A Visit to White Island in Camiguin: A Seen to Remember

The chance to visit Camiguin is now. It’s far from December 25, so you are away from the holiday hassle to travel. All you have to do is set your priorities to finish unfinished businesses and schedule your trips to reach your best tourist destinations. In traveling, you get plenty of benefits. You get to unwind your whole-day annoyance from your routine and get connected to nature. As you take your trips to the best scenery of Camiguin, you get the chance to see the White Island that let your eyes mesmerize.

A personal trip is necessary for you. From the hassle to the skirmish you meet every day, you get a place for you to cherry-pick and make your personal trip. A parade of tourist destinations is available this time. You cannot deny the fact that such a trip destination is within your grasp. It’s a matter of online booking and reservation for you to go and reach your destination. However, it’s, also, a matter of decision for you to make considering your budget and other expenses. If money is not a problem, set your travel ahead of time to avoid any untoward circumstances. Would you like to go to places you have never been before, or you would choose Camiguin to experience nature?

Whatever your decision is, you need to consider a few things – money, distance, and scenery. For me, there’s no place like Camiguin. To give you peace of mind, you need Camiguin to catch your solitude. In other words, there’s a place for you to relax. Get straight to the point to visit Camiguin because it has something for you to remember and treasure.

As you can see, traveling is fun. There may be drawbacks for you to encounter, but you can enjoy everything that inspires you to do. What are you waiting for? Visit Camiguin today.

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We thank Mr. Warren Camitan for the Camiguin photo. 

KATIHAN ECO-PARK: Your place to explore

Are you looking for places to relax? Don’t fret! KATIHAN ECO-PARK gives you a glimpse of heaven. As you visit Bukidnon, feel the vibe of nature at this ecological site.

At KATIHAN ECO-PARK, you get to breathe and smell the fresh air. You get to take a bath at the pool. Aside from that, you get to relax inside the cottages, Kubo, Cabin House, and other sheltered camps where you surely experience relaxation.

Well, you get to unwind at the park. Its location is the perfect site to visit. You have to bring your food and even cook right there. You can experience bonfires, camping, and swimming in the area as you can choose an overnight stay. At KATIHAN ECO-PARK, you spend your weekend holiday an exciting one.

As you can see, KATIHAN ECO-PARK gives you the best place in the region. You can find other places like this; however, this ecological park is different. The site itself attracts tourists. If you want to book, you may contact this number 09369602211.


From Malaybalay City, you take 21 kilometers to reach KATIHAN ECO-PARK. It is located at Barangay Kibalabag, Malaybalay city. As a roughly estimated ride, you only take an hour’s ride.

If you use a vehicle, consider an SUV or a pick-up truck for your transport because the water level is 0.5 meters to cross the Can-Ayan River. During the rainy season, the water level on the river rises. In this case, travelers can impossibly cross the river. However, motorcycles can cross anytime through a hanging bridge.

Well, you can use commercial motorcycles (habal-habal) for your transport from Malaybalay City right after “The Gardens Venue.”

Camiguin Island: A secluded paradise to love

Are you considering Camiguin Island in your tourist destination list? I bet you do. You know how fantastic it is to visit Camiguin Island. Despite the hassle when it comes to travel requirements, it’s fun. All you have to do is prepare everything for a trip of a lifetime.

On Camiguin Island, you can enjoy life. You can do whatever fun things to do on the island. With your family members and friends, you get to dive, snorkel and swim. You get to play in the sand. Aside from that, you get to witness miracles – the majestic scenery of the island. Well, I can’t tell for more. Just visit the appealing tourist spot for yourself.

Camiguin Tourist Requirements:

    • Well, you get to know the Registration and Health Declaration process via CleanCamiguin. Get ready for the requirements. Upload the following documents and save printed/digital copies of the QR codes upon completion.
      • Complete COVID-19 Vaccination Proof
      • Confirmed booking from the LGU-accredited agencies or clearances from the Municipal Health Officer if staying in a private home
    • You need to present the confirmed accommodations and reservations from the establishments in the province. You need to secure LGU clearances if you stay in private homes by simply asking your hosts to process the clearance.
    • You need to present your complete COVID-19 vaccination card. The complete COVID-19 Vaccination Proof must be at least fourteen (14) days after receiving the required final dose. Only fully vaccinated tourists can enter Camiguin.
    • For guests and tourists traveling from Visayas and Mindanao, you need to present the Negative RT-PCR Test Result from any DOH-accredited laboratories taken within forty-eight (48) hours.

