cannot do anything to stop the COVID-19 and its Delta, Gamma, Kappa, and Omicron variants. Sometimes, you may think if these variants or if the coronavirus (COVID-19) itself is real. You do not know for sure, so you keep on thinking about how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts all aspects of human endeavor. As you just think there is no way to end these COVID-19 theatrics, you need to unwind to calm yourselves and to give yourself peace of mind. Why not visit Blue Chill’s Resort?

Unquestionably, you can find more resorts out there. You can google them for yourselves. However, you can choose Blue Chill’s Resort in San Isidro, Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental if you get a chance. Other guests and visitors can tell you that the place is the perfect spot to relax and unpack the baggage of stress. You can enjoy all the miracles of life as you try to bring your family members and friends, too.

Blue Chill’s Resort offers you breathtaking and instagrammable sights. You can take photos in the morning or in the afternoon to see the sunrise and sunset. As well, there are other things that you can do in the resort. You just need to ask. With the very accommodating staff members of the resort, you can enjoy and spend the best moments with family members and friends. Indeed, you can recommend this place to other family members and friends, too.

In other words, you can visit Blue Chill’s Resort when you visit Magsaysay. With its entrance fee of ₱50.00, you can enjoy the venue with its Cabana with 2 adults at ₱1,500.00 with free entrance and breakfast. You can choose some other places, too.

Aside from that, you can celebrate life and relish yourself with the round pool seawater, the restaurant, and the live band. For inquires and reservations, you can message their Facebook pages and message them at 0966-476-7030.


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Twin Hearts Resort: An unforgettable site to stay

Are you thinking of going away after New Year? For sure, you just feel bored of the things that happened around you in 2021 and you need to move on to the new highlights in 2022. Because of that, you manage to count the days, weeks, and months to come to celebrate the longest holidays in the Philippine context.

And you find a respite to slow down just a little bit. You can turn your days into remarkable ones if you try to do something worthwhile. For example, you will engage in various physical and sports activities to enjoy or you travel around to see old places that you missed during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you wait for the days to come – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, you just realize that you have more reasons to celebrate life.

However, you may be marveling at how other people live their lives outside your comfort zone. Are they still all right these days despite the pandemic? How do they survive these challenges – floods, natural disasters, and poverty? How do they make their ends meet? With all these questions, you cannot help but ask yourselves how those people struggle to stay alive.

So, you choose to travel and celebrate life. You need to find places to unwind. This decision is the least you can do during a pandemic. You just need to reflect on things that bother you most. You just need to relax and find strength amidst several billowing circumstances. You all have the options to consider now in terms of relaxation; however, you just need to search for relaxing and unforgettable places – beach resorts and cold springs. Like Twin Hearts Resort in Kimaya, Jasaan in Misamis Oriental, you undeniably find your site to let everything go.

Twin Hearts Resort expects guests this time. When the COVID-19 guidelines and policies are no longer stern, the resort management now accepts guests to enjoy the cerulean pool waters. Family members and friends take their time enjoying their hours of having fun in the water. After the pool activities, they have to go to their reserved gazebos.

You can tell your stories at Twin Hearts Resort, too. The excitement, the fun, and the memory that Twin Hearts Resort gives create a mental picture in your head. Soon, you will realize the value of time. You learn to appreciate the value of time to celebrate with family members and friends. In this life, you can only move forward. As you cannot turn back times, you can only reminisce those images from your mind. How amazing it is for you to hark back to the old times – the giggles and larks on your face as you shove the pool waters with your bare hands to create splashing effects against the faces of your family members and friends?

And then again, you only imagine those things. Nonetheless, you can still recreate those significant events in your lives. Going out somewhere for fun and excitement can be your priority this time. Why not visit Twin Hearts Resort today? With an entrance fee of ₱75.00, you can enjoy your pool water activities and wet picnics at Twin Hearts Resort. You can dial 0906-669-4410 for more information. You can even visit the management of the resort on its Facebook page.


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Here’s What You Need to know about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Cryptocurrencies

You, perhaps, frown your eyebrows at the moment upon hearing the words, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Cryptocurrencies. As defined, NFTs are digital assets or collectibles. In other words, these assets are digital collectibles in which they are exclusive as the blockchain system will record them. If you try to reminisce about accumulating those baseball cards when you were young, NFTs are the digital forms of those cards. It only means that you can have art NFTs, book NFTs, music NFTs, and video NFTs.

NFTs are digital files. You as creators of these digital assets and files need to understand, now more than ever, the value of NFTs. These digital files with the ownership accepted and verified in the blockchain hold unique signatures that no other people can copy your work. In this case, you as the content creators or writers can deliver to your hardcore fans, create media events, get residual incomes, and create investors. Your fans can promote your products, too.

