Kinabuhing Dagat Beach Resort: A story to unfold

Life has always been a struggle. By that, you feel stressed every single day whether you like it or not. The only reason why you are still alive is that you keep on holding onto it or that you just learn how to deal with it. Perhaps, may not notice or sense the stress, but you, somehow, get entombed into the longwinded ways of life. And whatever you do, stay even stronger. You know you get fed up and see the worst-case scenario while trying to find the calmness of your heart. In this case, you need to visit KINABUHING DAGAT BEACH RESORT in Kalamkam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental.

At Kinabuhing Dagat Beach Resort, you get the chance to unwind and find peace. The reason is simple. You have plenty of things to amuse yourself on the beach – diving and swimming under the blue sky. Despite the challenge every day, you need to break the ice. You need to get away from that monotony of life. It is even normal to feel anxious and empty, but you gain strength as you try to visit the resort to regain consciousness. As the resort gives you time to relax, you just realize how important it is to be hassle-free.

As well, some people assert that life is challenging. You know those people are right. In your case, at least, you try to work hard and find peace of mind at Kinabuhing Dagat Beach Resort. You just have to get up, inspire yourself, and beat the odds. You need to find your means and ways to resolve those trials before those things get in your way. Perhaps, you need to escape those challenges by visiting relaxing sites and unwinding those complications instead of facing those struggles. Perhaps, you can find solitude in the process.

At Kinabuhing Dagat Beach Resort, you can unwind and find places that give you peace of mind. You know you are quite busy in life, but you also know that you cannot live like that – to be bored all day long. It is unhealthy for you to bury yourself in the office and at home or drown yourself in the bulk of tasks. So, spend time at Kinabuhing Dagat in Talisayan.

Finally, you can find the balance between a job and a family. You still have time to plan to wind down and relax. Now, are you ready to see the blue sky, the white sand, and the turquoise water? For reservations, please call the management today through its mobile phone dial: 0927 613 346

MAN-ISO BEACH RESORT: A place to remember

August is here. And still, you are planning to go somewhere far. Don’t bother going away. You can stay near as you like. If you are looking for places to give you moments to unwind, visit MAN-ISO BEACH RESORT to relax and celebrate life.

MAN-ISO BEACH RESORT seems a cloistered place for your small group fun and activity. You can invite your classmates, office mates, friends, and family members to the place. In other words, you can spend your time here for your team building, company outing, family reunion, or family gathering. With a clean and safe beachfront to stay overnight, you can never ask for more.

Well, MAN-ISO BEACH RESORT is in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental. This beach resort can be your perfect place to choose. You can consider options for 30 pax up to 50 pax packages. Please consider the group package offers for you:

  • Fully airconditioned rooms for overnight stay (30-40 Total Capacity – 6 Rooms Only)
  • Free cottages and picnic table use
  • No corkage for food and drinks
  • Cooking and grilling area (You can bring your portable stove for cooking.)
  • Karaoke Set (Separate fee not included in the package)
  • Kayaking (Separate fee per hour)
  • Corner shops (Sari-sari store available inside the resort)

As you can see, you need to find time to unwind. In this busy life, you need to stop and pay attention to yourselves. Your body needs to relax. So, when you think about relaxing, visit MAN-ISO BEACH RESORT for a change.

PACCO Beachfront: A refreshing beach to stay

Are you from Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental? If you are, you can simply visit PACCO Beachfront in Gracia. The coastline is clean, and the beach water is refreshing. If you think of going early morning, you don’t wanna miss PACCO beachfront.

At PACCO Beachfront, you experience the vibe of nature. You get to talk to your family members and friends. You can grill chicken, fish, or pork meat there. You get to have a low-priced cottage to stay on for breakfast and lunch. Well, you gotta do what you love doing.

Of course, you need to pay an entrance fee of 5.00 PESOS. You can get your cottage for 100.00 PESOS. If you don’t like a cottage, you can have your plastic table and put all your belongings there. There you go; you just save 100.00 PESOS. Besides, the beach is spacious, especially in the morning.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to PACCO Beach today.


Are you still looking for sites to visit? Look no further. Visit Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub at Route 955, Civoleg, Lunotan, Gingoog City. You take less than two hours if you’re from Cagayan de Oro.

Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub is a new location to tour with family members and friends. You may not notice this site; however, this tourist destination has classy accommodations. You can take a look at the picture to see my point of reference. The room accommodations are quite superb considering the hilltop scenes.

Well, you can impossibly get lost when you get there. Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub is between Claveria-Gingoog boundaries. According to the famous vlogger KATAWA CDO DOODZKIE, the garden hub is after the Da Groove. Aside from that, its location is along the main road. If you travel on the road now, you know where it is because it is in-between Mt. Balatukan and Mt. Sumagaya.

Please Note:

We fully GIVE credits and thanks to the OWNER of the following PHOTOS – KATAWA CDO DOODZKIE.

Of course, you need to check their entrance fees WITH POOL rates:


    • 50.00 PESOS for ADULTS + 100.00 PESOS with POOL
    • 30.00 PESOS for CHILDREN + 70.00 PESOS with POOL


    • 100.00 PESOS for ADULTS + 200.00 PESOS with POOL
    • 70.00 PESOS for CHILDREN + 150.00 PESOS with POOL


At Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub, you know you can’t ask for more. The hotels, the pools, the views, and more are available. You can check in at the hotel at 2:00 PM and check out at NOON on the following day.

    • 2,200.00 PESOS for SINGLE BED for two persons (Matrimonial) with free breakfast
    • 2,200.00 PESOS for DOUBLE/SINGLE BED for two persons with free breakfast
    • 6,000.00 PESOS for CONTAINER VAN TYPE ROOM for six persons with free breakfast.
    • Please note that the management of Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub requires its guest to pay for corkage fees. Anyway, the corkage fees are just minimal.

Moreover, Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub has amenities:

    • Garden
    • Swimming Pool
    • Giant Swing
    • Hanging Bridge
    • Bonfire (250.00 PESOS)
    • Cottages (700.00 PESOS)
    • View Deck
    • Function Hall
    • Mini-Bar/Coffee Shop
    • Wi-Fi Access

At Civoleg Hilltop Garden Hub, you can do a lot of things. You can rent the following inflatables for one hour:

    • Airplane (100.00 PESOS)
    • Shell (50.00 PESOS)
    • Blue Tub (150 PESOS)
    • Circle Float (250 PESOS)

Do you know how to get there? From CAGAYAN DE ORO to VILLANUEVA, stop at MINUTE BURGER in VILLANUEVA. When you stop at MINUTE BURGER, you can see an intersection. Bear right. It is on the right side of the road going up to CLAVERIA. Drive straight ahead to pass through BARANGAY MAT-I to reach SITIO CIVOLEG, LUNOTAN in GINGOOG near DA GROOVE after the bridge down to see the signage HILLTOP GARDEN HUB on the left side.

Furthermore, the road is fully cemented. However, you have to make sure to have your cars checked before traveling because you are traveling hilltop. As well, you have to bring with you your jackets because the temperature drops especially during 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now by dialing the numbers 0936-878-7353.

RANSHI Farm Beach Resort: A touch of nature

Are you preparing for a wet picnic this time? Well, there’s a seaside resort to enjoy in a distance. You just have to visit the Ranshi Farm Beach Resort and see if it suits your sense of taste. At Ranshi, you can experience a touch of nature.

At Ranshi, you can do a few things. You get to swim in the spotless marine water. You get to ride on a floating boat as well. While eating your food at the bamboo cottage, you get to see a peaceful view of the immense sea bed in the distance. And yes, the place seems very relaxing that you can truly spend quality time with family members and friends.

Moreover, going to a beach resort is a way to relieve stress. It makes you feel relaxed as the resort gives you a sense of nature. And yes, the vibe of nature is gratifying as you are surrounded by coconut trees. At Ranshi, you get to feel the touch of nature.

As you can see, you can spend time with your loved ones at Ranshi. Like other beach resorts, you don’t have to worry about the distance. As well, the resort is easy to locate as its site is at Purok 1, Poblacion, Manticao, Misamis Oriental. Dial these numbers 0996-659-5890 to make a reservation today.


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MAT-I Mountain Resort: A paradise in Naawan

Do you wish to visit an ideal site to unwind? If you do, you need to consider an outstanding location where you can chill out with family members and friends. You need to know MAT-I Mountain Resort in Naawan, Misamis Oriental.