INBOUND PASSENGER – Returning Residents and For Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR)


    • Secure certification from the Barangay and Acceptance from the Municipal Government (for Returning Residents)
    • Prepare for Travel Order (for APOR)
    • Get ready with your Vaccination Card
    • Present your Valid ID


    • Present your Valid ID
    • Prepare for the Negative RT-PCR Test Result taken within twenty-four (24) hours
      • Inbound Passengers must undergo quarantine at the designated place approved by the local health authorities if they commence their travel within 12 hours from the time their test was taken. This situation happens when test results are unavailable. When the negative test results are available, Inbound Passengers can travel within Camiguin.
    • Inbound Passengers may choose to undergo facility-based quarantine protocol for fourteen (14) days upon their return if they do not like the COVID-19 RT-PCR tests.
    • Secure certification from Barangay and Acceptance from the Municipal Government (for Returning residents)
    • Prepare for a Travel Order (for APOR)

The provincial government of Camiguin implements travel requirements, tourist guidelines, and entry protocols. Please note that Camiguin Travel Restrictions and Tourist Requirements will change from time to time without prior notice. For up-to-the-minute advice, information, and resource, go to:

    • http://www.camiguin.gov.ph
    • https://www.facebook.com/PGovtCamiguin/

Source: https://outoftownblog.com/camiguin-travel-requirements-2022/

AGUTAYAN ISLAND: A site to look back

Quite refreshing to recall, your experience traveling can be fun with family members and friends. You feel joy as you make your trips very successful. Regardless of where you go, you cannot ignore the beauty of Agutayan Island. As you check your bucket list of beach resorts, island resorts, or spring resorts to visit, ensure that you make it to your priority list.

At Agutayan Island, your travel quenches your thirst for a new escapade. You cannot even take your eyes off the great white sand bar. You know you want to visit Agutayan Island in the back of your mind. Considering the presence of a sand bar and white sand, it is as closer as you get to Boracay and Camiguin Island.

Besides, spending your holidays in Agutayan is exciting. You get to do some beach activities to make. When beach waters are on the rise, you can dive, snorkel, and swim as normal beachgoers do. You can even use the island itself as a backdrop for your pictorials. You get to have various shots of photos for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Aside from that, you can do some exciting activities before sundown.  

Moreover, you find traveling fun. You know of all people because you take trips a lot. You discover new places and see great things. As you pick your treat, you choose to book Agutayan Island. The island is in Jampason, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. All you have to do is to visit Jasaan and get permits from the local government unit. As soon as you get your travel permit, you are green to go to take your trips.

As you can see, you can check the management of Agutayan Island for more clarification. Visit Jasaan Municipality for permits to travel and ask for new information as required. Using the contact number 0975-880-1216, you can check the requirements for travel or you can visit its office for sure.

Remember, traveling is fun.

CHAVES SPRING RESORT: A Shangri-La to stay

One way to love yourself is to liberate yourself from stress. It is a practical way of relieving your stress is to find places to unwind. And yes, you can confirm that one based on personal observation and research. When you do, visiting some places like Chaves Spring Resort can reduce stress.

At Chaves Resort, you get to explore the place and celebrate life. You even have a chance to enjoy yourself. As well, you have the chance to play in the pool, dive into it, and relax at the cottage. Aside from that, you can feel the force of nature – the cool breeze of the changing seasons. In this case, you find relief and peace of mind by making some short trips to celebrate life.

As this new season comes, you still plan to travel. This time you have to pick Chaves Spring Resort because of its ambiance and natural sense. Besides, you get to fit the budget, consider the distance, and include the food in one itinerary. It sounds easy, right? You only find a place to cool down. For one thing, you can create great memories in the resort as you try to stay outdoors.

As you can see, Chaves Resort charms its local and foreign guests. Its management has good customer care service. Aside from that, the ambiance is inviting that makes you find the resort at Purok 9 – Barangay Lingating, Baungon, Bukidnon. At the moment, you can visit the place through private transport. You can only do that by checking the details of the resort through its Facebook page.

So, what are you waiting for? Call the management of the resort through this mobile phone dial (0917-685-0873).

JIMP’S RESORT: A new journey to make

Are you still looking for a stunning resort to celebrate life? I bet you do. I do know that you always want to look for amazing places to stay like JIMP’S DONYA’S VIEWDECK RESORT AND EVENT CENTER. And here it is. This resort gives you that great vibe as you try to capture your memories outside your comfort zone. With JIMP’S RESORT, you know you can get a chance to take some Instagram-inspired photos and have some Twitter-crafted posts while diving in the pool and getting lost in the track of time.