Comparatively, cryptocurrencies are digital payment systems. They do not acknowledge the banking systems to authenticate transactions. They seem to be peer-to-peer systems to empower anyone to accept and guide these payments. As well, the online public ledges can record the transactions when you transfer cryptocurrency funds. In this case, these cryptocurrencies are warehoused in digital folders or wallets.

In many cases, you as learners of the new age must learn what NFTs are. You have to comprehend the trends surrounding NFTs. NFTs, nowadays, exist in countless fields of discipline. Sooner or later, experts and professionals will grasp these huge impacts in the literary ecosphere. According to experts, “these non-fungible tokens are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with distinctive identification cryptograms, programs, and metadata” (Friedman, 2021). In other words, these digital assets are distinguishable from each other. Unlike cryptocurrencies, content creators, experts, and professionals cannot make an exchange or trade NFTs at equivalency.

Additionally, these non-fungible tokens can exemplify online-only assets, such as digital artworks and real assets. A few examples of those assets cover in-game items, such as avatars, digital and non-digital collectibles, domain names, and event tickets. Experts and professionals understand that NFTs can help eliminate piracy. None can plagiarize your work because the so-called blockchain can record those assets.

Moreover, Non-Fungible Tokens are the future. They become part of the large-scale movement that exhibits the upcoming shift from WEB2 to WEB3. For example, the presence of WEB2 refers to people all living in now in which mega-platforms, such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and others dominate the market (Friedman, 2021). Then, you just get advertising, sales of personal data, and regular security breaches. On the contrary, WEB3 wishes to eliminate those differences.

For one thing, NFTs are the future. They demonstrate these people’s social statuses. They appear to be Rolex watches on your wrists, the Chanel bags on your arms, the Leonardo da Vinci paintings on your walls. These NFTs are, indeed, high-class possessions if bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are the currency of the future.


Friedman, J. (2021). NFTs: What are they and how much should writers and publishers care? Retrieved from

Jablonski, S. (2021). Are NFTs The New Crypto? A Guide To Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens. Retrieved from

Payag Ni Kuya: A place to unwind

Are you looking for a quiet place to do a layover this year 2022? Well, it seems hassle-free to do these days. All you have to do is to check Google Maps if you decide to create good memories in this specific serene site or if you want to escape the bustling metropolis to find peace of mind. Of course, you cannot even disregard Claveria, Misamis Oriental because this chosen location for this trailing adventure, for sure, attracts more guests every year. In this case, all you have to do is to pack your bags and head to your destination.

Payag Ni Kuya is a camping venue for everyone. This place is suitable for those family members who want to find new scenes for their family get-togethers or for those friends who wish to create exciting group activities, such as recollection and reflection sessions and team-building occasions. In other words, Payag Ni Kuya unquestionably is a good setting for those who want to be outdoors and those who wish to devote their weekends to let everything go.

Well, Payag Ni Kuya can give you a new place to relax. You can visit the site in Patrocinio, Claveria in Misamis Oriental. Aside from that, this camping site offers both meals and overnight stays for family members and friends. It, as well, is an impeccable place to perform some activities, such as social night outs, bonfires with colleagues, family members, and friends, camping settings, and other amazing events to do when you get there.

There can be so much more to do to unwind. Perhaps, you can call or send a text message to the management of Payag Ni Kuya at 0917-700-9309 for more inquiries and bookings. Just remember the place – Barangay Patrocinio, Claveria, 9004 Misamis Oriental. You can check the photos from Travelenture PH.

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Bansada Agri-Eco Adventure Park

Life is too short. You cannot even deny that fact using simple logic. It can be the hardest truth to accept it as true in looking at the inescapability of life – no permanency. This unbreakable truth tells you to consider and imagine the ephemerality of life in this world. So, what are you going to do? It is simple. You have to invest your time to be with your family members, relatives, and friends and find places where you can create memories to celebrate life.

As you celebrate life, you imagine the stimulating place where you think you have never been before. Somewhere in Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat, perhaps, you can find solitude at Bansada Agri-Eco Adventure Park. You can begin to paint a picture on your mind to create unforgettable memories, get captivated by the calm and soothing venue, and see the impressive sights. As you walk around the park, you can spot where you think you walk on a paradise as you peek at the inexplicable atmosphere or aura along with the panoramic view.

Now, your biological clocks tick. You just do not know what happens next. You, as well, do not know what to do next. You have to imagine and close your eyes to see the things around you. At least, you accomplish to enjoy yourselves and relive your experience at BANSADA AGRI-ECO ADVENTURE PARK. As such, you can celebrate life this time.

By the way, you can call the management of the tourist spot for more bookings and reservations. It is better to plan your adventure. You just need to dial their mobile phone dials at 0906-051-7056. What are you waiting for?

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