Well, the management of MAT-I Mountain Resort properly maintains the scenery of the place. Its resort gives you a lovely view. The pool water as the center of attraction captivates you as it refreshes you from the heat of the sun and stress. The bamboo, carrot, and kalube cottages give you the comfort to stay for a while and talk to loved ones.

Besides, more tourists come and visit the place. It’s near if you live in Misamis Oriental. If you’re planning to go this weekend, you can see the place right away. Its location is Purok 4, Matabang, MAT-I, Naawan, Misamis Oriental. When you get the chance to go for a wet picnic, MAT-I Mountain Resort is just there waiting for you.

As you can see, you can take some time off. You know how beneficial it is for you to spend time with family members and friends. So, you choose a place that calms you down and releases your tension. Indeed, the place gives you a sense of comfort. What are you waiting for? Make a reservation now. Please dial these numbers 0946-958-9657 and 0926-271-6207.


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BEBE Deck Resort: A place to remember

Are you looking for a budget-friendly site to visit? Well, you don’t need to worry about finding one. You can check out this new relaxing and talk-of-the-town spot to tour – Bebe Deck Resort. Considering its location, Bebe Deck Resort has the charm to attract more tourists.

As you can see, the location of the resort is Purok 1 Balagnan, Balingasag, MISAMIS ORIENTAL. It’s near you if you try to check the distance. You just have to make sure to check your calendar while preparing for your travel stuff. You can, also, scout the whole area first before packing things up and having your camping and overnight stay.

Of course, spending with family members and friends at Bebe Deck Resort is relaxing. You get to spend a lot of time talking to your friends and loved ones. You have more time to talk about topics that matter to you. Aside from that, the place suits whatever entertainment and fun you do at the resort. You get to swim in the pool, relax for a couple of hours in the shelter, and eat at the sheds.

There’s more to this. Bebe Deck Resort gives you something to wonder about life. Firstly, you get to witness the vastness of space on the horizon. Secondly, you get the chance to see the natural landscape of the area. Thirdly, you get to freshen up when you sense the cool embrace of nature. Relaxing at it is, visiting Bebe Deck Resort helps remove yourself from stress.

What are you looking for? You can visit the place first if you are not in a hurry. It’s better to scout the area before taking your trips. Then, make a reservation. You don’t have to fret because Bebe Deck Resort gives you discounts. It even requires you to pay just a little as:

Entrance Fees

    • 10.00 PESOS for CHILDREN
    • 20.00 PESOS for ADULTS

You can pay ADDITIONAL 30.00 PESOS if you USE the POOL. Aside from that, Bebe Deck Resort has Wi-Fi. You can use Wi-Fi if you want. Besides, you can use your tents. Oh, you are coming in numbers like 10 people. Don’t worry! You just have to pay 500.00 PESOS for 24 HOURS, which is good for 10 PEOPLE.


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APLAYA RESORT: A place to explore and relax

Are you catching up on the summer? Well, there’s always a way to do it. You just have to search for better locations to cool down, unwind, and dare challenge yourself to find one. And yes, Aplaya Resort gives you what you need.

As you choose Aplaya Resort, you pick the right one for you. You surely will learn to love the place as. The location of the resort is in Lugait, Misamis Oriental. In other words, you don’t have to find any trouble locating the place as it is close to home. At Aplaya Resort, you find joy to remember.

Aside from that, the venue is tempting. For example, the coconut trees that erect and span the area try to cover the open space of the pool area. The pool area by the beach even lets you see its panorama, as well as the stretch of the deep and vast ocean. And yes, the resort gives you a nature vibe plus amazing moments to have fun with your family members and friends to celebrate life.

Besides, you can find yourself either on the beach or in pool water as well. You can choose to stay in one place if don’t feel the other. For example, you can stay on the beach if you don’t want the heat of the sun. Perhaps, you like to pick the cerulean pool water if you want to freshen up your days. 

As you can see, Aplaya Resort gives you peace of mind. It just is a matter of choice whether you go or not. You only need two hours or less to make your road trips. So, what are you waiting for? Dial the numbers (0917-859-2971) and contact the management for whatever serves you best.

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