At JIMP’S RESORT, you get to explore the place and find happiness in life. You get to see the panorama that will capture your imagination. The sightseeing moment even gives you time to relax. You neither need to engage in a political conversation with an army of trolls nor share your political thoughts with them and your family members and friends because those things will only make you feel anxious and unhappy about them.

Well, JIMP’S RESORT is at Sitio Tuling, Barangay Patag, Opol, Misamis Oriental. This resort even entices you with its thousand striking LED-Lights of artificial roses and sunflowers at night. Aside from that, the resort is near you. In other words, the resort is 30 minutes away from Cagayan de Oro.

So, what are you waiting for?  Celebrate the life you have and try to escape the hassle. At JIMP’S RESORT, you get pampered with great moments of excitement.

Please note the following:

Entrance Fees:

    • 100 PESOS for ADULTS
    • 50 PESOS for CHILDREN

Room Rates (CHECK-IN 2:00 PM/ CHECK-OUT 12 NN):

    • 600.00 PESOS – A Hut for 4 PERSONS
    • 1,000.00 PESOS – Square Payag for 4 PERSONS (Extra bed 150 pesos only)

Accepts Overnight Stay


    • 2,000.00 PESOS – FUNCTION HALL

Amenities: Opens Daily 24 Hours


Please contact Front Desk Officer at 09635696727. 


    1. Regardless of your origin, stop right across PANAGATAN RESTAURANT or MERCURY DRUG STORE along Opol National Highway.
    2. Next, take cars or tricycles for 30-50 PESOS each person to reach JIMP’S RESORT at Barangay Patag, Opol.
    3. Upon arrival, check the signage or tarpaulin of JIMP’S RESORT. For sure, you can find it.

Please see some photos from Katawa CDO Doodzkie.

CAMP ZION: A camping site to experience

Do you want to set aside various forms of stress? If you do, you must decide on finding means and ways to eradicate them. You can do a lot of tricks by going to the beach and spring resorts, attending social parties to make you happy, or visiting camping sites to experience the vibe of nature. At Camp Zion, you can expect that you are on the correct route to take out the stress while giving you peace of mind.

Most people today suffer from depression. The razing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reports of global inflation, the continued conflicts and wars among nations, and political skirmishes in the governments can add to the rising problems in the country. At Camp Zion, you can receive the best site to recall your thoughts and refresh your memories. When you do, you can have peace of mind.

Well, stress can kill you. The best way to fight it is to find places and time to relax. In this case, you need to take trips and spend hours traveling to unwind. Of course, the best place to unwind is at Camp Zion. Its location is at Barangay Panampawan, Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

As you can see, soothing your mind is beneficial. It gives you clear thoughts and mental peace. As you recollect your evocative feelings, you gain some experiences and insights. You have to set aside those forms of stress and agree on finding means and ways to end them. Going to the beach and spring resorts, attending social parties to make you comfortable, and visiting camping sites to experience the vibe of nature are a few tricks to make to unwind. At Camp Zion, you can never go wrong as it helps you get your peace of mind.

Please call 0966 694 0304 for inquiries.

Panagatan Seafood Restaurant: A pride of OPOL

Are you into seafood? Does your taste bud love it? Well, you can eat all the seafood dishes you want if you try to visit several seafood restaurants in your area. The number of seafood restaurants exists because people have a great appetite and craving for seafood products. Wherever you are, you can find some seafood restaurants near you.

At PANAGATAN Seafood Restaurant, you can positively request seafood products that you enjoy eating. You know your mouth can’t control the saliva flowing down from the ridges of your teeth. You can beg for mercy to ask for more of those seafood dishes if you like. As some foreign and local tourists do, you can deny the spellbinding taste of those seafood dishes to pick as your favorite seafood on the menus.

Now, you can visit PANAGATAN Seafood Restaurant. Using a Google Map, you never get lost. You can arrive at your destination in no time. From there, you get the chance to satiate your cravings for seafood products. With the freshest supplies of clams, crabs, kinds of fish, shrimps, squids, and other aquatic resources, you surely love the restaurant.

Besides, you can never ask for more. You get amazed by the location of the restaurant. At PANAGATAN Seafood Restaurant, you can confirm the taste of the seafood products. Aside from serving fresh seafood dishes all the time, the restaurant validates its commitment to delivering and serving fresh seafood products on the table.

What are you waiting for? You get your phone and make a reservation now. Perhaps, you can visit the place personally. Oh, I see. If you are with family members and friends or if you are with fellow office workers, you get to take small trips at PANAGATAN Seafood Restaurant. So, visit PANAGATAN Seafood Restaurant today and experience the pleasure of the convenience of eating seafood products.

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